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My poor cone head. πŸ™ Mal and I tried to make Murphy as comfortable as possible last night, but he whined in his crate for hours. We felt so bad for the little guy, we ended up getting out of bed around 5:15 this morning to cuddle and play with him. It was a super early Saturday for us!


Murphy was so miserable with the cone, we eventually took it off him. He’s much happier now. We just need to watch him like a hawk now to make sure he doesn’t lick/chew his stitches.



Breakfast was fun and different today! πŸ˜€

When I was in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, I received a coupon for a free Batter Blaster. I love pancakes, so the idea of Batter Blaster seemed so cool to me. And, Batter Blaster advertises that it makes “organic light and fluffy pancakes,” which also sounded great to me!


Making the pancakes was a breeze– just coat a fry pan with cooking spray and “blast” the pancake batter onto it.


The batter made light, thin pancakes in just a few minutes.


The process of making pancakes was fast and easy, but the taste and texture was just so-so. The pancake flavor was decent, but it wasn’t the best I’ve ever had.Β I also wasn’t a fan of the soft, chewy texture of the pancakes– it made them really tough to cut. Even with a butter knife, I struggled to get a nice, clean cut. I sort of had to rip them apart to eat them. πŸ˜•

If you like thin, chewy pancakes, you’ll probably like the Batter Blaster variety. I, however, prefer the light, fluffy, cake-like pancakes that my husband makes! πŸ˜‰


Breakfast also included pomegranate arils, agave nectar + maple syrup, and a maple sausage link on the side. It was a yummy breakfast, but it left me unsatisfied. I ended up eating a small bowl of Pomegranate Apple Crisp a little while later.


Mal, Murphy, and I are spending the rest of the morning relaxing. We have a movie on TV, a couple of iced coffees, and we’re still in our PJs. I’m also doing some sewing projects that I’ve been putting off for weeks– lots of loose buttons!

I love lazy Saturdays! :mrgreen:


On the agenda for the day:

  • Cleaning
  • Small grocery shopping
  • Gym
  • Dinner with my sister and her new HUSBAND!

Happy Saturday, bloggies!



  1. Poor little Murphy…he must have been so happy when you took off the cone. πŸ˜€ I remember getting my black lab fixed, and I knew from the start that he wouldn’t appreciate being “coned,” so I just watched him to make sure he wasn’t chewing or scratching obsessively. Usually after the first day, they’re totally fine with it. πŸ˜€

    Enjoy your relaxing Saturday! πŸ˜€

  2. Aw, poor Murphy. My poor dog has actually been wearing a cone for about a month now. He had a bad allergic reaction to flea bites and was biting himself so much that he was hurting himself. I feel so bad when the dogs have to wear a cone, they look pathetic!

  3. I know it’s tough, but if you can’t be watching Murphy every second, the cone is really necessary. If he darts under a table, he can be in his stitches in a second, and then he’ll be even more miserable.
    Hope he feels better soon!

  4. I tried Batter Blaster about a year ago—I thought it was pretty cool in terms of convenience. You know, just whip out the can and squirt and 2 min later you have pancakes πŸ™‚ I agree about the texture though. That photo of Murphy is so adorable–I would have taken the cone off too!

  5. Murphy’s expression in that first picture!! It breaks my heart but it is also the cutest thing ever! Poor pup!! Poor sweet baby. Glad you took it off him!

  6. aw poor murphy πŸ™

    i just saw that batter blaster at the store the other day. glad i didn’t buy into the cute packaging haha

  7. Aw poor Mr. Murph πŸ™ I did the exact same thing when Lando had her surgery – she was just SO miserable with the cone on – I took it off and then literally followed her around the house! Love the sound of your money, lazy Saturdays where you can still get stuff done are the best! πŸ™‚

  8. When Santana got fixed, they gave us a blue soft fabric-y type of cone that wasn’t as uncomfortable as Murphy’s plastic cone head looks.

    She is also a nut and LOVED to wear it…she would dive into it and prance around after we got it on.

    Maybe the vet has one of those that would make Murphy a bit more comfy?

    Good luck!

  9. awwwwwww poor murphy. We would take Franks cone off too (he’d get like a gallon of water in it every time he drank anyway! Hope Murphy gets better quick. The pancakes look good!

  10. Poor Murphy. They make these inflatable collars for dog that restrict them from biting at themselves like a cone, but I didn’t interfere with their eating and normal movements. Might be worth checking into if he’s really bad about biting at his stitches.

  11. Just a little tip for the pups, you can put a little vaporrub around the area. Be careful not to get it on the wound cuz it’ll burn the little guy, but dogs HATE the smell and won’t go near the wound.

  12. I remember reading about that canned batter before. I think I’m going to stick to homemade, though.

    Poor Murphy! I’m sure he’ll be feeling better soon. I’d hate a cone on my head too.

  13. Aw. murphys the most adorable puppy ever.

    Hmm, I don’t know how I feel about batter in a can. I think it’s much mroe fun to whip up pancakes yourself!

    Love lazy saturdays too.

  14. I’m sorry to hear about murphy at least he got to take his head dress off. I feel so bad for puppies when they have to wear those things! Our boxer hated it as well… but as long as you give them enough attention they survive

  15. I always noticed the batter blaster and it sort of creeped us out! Pancake batter out of an aerosol can? Glad to hear your review of it, I didn’t notice it was organic until recently. I think we’ll stick to our own batter, but still good to know about!

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