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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Last night, I spent nearly an hour looking through old photos and reminiscing about my life. I love being able to bring myself back to those moments in time. But, until last night, I didn’t realize just how much some things never change.

A year ago, Mal and I lived in South Boston with Murphy. Back then, Murph was just a small puppy (probably half of his weight now). He grew into a pug monster, but looking through old photos, I see that some things never change for this furball.

Murphy still takes long walks around the neighborhood.



And supervises any car cleaning that may happen.



He still makes friends at the dog park.


And learns new doggie tricks.

IMG_9732.JPG IMG_9733.JPG

It’s fun to see how some things stayed the same for Murphy in the past year. Plus, he still loves peanut butter and Big Bone, and does “elephant butt” when he gets excited. And, of course, he has his same goofy, yet lovable pug personality.

Similarly, I feel like certain things in my life (and personal characteristics) will probably never change, like my:

  • Love for pugs
  • Obsessive list-making (clearly)
  • Dislike for water chestnuts and Red Bull
  • Participation in Body Pump
  • Fixation with odd numbers
  • Weakness for cream cheese (ok, any) frosting
  • Tendency to laugh at just about any fart joke
  • Ability to fall asleep in a moving car within 10 minutes
  • Fear of spiders

Obviously, life never stays the same, but it’s interesting to think about the ways that it does not change. Personally, I love change and actively seek it out. It keeps life interesting! :mrgreen:


This morning, I combined breakfast with dessert to make Apple Crisp Oatmeal. Mmm! 😀


In the mix: leftover apple crisp, oats, soy milk, walnuts, and raisins. My goodness, this breakfast was delicious!!


Question of the Day

What things about you/your life will likely never change?



  1. Old pictures are the best…while putting together the speech for my brother’s wedding this summer I looked through ALL of our childhood photos and there were so many good ones!! Things that will probably never change: my phobia of watching/hearing about people’s heads being shaved (yeah it’s the weirdest phobia ever, I know), my love for my childhood bedroom, and my obsession with chocolate 🙂

  2. I am with you on the list making and fear of spiders!

    As cornball as it may sound, one thing that will likely never change is my love for my husband! We’ve been married for about 3 years and every day has been such a blessing!

  3. I hope that I am always willing to take an adventure, a risk. I also hope that Scone stays by my side for as long as physically possible 🙂

  4. It’s so funny that you mention this because I have been thinking about it a lot lately since we are making some changes to our house. We just moved our office/studio into our master bedroom and it oddly feels really good this way. We are constantly in need of change since we work at home, but we really don’t like change either…if that makes sense?

  5. Gahh! Spiders! Too many legs! I look at spiders (and other bugs for that matter) and think, “What was God thinking?” (haha I do believe in evolution though)

    I have this rule. Nothing with more legs than a dog. So Murphy is a-okay in my book!

    There is this photo of me as a toddler sitting in a bookshelf reading. While I can’t sit IN a bookshelf anymore, I have trouble sitting still without reading material in my hand!

  6. Old photos are the best aren’t they???

    A few things will never change over here:
    – I will always melt for dogs
    – My love for peanut butter
    – My love for family
    – Strong dislike for mushrooms + eggplant

  7. I share in your obsessive list making – I’ve always got about 3 or 4 on the go! My love for pumpkin is something that I’m sure will never change, as well as my severe disliking of cold weather.

  8. I am 100% with you on both water chestnuts and Red Bull (even the smell of the Red Bull sickens me)

    Things that will never change include me always being too hard on myself, having a raging sweet tooth, and having a bit of a princess complex 😉

  9. I feel like nothing really changes, which in some cases is great and in others not so much. I still love adventure activities (same) but with my injury/illness I can’t do them (different). One thing that will never, ever change: My undying love for dessert.

  10. Ugh I do not like water chestnuts either! I think things that will never change are my love of puppies and cats, and caramel machiattos, haha.

  11. Ha! I remember seeing pictures of Murphy when he was that size. Baby puglets are the cutest. And that breakfast looks like heaven.
    Things about me that won’t change? My love of pugs (my sweet lil’ pugbaby is 7 1/2! Time flies,) nonfat chai lattes, cupcakes, cooking/baking, live music, my somewhat embarrassing celeb crush on Justin Timberlake (I was a teeny bopper once,) my passion for nutrition and nutrition education for children.

  12. I will always love pugs too 🙂 Olive is 9 months now and still holding steady at 14 pounds, but I feel like a big pug monster is working its way out!

    I think I will also always be a morning exerciser – it’s just so much easier.

  13. My sense of humor, fear of the dark and ghosts, my loyalty, bluntness, my obnoxious knuckle cracking, my love for psychics and horoscopes, the fact that I’m a giant nerd and curiosity about everything.

  14. My love for wine and cats, minor obsession with cleaning, love of unique foods, love of weight lifting, and my love for eating outside. 🙂

  15. Ummm….we have an awfully lot in common 🙂

    I have a love for dogs in general, but all your pics of Murphy are going to make me want a pug too! I am a to-do list whore…..but I just can’t bring myself to get with the times, mine MUST BE ON PAPER! My love for Body Pump goes back to my very first attempt at weight loss 8 yrs ago…..I also pee my pants at ANY fart joke….just saying fart makes me giggle….if I’m not driving, I’m asleep in a car in MINUTES….oh, but I must add, I LOVE CHEESE!!! 🙂

  16. No matter how many periods of time I spend without access to gym, stuck in an office, busy with class, or sleep-deprived beyond belief, I eventually get back on track and realize….I will always be an athlete.

  17. I really think that the ability to fall asleep in a moving car within ten minutes is funny. I do that all the time! It’s ridiculous, honestly. (; And, I also share the obsessive list making. I mean, if I have it written down, something inside of me just seems ten times better. I make lists all the time when I’m just thinking about things I need to do (even if I have it written down somewhere else) I just sort of write it on whatever I currently have in front of me. Usually I stick to the plan better that way. (:
    P.S. That breakfast looks AMAZING! Mmmmmmm. 😀

  18. I feel like my love of being fit will never change. I remember when I first seriously started running and how much I had to convince myself to get down to the gym. Most days I gladly go but I don’t ever dread it now. Progress and change – all for the good!

    I’m all over doing apple crisp oatmeal tomorrow. Yours looks so darn good!! I’ve got the apple crisp. I’ve got the oatmeal. Deal done!

  19. Isn’t it crazy that you can look at an old photo and remember how you felt that day?! I think it’s especially weird to look at pictures from high school. 🙂

    The main thing that never changes for me is how much my family loves to be together. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters and we are just the best of friends! My parents’ say their biggest accomplishment is raising a family that loves each other so much. 🙂

  20. I really love looking at old pictures… something that I haven’t done in a while. Then, there’s always all my digital pictures and my paper photo’s which are of course much older and more fun to look at. I visited my gramma last week and she had a picture of me when I was 11 playing my first computer video games with my grampa 😀 It’s SO cute! With my BIG pink bow and my busy tiny floral patterned shirt!? Man! I guess I was still in the 80’s in 1992 ;P I should scan it into the computer and post it! I look SO much different now, and much less like a BOY AHAHAH!

  21. Aw, Murphy was so small!

    Things that will never change:
    -need to treat myself with starbucks/coffee bean
    -love of tv
    -enjoying reading the sunday new york times
    -my obsessive love of bagels

  22. I love looking back at old pictures and seeing how far I have come and how much I haven’t!

    I can’t think of anything specific that will never change about me, except that I will probably always LOVE reading more than anything else.

  23. I think Billy and I will move around a lot in life so things will change often – but the things that never change are the times I spend with my sisters! And my nieces. We have such an awesome time together with outrageous laughter and good food. 🙂 And picnics, no matter what, Billy and I will always go on picnics.

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