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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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The weather was GEORGOUS here in Boston today! Yay!! I honestly love the unseasonably warm weather. It makes me so happy and so excited for summer.

Apparently, we broke a record high for the day. This afternoon, the temp at Logan Airport hit 68 degrees, which surpassed the previous high. The warmest March 8th on record was set in 1995 at 67 degrees, and records have been kept in Boston since 1872 [source].

Obviously, weather this amazing meant a trip to the dog park with my favorite guys!

IMG_1189 (900x675)

Murphy = psyched.

IMG_1185 (675x900)

The pug had a frickin’ blast at the park today. So much running! So much playing!


He was exhausted by the end of our trip. 

IMG_1196 (900x675)

Mal was too.

IMG_1197 (900x675)


Before we left for the park, I snacked on some sweet potato wedges.

IMG_1173 (900x675)


For lunch, I met a friend for a last-minute date at The Fat Cat in Quincy Center.

IMG_1175 (900x675)

As always The Fat Cat was packed (because this place rules), so there was a wait for a table, but we snagged a couple of seats at the bar.

IMG_1177 (675x900)

I ordered the Crab Cakes, which were made with Blue crab, Panko bread crumbs, Dijon mustard, veggies, spices and served with a Cajun Remoulade.

IMG_1182 (900x675)

They were excellent””perfectly cooked and seasoned. The Cajun Remoulade was pretty amazing too””rich, thick, and a little spicy. It was the perfect compliment to the crab cakes.

IMG_1178 (900x675)

It was fun playing hokey from work this afternoon, but now it’s time to buckle down. Hopefully, I can bust out some serious work in the next few hours!

See ya tomorrow!



  1. it was warm in PA today too but unfortunately by the time i got out of work the clouds were over the sky and the rain was about to start 🙁 killed my plans for an after school walk with my puppies and husband but it was at least nice to see the sun shining out my office window!

  2. It is definitely HOT in Florida, and it’s only going to get hotter. YAY! I’m a hothouse plant – bring on the warmth and the sunshine! (And the cajun remoulade – looks delish!)

  3. I’m glad you’ve got such great weather and have the chance to enjoy it! Haha and I can tell Murphy is pretty pumped too! Even though it’s “chilly” here in Chicago (44 – still unseasonably warm!) the sunshine makes me smile! Can’t wait for warmer weather!

  4. We’re in Boston, too! I couldn’t believe that it was 60 degrees when I went to work this morning. We walked the dog at lunch, and she was BESIDE herself! Leaving now to do our long evening walk in the beautiful weather (before the rain comes).

  5. Yum your food always looks so delicious! Do you eat left over sweet potatoes cold or do you heat them up?

      1. @Tina: yup! about 60 degrees here today. i definitely can’t complain though…it was in the 70’s over the weekend 🙂 enjoy the nice weather!

  6. It looks beautiful there! It is about the same weather as it is here in Arizona. Yesterday I had snow flurries and now it is 70 degrees. I hope the weather in Boston doesn’t turn schizo like it did here!

  7. the weather is really nice here in So. California, too! Lunch looks yummy.
    And I like blocks of time when I can just pound out good work. They say most people put in about 4 hours… and the rest is just not as focused.

  8. It was insanely gorgeous here in NH, too! We were outside for the majority of the day soaking it all in.

    Mmmmm, I’m craving crab cakes now. I haven’t had a really good one since I lived in Virginia 6 years ago. Maybe I need to try the Fat Cat’s?

  9. I have never been a big pug fan, but Murphy is totally converting me. He is hilarious!! He has one of the most expressive faces I have ever seen. And I love how you spoil him! He is so cute!!

  10. I know… NYC had some crazy warm weather today… I ended up walking like 40 blocks. I’m so excited for the Spring, and the fact that we had a pretty mild winter. Seems like you had a lot of fun with M&M.

  11. I’m so jealous! It was cold and windy and rainy down here. But ya’ll get your fair share of all that so it’s good to have a break! I am so happy to see you feeling better! I was in B&N yesterday and saw your book right on the end cap! By the way those crap cakes look delicious! I have been craving some for a while now, I should make some next week!

  12. OMG I al so ready for it to be like that every day.. it was so beautiful.. I’m not sure if we broke the record here in RI but it was beautiful and such a treat!

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