Pug Versus Tiki Torch

This afternoon, one of the tiki torches on our deck snapped off and fell into the backyard, which really confused and freaked out Murphy. He kept barking at it, so I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tease him with it a little bit.

I love this dog. He’s such a nut.


  1. Ha! Dogs are so funny about stuff like that. When I was a kid, I used to love to freak out my golden retriever with this Halloween decoration that played creepy music. After a few times, I didn’t even have to play the music for him to freak out – he’d go racing in circles around the living room coffee table 😀

  2. Ha his face has so much personality – you can clearly see how much he is DISTRESSED by the tiki torch. I have major puppy fever right now.

  3. I love pet videos. That was funny. I don’t have a video of this, but I used to have a long haired cat. Once she curled her tail over on a lit candle & her tail went up in flames in a matter of seconds. She started chasing her tail around in a circle. We caught her and put it out. We laugh about it now, but at the time it was a little scary.

  4. He is SO cute! Animals make me happy! I am going to the humane society this weekend to look for a small dog. I am taking my time to find the perfect fit for our family. We already have a very sweet dog but I just want a small dog to add to the mix. Very funny video!

  5. hahahaha…..one time my brother’s pug was alone in a room barking for 10 minutes or so at a hat that was sitting alone on a chair…he quit barking when someone walked by and picked it up…only pugs!!

  6. Murphy is so funny and cute! I played the video an my pug Winston was really interested in it and kept tilting his head until he decided it must be his sister (chihuahua) so he started barking at her. I have a feeling he is not the smartest pug ever….good thing he’s cute!

  7. I put up fall decorations last night and one of them is a ceramic turkey my great aunt gave us for our wedding (awesome, I know…try not to be jealous). My pups, Wrigley, was so terrified by it. She acted very similar to Murphy. Gotta love our crazy little furry children.

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