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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Did my post title remind anyone else of Punky Power?!? I totally said it that way in my head! 😀


Ok, maybe I’m weird.


I’m trying to amp-up my protein intake with the hope of satisfying my out-of-control sugar cravings. A lot of people left comments and emailed me to say that eating more protein (and fat) helped them combat their nasty cravings, so I’m giving it a try!

Mid-morning, I snacked on a couple of handfuls of honey roasted peanuts.

_MG_6488 (640x426)

My Registered Dietitian friend, Rachel, also said the same thing about protein and sugar cravings. She recommends including a lean protein with all of your meals. Rachel says the average women needs about 50 to 60g of protein per day. 

Here are a bunch of the protein counts that she shared with me:

  • Chicken/fish: 3 oz = 25g protein
  • Beans (including soy): 1/2 cup = 8g protein
  • Hummus: 1/4 cup = 8g protein
  • Firm Tofu: 2oz = 9g protein
  • Tempeh: 1.5 oz = 10g
  • Silken tofu: 3oz = 5g
  • 8 oz low fat milk = 7g
  • 6 oz low fat yogurt = 6g (greek yogurt has up to 13g per 6oz)
  • 1 oz cheese = 7g
  • 1 egg = 8g
  • Nuts: 1/4 cup = 7 to 11g depending on the nut or seed
  • 2 Tbsp nut butter = about 7g depending on the nut

Adding protein to each meal and snack helps you to not only meet your protein needs through the day, but also to slow down how fast your blood sugar rises and to help keep you feeling fuller for longer.


For lunch, I looked to tofu for some satisfying protein.

(That crazy contraption in the photo below is a Tofu Press. You can also remove the water using the dishtowel method. Both work well.)

_MG_6495 (640x426)

After pressing the water from the tofu, I sliced it, added some buffalo sauce, and baked it in the oven on 475*F until the edges started to brown.

_MG_6503 (640x426)

Then, I made an open-faced buffalo tofu sandwich using two slices of whole wheat bread.

_MG_6523 (640x426)

_MG_6505 (640x426)

On the side, I had some roasted brussels sprouts.

_MG_6508 (640x426)

Another clementine.

_MG_6515 (640x426)

And two Lindor chocolate balls. I thought one would do the trick, but I went back for a second one.

_MG_6509 (640x426)

_MG_6533 (640x426)

A little while later, my sweet tooth kicked in really hard (maybe I shouldn’t have had that second chocolate ball?), so I made myself a mug of Eggnogg’n tea with a splash of soy milk.

_MG_6541 (640x426)

The tea sort of satisfied my sugar craving, but not well enough. I ended up eating a small piece of fruit cake along with it, which worked, but I think just waiting until my stomach and brain registered lunch made the difference. The tea helped slow me down a bit, too. Maybe sweet tea is the answer? Hmm?

_MG_6537 (640x426)_MG_6549 (640x426)

What are your favorite sources of protein? I’m looking for ideas!



  1. ahh honey roasted peanuts are one of my favorite snacks – so filling!
    I was actually really disappointed by that eggnog tea :\ i guess i was expecting a sugar cookie sleigh ride type flavor. oh well.

    peanut butter & ham & turkey = biggest protein sources. oh quinoa is also a good veggie source/whole grain that is filled with fiber!

  2. I have had to recently make changes to my diet because I’m having a lot of issues that are leading to issues. I am ELIMINATING soy and beans and hummus and stuff for a full month. So, if I eat 6 times a day, the PROTEIN sources for the day might be:
    B – whey powder or 1/2 cup+ yogurt
    S – 2 eggs
    L – 4 oz of chicken/fish/beef/turkey (whatever)
    S – 1 – 2 oz cheese
    D – 4 oz of (same as lunch)
    S – 1/2 cup + yogurt

    I”m also experimenting without nuts. So I am including all of the above. I worry it is heavy-handed on the dairy and meats. But it may be fine. I also include fats in every meal (1-2 tbsps of coconut oil/flax seed oil/olive oil, 1/2 avocado, etc per each meal.).

    Stevia might help to add to your tea. I really think it is a matter of your mind. If you devoted a 21-day routine, you might be surprised. I am cutting down on sugar. But I’ve noticed that excluding the sweetners (stevia, etc)…I am now eating more fruit – which is also a sugar. But I suppose a better one. Fruits and honey are now my main sources of sugars.

  3. couscous and quinoa. I also love tofu scramble, cubed tofu with some garlic powder, salt and pepper, a little green onion chopped up and a little bit of evoo. After it is sauteed in the pan to a golden brown, add some taco sauce on top and it tastes really good as a side dish or entree.

  4. I find mixing mungbeans into a chicken stir fry is a great source of satisfying protein.just cook up the chicken in a wok andrhenadd in the sprouted beans in, some soy sauce and tamari and voilà!! 🙂

  5. I have been a long time reader and I wanted to comment on your sugar ‘issue.’ I really like you and your blog and I understand where you are coming from with the sugar thing, so I don’t want this to come off in the wrong way but the fact of the matter is, sometimes you just have to say NO. When you talk about a sugar ‘craving’ it is not like you are being forced to eat a sweet snack or something. Just eat the clementine and walk out of the kitchen. I think you are analyzing it too much. I’m not saying that you can never have a sweet treat (although I personally have found that when I eat absolutely no sugar except on very special occasions life is much better for me) but I think that as adults, we have to be our own police and just stop doing an undesired behavior. Yeah, it sucks sometimes, but that is part of self control. And in the end it is better as a decision made out of love for yourself is helping you to reach your goals.

    Best of luck!

    1. I totally agree. I sometimes find that the best way to break a habit it to just stop cold turkey and give it at least three days. Usually at the end of those three days, it becomes MUCH easier to keep saying ‘No.’ Also, a craving is just that. It’s a message that your body is sending you, but you don’t need to respond. And it’s easier to just have a set response instead of trying to negotiate with yourself each time you have a craving. During a hot Bikram class, my body seems to be screaming at me to drink water. But if I tell myself beforehand that I’m going to only drink water at certain times, then I can more easily ignore my urges to drink and focus on my practice. I feel more at peace when I’m not having a constant “should I or shouldn’t I?” inner dialogue.

    2. I agree, first and foremost re: enjoying the blog and understanding where you’re coming from. I wrote this on your post a few days ago but wanted to re-post it here because I really agree with this commenter!

      I hate to say this, but hopefully some tough love will be something you’ll consider.

      Do you really feel like you would be “denying” yourself if you didn’t have a cookie after dinner? Sometimes, in order to change, we have to be uncomfortable for a little while. I, too, am working on a cleaner diet after Christmas, but I have to say, turning down a cookie after dinner is NOT deprivation. In your previous posts from today, you mention having had candied pecans, chocolate covered toffee, M&Ms, 2 lindor truffles, and then a second handful of M&Ms. I understand that you aren’t eliminating sugar from your diet, but turning down some cookies after dinner is not really deprivation after having eaten sweets all day. I think deprivation is not allowing yourself any sugar, or saying only one sweet thing a day no matter what, but you have to pick your battles, and unfortunately we cannot indulge our cravings all the time while simultaneously hoping that they will change or go away on their own.

      1. Am I mistaken or did she ask for your opinion on her cravings? No. At the end of this post she asked about protein. Tough love yourself!

        1. Actually, in the past few days that Tina has been discussing her sugar cravings, she has specifically said the following things:

          -she is using her blog to “keep herself accountable” – if she didn’t want to do this in a public forum, she could keep a diary; therefore one can only assume that having readers look at her daily meals is part of the process of being accountable

          -she welcomes “any and all support” – and support comes in all forms

          -at the end of her first post about doing a more official sugar cleanse/detox, she wrote that these posts would “help give US some insight into OUR sugar cravings”

          -on the post where she first mentioned feeling sugared out, she wrote “Tips/advice welcomed!”

          (I can reply with the specific posts that I just referenced if you want to look at them…)

          So actually, I think she IS asking her readers for their opinions, and as a loyal blog reader (and actual human sitting behind this computer), I think I am perfectly entitled to write my opinion on a PUBLIC FORUM – especially when the blogger writes “tips/advice WELCOME!”

          1. Very well said! The whole point of a blog is a public forum and accountability. If bloggers dont want people’s opinions on stuff – thats an easy fix, they can just not write about them!

      2. ummmm… ID FEEL DEPRIVED!! I know that any time I “deny” myself a treat or a “decadent” meal I end up making up for it by eating a bunch of other stuff and finish it with the sweet thing I originally wanted. I realize that this is unhealthy and has led me to verge on binges. I know many nutritionists with the biggest sweet tooth (teeth?) and they are able to balance out the rest of their food. I personally want to take on this challenge with you Tina, not to eliminate ANYTHING, but find a healthy relationship with it where I can stop when my tooth is satisfied and not just continue to eat a half a batch of cookies just cus theyre there. I think the one thing that has ever helped me, is to remind myself that “these are so good, I should want to save them to have throughout the week, and for my loved ones to enjoy too.” Maybe Im interpreting some of these comments as a little harsh, but I just dont think “no” is the best solution. I try to talk to myself like a child
        (not in a creepy way) but this way I use a little more compassion and reason with myself. Should a kid not be able to have a cookie or two EVER>?? I always remember my mom used to tell me to “save some of the cookies for my brothers” and I try to use that rule to this day, only maybe not for my brothers, but whomever I live with. I think youre incredible, tina. I mean, think about the amazing fitness program youve created for yourself! YOU SHOULD BE HUNGRY! Id guess you could allow yourself a good deal more to meet youre fitness energy requirements. Youre so real and I really admire how you keep things so honest on this blog. I don’t feel so judgmental towards myself when I want so badly for you to be kind to yourself too!
        come back to VT soon!

  6. That’s funny, I always say to my dogs, “Puppy power!”

    Yes, I’m weird.

    As far as sugar cravings go, you might want to think about cutting out all sweets completely. I am not a “eat one and put the rest away” type of gal, so if I eat just one, I’ll still wind up wanting and eating more. The only thing that has made me successful in eating less sugar is to cut out all sweets. Not just one piece of candy here or there. No candy/sweets/dessert at all. It’s hard and it sucks, but after a few days I feel so much better and my sugar cravings are gone.

    1. Some people can deal with having just one piece and some can’t. I am still working on it myself, but I am not going cold turkey. I made it a point to not buy sweets at the grocery store anymore and it’s made it a million times easier!
      I think if cutting down hasn’t worked, sometimes cold turkey is a good idea.

    1. I agree with this. If I eat dark chocolate just 1piece is usually enough. I can’t say the same for other sweets like cookies where I end up eating 3 or 4! Something about a square of dark chocolate is ver satisfying!

  7. Since I don’t eat tofu, eggs, or beans (I know…I’m picky!) I am always looking for good protein sources. I eat a LOT of peanut butter and drink a LOT of milk, but I also have started to eat more green peas. I think a serving has about 4 grams of protein- I was surprised! Plus, they are so easy and delicious!

  8. Eating dark chocolate is a great suggestion– it’s so rich it’s hard to over-indulge. After eating a lot of desserts during the holidays, I don’t cut out dessert from my diet, I just substitute an orange for the candy/cookies/cakes.
    To add more protein into my diet, I add shelled edamame to salads and stir-fry. You can buy bags of frozen beans and either defrost the beans in the microwave or in the fridge overnight. Roasted almonds are also delicious!

  9. My usual protein sources are nuts or nut butter, eggs, legumes, and cheese. I am trying to experiment more with grains that have complete protein, like quinoa.
    You should try roasted almonds that are dusted in cocoa or a slightly sweet coating! I really love the ones that Emerald makes – I think they’re called “Cocoa Roast.” They aren’t terribly high in sugar, but taste decadent!

  10. I pretty much crave sugar all the time, too, but I only allow myself to have it once a day – usually after dinner. The cravings never really go away, so I give myself a little treat after dinner each night (usually some dark chocolate) and that’s it.

  11. Whey protien and ceviche. You can ‘cook’ raw fish in lemon juice over night chop up a bunch of veggies, add some nuts, raisons, add olive oil and you have an amazing ceviche dish that is good for you but also adds variety to your diet.

  12. I don’t think you have to eliminate sugar all together, but I wouldn’t keep it in the house. That way if you are really craving it, you have to leave to get it or make it. When I bake something I make sure to give most of it away too. I just don’t have any control if something is around me. Little handfuls add up and make you crave it more.

  13. I really like the tough love comments. Something we should all think about! I also think you need a bigger lunch if you weren’t full. I think apples take a long time to eat and make you full when added to a lunch.

    1. I definitely agree with this eating a bigger lunch/dinner comment. I know that research shows that even if you’re full of lunch/dinner food you will still be “hungry” for dessert food, but on a pretty basic level, if one is wanting various other things to eat AFTER eating a meal . . . maybe he or she didn’t eat enough meal. I know the “eighty percent full” rule or whatever it is is much touted, but if someone really wants to avoid snacking between meals, and if eating until you are “quite full” rather than “pleasantly yet barely satisfied” will keep you from eating in between meals, then what’s the harm in eating a bigger meal *if not eating between meals is your goal.*

  14. Totally agree with the “tough love” comments. It’s one thing to deny yourself all treats, quite another to feel like you are denying yourself if you cannot resist ANY cravings.
    Also, I think that bloggers get a lot of unnecessary encouragment to indulge. I think it makes readers feel good about their own indulgences when they see other (overall healthy) people indulging. I see a lot of “way to go” or “live it up” comments after posts that have included excessive treats, etc even if those posts are NOT an exception of that persons lifestyle.

    1. LOVE this comment! It’s so true for a LOT of blogs. I hate when a blogger is obsessed with talking about “real butter” or “real sugar” and all of the readers are overly, ridiculously supportive and make comments that imply that they *need* someone to tell them that real treats are okay. First, I don’t understand the obsession with “indulging”, and you’re right that people/readers definitely look to bloggers for justification sometimes. Second, I think it’s unfortunate that if a blogger turns down dessert/a second helping/alcohol, then readers sort of criticize them for being too “strict” (when really, turning down sweets or alcohol is definitely a healthy decision).

      1. I think it must be difficult for bloggers to find a balance (I want to laugh writing that because I’m so sick of the word “balance” I could die!) between demonstrating non-restrictive behaviors, and still adhering to healthy behaviors. I could be wrong, but it seems to me like girls with a history of eating disorders make up a high proportion of healthy living blog readers (although I think girls with ED history make up a large proportion of the population, so that could be it) and that bloggers recognize this and go to an effort to avoid demonstrating needlessly restrictive behavior. On the other hand, it drives me crazy when food bloggers are (what seems to me to be) needlessly obsessive about, say, alcohol and sugar, citing hangovers after one glass of wine etc. Another random issue that could complicate this is that, frankly, a lot of healthy living bloggers are pretty slim and work out a lot (by average standards), which sort of goes along with a public expectation that you should NOT be on a diet or restricting yourself in any way because you are “already thin and healthy.” This is of course relatively fallacious but the perception makes sense.
        Anyway, interesting points all!

  15. I was such a Punky fan growing up, I even had mis-matched socks as a kid. 🙂 I’ve also been trying to tame the sugar monster after holiday treats, not easy. The tofu looks great! I got that Eggnog tea last year and loved it, but kept forgetting to look for it this year.

    My favorite protein sources are Sunwarrior protein powder for breakfast smoothies, hemp seeds and butter, tempeh, nuts, etc.

  16. I know you’re not into “diets” but have you ever considered doing the South Beach Diet? The first 2 weeks are designed for sugar detox and to rid yourself of sugar cravings. Just a thought.

  17. *Cottage cheese
    *Red meat – so much protein in such a small serve
    *Protein powder – in GMs and fruity breakfast smoothies
    *Wholemeal pasta – surprisingly, there is so much protein in this??

  18. Hey Tina! I’d also like to mention in regards to your new blog design, that I love how we can distinctly see your response in the comments section. I also really love how you redid your topics section (fitness, recipes, etc.), the grouping and organization of it is so much better! Congrats again on it! 🙂

  19. My fav’s right now are Chobani yogurt (preferly plain or vanilla with some homemade granola) and protein shakes! I know that sounds gross but I put fruit in them to make smoothies!

  20. I’ve been eating a bit more chicken than normal for protein lately… and I’m always a huge egg white/egg beater consumer! Another quick/easy/portable protein I’ve enjoyed lately is the “pouches” of salmon (I think Chicken of the Sea makes them?). They taste great and can easily be added to a salad, pasta, or even by itself!

    And a little side note – a trick that has worked well for me conquering my recent chocolate addiction is keeping my dark chocolate in the freezer. When I want a piece, it is frozen and I can’t chew it, so I basically let it melt in my mouth. It takes longer and I get to savor it, so it makes the experience more enjoyable, and one piece usually does the trick!

  21. I’d also like to mention to you that after having read some of these comments, is to not get discouraged about your sugar cravings and to go with what you and your body knows best. I know there’s no way in *&!@ I could go cold turkey and that’s not the way I want to live, life is too short to not enjoy sugar here and there. So I do, in moderation! I applaud your determination in controlling your sugar cravings and love that you’re allowing yourself some here and there, no deprivation here and that what I and all your readers love about you.

    And in regards to protein, since I have a sweet tooth too, for breakfast or lunch I love to have greek yogurt sweetened with honey or peanut butter. For some reason having something sweet incorporated into my meal leaves me feeling satisfied and I don’t feel the urge to having something additionally sweet after my meal. And with greek yogurt, you get both protein and sweetness! Or if I’m having a salad with protein, I always use a sweet dressing, like a champagne vinagrette, getting that sweetness in quelches my sweet tooth.

    And at nighttime after dinner, I always allow myself a piece of chocolate or a skinny cow bar, something pre-portioned always helps me control my dessert intake 🙂

  22. Tina, I picked up the latest issue of Self magazine today and I SWEAR I thought you were on the front cover. It was actually Jillian Michales, but it revealed such a similar resemblance. Has anyone ever told you that you look like her before?

    1. omg, i totally thought this too!! but i think tina is way prettier. plus i didnt think that looked like jillian. normally she scares me nd i think shes gonna beat me up!

    2. I saw that cover and thought, “Huh, who is that, she looks familiar?” I almost fell down when I saw it was Jillian. MAN did they photoshop the heck out of her face. She looked great, but it wasn’t really her.

  23. I noticed that when you say that you were busy working, you don’t notice your cravings for sugar as much. I really do think this is key. I know that for me, a lot of times it’s just mind over matter. If I decide to beat my sugar cravings I’ll dwell on it too much and ask myself “Is this a sugar craving?” all day long. That always leads to me eating more sugar than I want to.
    For me, the key to putting sugar cravings (or any other kind of huge craving, for me it would be caffeine) in its place is to focus on other things and busy myself with what I have to get done, instead of what I can’t do.

    Good luck! You are an inspiration for being so open with your readers. 🙂

  24. I like your blog alot but I have to give you a Lol on the “couple handfuls” of honey roasted peanut – that is a sugar, fat, and calorie BOMB right there. ~200 calories / 1/4 cup. A couple of handfuls is like 800 calories of mostly junk calories. If you are aiming for ~1600 calories / day that’s 50% of your daily calories from junk! If you are serious about weight loss and / or sugar cravings this is a bad choice – go with raw nuts and measure it out. I’d do no more than two 1/4 servings / day.

  25. Hi Tina!

    I totally get your struggles on trying to cut down on sweets..there are just sooo many treats out there (enough to have a different dessert everyday!) I still give in at times even when I tell myself that I don’t really need it but you can’t cut them out of your life completely. Deprivation does not work at all, which I’m sure you know but I’d recommend starting out slow. I like to think of it as a control issue–I hate not being in control so it was hard for me to accept the fact that I needed something “sweet” after dinner every night. I hated the feeling that I had become so dependent on something that isnt good to have every single day nor is something that is providing me with any nutrients.

    What I do now is have decadent desserts on special occasions (or when it’s something on the menu that is out of the ordinary i.e. spiced pumpkin souffle with cinnamon ice cream (heck yessss) and when I really just need a little something when I’m at home–have a small piece of dark chocolate. I always feel ten times better having a big dessert when I havent had one in quite sometime. I feel no guilt whatsoever indulging because I’ve eaten healthy 90% of the time.

    Hopefully that helps! Also, try frozen grapes after dinner for a sugar fix!

    1. This is my goal! I would love to just eat sweets as a special occasion and just eat a square of chocolate after dinner occasionally. Glad to know it’s possible 🙂

  26. HI TEEN! Do you remember me? From Care to Eat…I know you do, because who else calls you Teen in the comments section? 🙂
    I’ve been following since you started and I still adore you and everything you post.
    I had to comment because I hate protein and am the worst at consuming it. I am a sucker for tofurkey slices, string cheese, and egg whites in a box. I know the tofurkey slices are processed, but I’m not totally above that…they are awesome chopped into fresh veggie salads that are dressed with hummus. This company makes great protein rich vegetarian products too:
    I also love blended cottage cheese. So good with crackers.
    Teen, I love seeing how your blog has flourished and I’m so happy for, and proud of, you!
    xox Erin

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  28. I totally hear you on the cravings! I’ve been battling them all year due to some hormonal issues and it is a hard beast! I’ve found lately that I love having toasted rice cakes with Trader Joe’s peanut flour, I mix it with water and dark cocoa powder and a few drops of stevia. I’m allergic to dairy so I make it a creamy consistency to make up for my yogurt that i used to love and it is AMAZING esp. with the cocoa powder. Sometimes I’ll also add that mix to silken tofu in the blender or pumpkin to give it more volume and trick myself into thinking I’m eating a big dessert. I’m definitely a volume eater and this does the trick 🙂 Also maybe amp up your meals? You are exercising A LOT! Maybe you’re body is seeking quick energy from sweets because you’re meals never changed with your increased cardio. Maybe a little bit more peanut butter to your oatmeal in the am or a little bit of protein powder added in might help. Either way you look great so just make peace with yourself, maybe you’re being too hard on yourself leading you to crave more “comfort”

  29. One thing I do is instead of making tea and doing a splash of milk (soy or otherwise), I make the tea entirely of milk. Makes the tea richer, and since I’m not a milk person (hate it!), it sneaks in the stuff I need.

  30. I really enjoy using flaxmeal as a protein source, but I usually add it to ice cream, so maybe that’s not the kind of advice you’re looking for… 😛

  31. If I have one of those “have to have sugar” moments, a candy cane always does the trick!

    If you’re having such intense cravings… sure you aren’t with child? 😉

  32. First, love your new ‘blog look’! Second, for someone who has really improved with taming my cravings, I must say it is really much harder for some people than others. I remember a time when I physically could not say ‘no’ no matter how hard I tried. I feel much differently now and enjoy small portions less frequently but I can understand that stress and an overabundance of treats are making for a challenging attempt on your part. Keep trying as hard as possible and continue to be patient with yourself What helped me was jotting down certain times that cravings might hit and planning a snack or activity during that time.

    Good luck!

  33. I don’t know what it is about sugar, but every time I have it, my brain wants more. I don’t even really *enjoy* sweet treats all that much (I know I am in the minority!) and if I have chocolate, it turns me into a raging sugar monster, plus headaches, moodiness, etc.

    I’ve tried to tame the beast over the past few years. Firstly, by eliminating sugar in my beverages. I only drink green tea now (no sweetener) and on the extremely rare occasions that I sip coffee, I stick with all-natural stuff, like maple syrup or agave and then, just a touch. I don’t keep sugar in my house, and I stick with non-sugary breakfasts, as I feel they set me up best for the day. An english muffin with natural peanut butter or even kale salad is the way I roll in the morning.

    Sugar is such a tough habit to kick, but I’ve gone from drinking 3-5 cups of tea a day (with 2 tsp of sugar in each!) to rarely eating sugar at all. When I track my calories on Daily Plate, often I notice I’ve eaten less than 10g of sugar in a day, and most of that is usually naturally occurring in whole foods. And actually, that seems to happen organically as my cravings have simply changed since giving up the majority of sugary foods – I find I crave satiating foods like hummus, beans, vegetables, instead of chocolate or ice cream. It CAN be done but it’s super hard and it sucks in the beginning, haha.

    Good luck, Tina! I’d say you’re definitely on the right track adding more fat and protein to your meals – that’s basically what I did (as well as cutting out sugar cold turkey) and it worked like a charm. I felt fuller for longer and the cravings eventually went away.

  34. My husband and I are trying to reduce our sweets intake as well, and he asked me not to buy any chocolate or bake anything sweet. I don’t bake much anymore since I am in school, but the don’t buy chocolate rule is going to be hard!
    I went to the grocery store recently and bought some dried wild blueberries from TJ’s (instead of chocolate!) and they seem to be doing the trick over here. Also, we’ll do cereal.. like PB Puffins. If it gets real bad, we buy dark chocolate and will take one piece off.
    It’s only been a few weeks, but so far so good.
    I think once all that holiday candy is gone from your house, it’ll be easier.

  35. I had the same issue a couple years ago. I always HAD to have some dessert type of food after the meal. I wouldn’t be satisfied without ending the meal with that sweet. I don’t crave it at all anymore. Not sure how or when it stopped…it just did. Just a few ideas looking at the food in this post- maybe go with plain roasted nuts rather than honey roasted. Also, when I am having a craving for something sweet (usually in the afternoon), I’ll have a diet coke (I know, not the best choice!) but the sweetness and bubbly seems to do the trick or another thing I will have is a piece of hard candy.

  36. i was OBSESSED w/ punky back in the day. had nightshirts, slippers, tshirts, the works. good times 🙂

    my strategy: i always have at least 2 treats/day, but try to save them for night. (not really sure why…to me, that makes it ‘ok’…issues, i know.) also, i chew A LOT of gum. the second the sweet craving comes, i pop a piece into my mouth. i drink lots of tea, water, coffee, and the occasional diet soda to keep my mouth tasting something.

  37. This is more about the sugar craving than the protein, and it might sound a bit crazy, but bear with me… I went to a “sugar busters” discussion type thing that a Lululemon in New York hosted about a year ago, and one thing that the woman who led the discussion suggested using was a tongue scraper — I actually have a small one that came as an attachment to my electric toothbrush, but some of them look like medieval torture devices! Scraping your tongue after brushing your teeth helps to gets rid of the residue leftover that might trigger sugar cravings. I’m not a regular tongue scraper, but I do find that it helps with the sugar cravings when I do it. I also find that just brushing my teeth after eating makes me not want to eat anything sweet. Not that I brush my teeth three times a day, but I find that eating a ton of sugar usually makes my teeth feel a bit “filmy”, a feeling I don’t like and want to get rid of. Another thing this woman said was that sugar addiction really is an addiction and it takes time to kick it. I still struggle with having just one, so I do sympathize. I hope this helps! Good luck Tina!

  38. Tina, I commend you for putting this out there, obviously sugar cravings are difficult issue for many of us. I can definitely relate and I do notice that my own sugar cravings come in waves and can be related to a multitude of things. One idea might be to think about where you’re eating. Maybe being at home for lunch makes things more challenging? That said, I hope you’ll keep sharing, your journey may be more helpful to others than you realize.

    I think you’re on to something with the teas though, I keep a stash of them at work to help when I feel like snacking. Have you tried Stash Lemon Ginger or Guayaki Yerba Mate chai?

    Protein: it’s a classic but I do love a hard boiled egg!

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