Productivity Deserves a Beer

I accomplished so much today! Hooray!! I think I deserve a beer! :mrgreen:

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Check out just one of the projects that I finally checked off my To Do list today:

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_MG_5478 (640x426) (640x426)_thumb[1]

_MG_5480 (640x426) (640x426)_thumb[1]

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Viola! A brand new spice rack that matches our kitchen cabinets!

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Oh, it’s the little things.


This evening’s dinner was a bunch of leftovers: Salmon-Quinoa Burger with Swiss cheese and barbeque sauce on a toasted English muffin and some baked acorn squash on the side.

IMG_0021 (640x480)

All I had to do was reheat it!

IMG_0019 (640x480)

After dinner, I enjoyed a small bowl of granola while I wrote this post.

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Sugar Update

As you know, I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to rein in my crazy sugar cravings. I still struggle with them””like today when I ate an entire box of Cookie Dough Delights”” but it get’s easier every day. I’m not proud of consuming nearly 500 calories of chocolate in one sitting, but I made note of the situation and will do better next time. Live and learn. Plus, there’s no point of getting down on myself, ya know?

What has really worked with gaining control of my sweet tooth is eating nutritious foods that fill me up while still allowing myself to indulge my sweet tooth so I don’t feel deprived””basically, balancing my carrots with my cake!

I’ve made peace with the fact that I love sweets and don’t ever want to eliminate them completely from my diet. I recognize my limited control around certain foods, so giving myself permission to act on these cravings (in moderation) emphasizes my conscience decision to splurge.

Cutting dessert out of my life would make me miserable and obsessive, so I pare-down my portion sizes. I also allow myself to indulge everyday, but, typically, I wait until after dinner. Additionally, “Cookie Friday” gives me a really decadent treat to look forward to each week. Here are a few other ways that help me control my sugar cravings.

Just wanted to give you an update! Off to finish my beer! 😀


  1. Emerald Nuts’ Dark Cocoa Roasted Almonds really do taste like chocolate and they help me get over a chocolate craving, and are certainly more healthy than a handful of Hershey’s Kisses!

  2. Don’t you just love the label maker? 🙂 I did the exact same thing with my spices about a month ago.
    I agree with the sweets….everything in moderation. There is no way I could cut them out of my life completely. I’d rather be 5lbs heavier than I want to be than give up sugar completely.:)

  3. That bowl of granola looks delicious and like a great sweet treat at the end of the day! What kind is it? I can never decide which cereal or granola I want to buy!

  4. I read the title and thought “or wine” but was nodding my head in solidarity… 🙂 Also, need to buy new spice rack. I’ve been jones-ing for one of the magnetic ones you put on the wall. My fiance is hoping to hear me stop talking about it…. 🙂

  5. I hear you on the sweet tooth. Mine is so bad that I could eat a whole meal and be full, but I ALWAYS have room for a dessert. The only good thing is that I have been able to hold these gorges (there is no other word for eating an app, a full meal, and then a pound of bread pudding, haha) off to restaurant time. It takes some “training” but I have faith in you girl!

  6. Hey Tina! Love your blog. I have struggled with sugar cravings and have found two solutions. #1) protein for breakfast!!! I now eat eggs/egg whites every morning (two eggs, and the equivalent of four egg whites). Starting the morning with my blood sugar even sets me up for the whole day. Secondly, I recently starting taking iron supplements and this helps a lot, especially with chocolate cravings. (Did you know dark chocolate is a good source of iron? Probably explains a lot of people’s chocolate cravings.)

  7. Hey Tina!

    I’ve been reading your blog for months and months now and have only just thought to leave a quick comment. Congratulations on your marathon! You are such an inspiration. If you ever want any wholefood goodies sent over from the UK, let me know!

  8. i have an insane sweet tooth as well…and when I get something that I like in front of me, I really struggle to control myself. I agree with you that moderation is key because what’s life without a little sugar!

  9. I always try to end dinner with a piece of dark chocolate and I save dessert for weekends, like on Saturdays when we are usually out with friends or at somoene’s for dinner. I am a huge sugar addict, I NEVER keep sugary foods in the house, except for dark chocolate otherwise I know I will eat an entire box of cookies or a cake in one seating. 🙂

  10. Knowing that you ate an entire box of cookie delights makes you more relateable and human. Thanks for sharing it with us…:)

  11. I fell off the sugar wagon last night too when I consumed a gajillionzillion jellybeans. They were so good but now my body hurts. Ugh. One thing I’ve learned (that I didn’t do last night!) is to not eat my “treat” while watching tv… it so easily turns into a mindless thing when I do that.

  12. A new spice rack would make me so happy too!!

    I love your philosophy on dessert. Its so important to eat satisfying meals so that you’re not looking for other foods to satisfy you right after eating. That being said- sometimes you just want chocolate! And thats perfectly ok too !

  13. I find that when I have sugar, I start to crave it more and more. When I limit myself to a couple of treats a week, I find my cravings more manageable.

  14. My vice is nut butter. I agree with a lot of what you said here. It’s best to have SOME so I don’t feel deprived. But making sure I fill up on healthy foods throughout the day ensures I can better control my cravings at night. I think everyone loves sooomething a little too much – it’s only human! 🙂

  15. I love your organized spice rack! I have one and I think it’s time for me to get another. I have so many spices and nowhere to put them. I like a neat and organized kitchen 🙂

  16. Can I just say, as a fellow runner and RD-to-be, that RUNNERS (we exert tremendous amount of energy) get more cravings than non-runners. Our body naturally gets depleted of energy stores and DEMANDS quick recovery of glucose in which simple sugars are the quickest way. Thus, dessert contains lots of these and sometimes, we physiologically can’t help ti! Plus the fact that it’s the winter season and we naturally want to be insulated. I will be doing a post on scientific and non-scientific explanations of sugar cravings so please come check out my blog. Also, I have a serious Question. We got hit with a blizzard in NY and tomorrow is suppose to be 11F. I have my Manhattan half-marathon tomorrow and debating. Would YOU If you were in my shoes? I need help!! Please visit for suggestions!! THanks..have a great weekend and congrats again for finishing ur marathon 🙂

  17. I just can’t keep that stuff in my house. I allow myself treats whenever I want, but I go get a candy bar at the gas station, or a cookie at Starbucks OUTSIDE the house when I want one. Or, if I don’t want to leave, I make hot chocolate or one of those single microwave oatmeal cookies I see around the blogworld. 🙂

  18. I have been wanting to invest in a nice spice rack. It is definitely on my list of things to purchase!! I also rewarded myself with a beer last night 😉 Happy Friday!

  19. I am trying to learn about my cravings too and like you i have found that moderation and allowing myself to eat what I crave (within the right portion) I am able to control it so much more!

  20. I have to say…”Amen to your ‘giving in’ to cravings”. I have the same issues with sweets/sugar. I indulge every now and then so I don’t ever feel deprived but I always say…everything in moderation. Life is too short without chocolate! So now, instead of baking (healthy, of course) about 3x a week, I only do it 1x a week and it gives me something to look forward to and excited about.

  21. I definitely have a sugar craving too. During the holidays it was really getting out of control!!! So starting in January I gave away everything sugary in my house, and surprisingly, I don’t miss it anymore. It was hard for the first week, but now I very rarely think about it. Once my sugar cravings totally subside, I’ll feel more in control about bringing it back.

  22. Best of luck in continuing to manage your sugar cravings! I can relate. But I agree that it becomes easier. Is a good idea to indulge once in a while not to feel deprived””im sure those cookie dough bites were worth the splurge! =)

  23. oh my gosh! When my family and I vacationed in Cape Cod this past summer my mom fell in love with Whale’s Tale Pale Ale! I actually brought home a 6 pack for my boyfriend. It’s probably a lot easier to get in Mass. but I still thought it was pretty cool. Maybe I’m a nerd. 🙂

  24. OMG, I NEED to know where to get that beer! My husband LOVES IPA, he LOVES thongs (and calls them Whale Tales) AND his name is Cisco – awesomest name ever! Do you know if that beer is sold across the country, or can you just get it in MA?

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