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So, which do you want to hear first: the good news or the bad news? Hmm? Ok, let’s keep things positive and start with the good news! πŸ˜€

This morning, I ran 10.18 miles with my TNT team. I finished in 1:35:52, which was an average pace of 9:25/mile. I’m happy about this.


See, I am happy! :mrgreen:


Ok, here comes the bad news. πŸ˜•

The bad news is that I was supposed to run 12 miles today, but a pain in my foot prevented me from finishing the whole thing. πŸ™

My foot started to bother me after last weekend’s 18-miler, but it felt better a few days later and I thought it was okay to tackle 12 miles today. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

By Mile 7 of today’s run, it really started to hurt. I managed to truck along for another 3 miles, but I didn’t want to make it even worse by pushing myself to finish the full twelve. So, I took a little detour and called it quits around Mile 10.

Turns out, my sneakers are most likely to blame for my foot pain. Billy, the owner of the South Boston Running Emporium, took one look at my sneakers and declared them β€Λœdead.’ I got them back in August, so I wasn’t really surprised to hear this news.

It’s a good thing that I bought new sneakers last week! I really hope it’s just a shoe issue and nothing more serious.


However, Billy thinks that I might have a case of Plantar Fasciitis, which is basically irritation and swelling of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. For runners, it’s often caused by over-training and/or improper footwear.

To help with this potential injury, Billy suggested using trigger point therapy on my foot and lower leg. He gave me this exact handout explaining how to manage Planter Fasciitis.

After running, I used this funky rod to roll my foot at the store.

IMG_00202010-12-11 001

A little while later, Mal and I said goodbye to our team and grabbed iced coffees at P.S. Gourmet. I went with the Coconut Macaroon flavor today!

At home, I refueled with an egg and cheese sandwich on a Sandwich Thin. I also snacked on some cashews.


At home, I continued to use trigger point therapy (using my Tiger Tail) on the front and back of my calves.


Hurts so good.


I also used my Tune Up Balls for my foot. Both of these things really seemed to help. My foot is still a bit tender, but it’s not nearly as tight as it was before.

2010-12-11 0011

Mal and I are tackling house projects today and then I’m going to a holiday party at my sister’s house. I’m making Spinach-Artichoke Dip for it!

See ya! 😎



  1. Ooosh, had PF once (I went to Miami in the middle of a New England winter, threw on my flip flops and waled 3 miles in one day. I couldn’t walk normally for a week afterwards) and it was miserable.

    A friend mentioned recently that shape-up shoes help with her knee pain and PF. Maybe those would help take the sting out? Get better soon! You are amazing with your training!

  2. Sorry you had a painful end of the run πŸ™ At least you finished most of it though! Hopefully it is a “new shoe” issue..I know new shoes can really take a tole on your joints and what not before your body gets used to them. It’s kind of’d think shoes are shoes but it’s not true!

  3. Hey Tina,
    Sorry about your foot. This might help, I had the same sort of issues awhile back…I replaced my shoes and rolled my foot religiously and I’ve been running pain free since then. Actually, in my half marathon last weekend my foot started bugging me again, took my shoes in to a running store, and I was right, time for new shoes. Hopefully the shoes & the rolling will solve your problem πŸ™‚

  4. Sorry to hear about your foot! I have dealt with plantar fasciitis for a while now, and a few things have helped me be mostly pain-free….I have mostly sworn off flip-flops (or worn really cushiony ones), and have made sure that even my shoes that I wear to work are in good shape. I’ve also found that stretching helps the most for plantar fasciitis. Along with the soda-can thing, I would also recommend using a foam roller on the bottoms of your feet – hold onto a doorway and stand on the foam roller, then roll back and forth. Feels SO good when your feet are tight. Another stretch is the “legs-up-the-wall” yoga pose – it’s great if your feet are feeling sore after a run!

  5. My feet were dead after going ice skating a couple of weeks ago– resulted in wearing flip flops in 30 degree weather for a couple of days! πŸ˜›

    I wish I could run 10 miles, geez! You go, Tina!

  6. Bummer!! I also had a bout with PF last year!! I read some comments and I’ve seen good advice so pardon if I’m repeating, but things that worked for me:

    – stretching my calves a LOT before and after working out (like on stairs).
    – Icing during the day by rolling the frozen water bottle under my foot for about 10 min here and there (I even did this at work under my desk haha)
    – Probably the most important was getting an orthotic insert (i just did a Dr. Scholls one from Target) and keeping it in whatever shoe I was wearing througout the day, in addition to my sneakers. I also kept wearing it in my sneakers even after my foot started feeling better.
    – as another commenter said, wearing heels DOES make it feel better.
    – stretch it before getting out of bed in the AM

    Hmmm I think thats it….Good Luck! And yes, don’t push it!

  7. Aw, I am sorry to hear about your foot pain. I’m sure switching over to new running shoes will resolve it.

    I would honestly be surprised if you have full-on Plantar Fasciitis. It is typically excruciating, and it doesn’t usually come in fits and starts. If you do have the beginnings of Plantar Fasciitis, though, you’re definitely taking all the right precautions to ensure that it doesn’t get worse.

    Also, I’d recommend orthotics. (You probably don’t even need the tailor-made kind). I’ve been using orthotics for the past 1.5 years, and have had zero (major) foot or IT Band pain since. I bought mine at Fleet Feet…one of the salespeople had me try them on and jog around in them. They’re a lifesaver!

  8. Good pains (or legs pains) are the worst! All the extra preventative care you’re doing is definitely going to help. When I start to get strange aches I make sure to do pressure points on my foot with a tennis ball and foam roll. I know I should do it all the time because it would help prevent it even more.

  9. Hi Tina,
    You already have lot of advice but the thing that helped me with PF was getting an arch support in my running shoes – just a cheap gel Dr. Scholl’s one – and never ever wearing flip flops.

    Good luck!

  10. Hey Tina, sorry to hear about the foot issue. I had a similar thing happen to my foot when I was marathon training a few months ago. I started having severe muscle pain in one foot right after my 18 mile run too. I finally went to see a PT and it was recommended to do lots of calf & foot stretches, to help strengthen that muscle.

    Here is a link to my blog that shows a description of the exercises recommended to my by the PT. Your foot pain sounds similar to mine, so hopefully this helps!

  11. I’ve been thinking about investing in some proper foot rolling tools or a foam roller for my calves. I have found that a tennis ball works in a pinch for your feet! I can’t identify any specific triggers for the occasional foot soreness (and maybe it’s not running-related, but the heels I wear to work 2-3 days/week…) but there are times when I feel like I need to massage the bottoms of my feet. I’m not sure that I officially have plantar fasciitis, it comes and goes, and luckily I have not experienced it in over a month or so. I don’t think it’s my running shoes because they are newer, plus I have insoles for a little extra arch support. Interesting that calf tightness and plantar fasciitis are related! The link you provided is very helpful!

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