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On our wine tour of Southern Vancouver Island (post coming soon!), our driver planned a “secret” stop for the group. I love surprises, but I didn’t think I would enjoy our top secret visit as much as I did!

After a ride up a long, winding hill into the woods, we arrived at a little farmstand surrounded by fresh herbs and pretty wildflowers. There were also chairs and tables with umbrellas set up outside and a friendly yellow lab came running to greet us.

At this point, I really had no idea what to expect!



I soon discovered that this location was the home of Organic Fair Inc., “an artisan crafter of exclusively organic, fair trade, and biodynamic products.


Organic Fair Inc. is a family-owned company located in gorgeous Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. All of the products are created on-site at their certified organic farm, which is opened to visitors year-round.

The farm offers:

  • A wide selection of seasonal farm-grown organic produce
  • Fresh baking with Red Fife Wheat flour and farm grown ingredients
  • Handmade ice cream with organic milk and eggs from the BC lower mainland
  • Specialty coffee and tea, as well as other creative beverages
  • Artisan crafted gourmet, organic fair trade dark chocolate

As you can see, Organic Fair sells all sorts of products, but the one I was most excited about was their dark chocolate bars! Holy yum!



After wandering around and enjoying the beautiful Organic Fair property, our group was invited inside to sample some chocolate!



Organic Fair has 11 different flavors of dark chocolate bars. They’re all made with a minimum of 70% cacao and are both certified organic and fair trade. The bars have no fillers, waxes, or added dairy products– just delicious chocolate with the perfect amount of organic sugar.


Of course, there wasn’t a single chocolate that I didn’t enjoy! 😉 Everyone in our group loved them too. Organic Fair really does has a chocolate bar for everyone! :mrgreen:



Organic Fair has so many interesting flavors of chocolate! One in particular, the Chiapas Organic Dark Chocolate, was like nothing I have ever tasted. The Chiapas bar is made with 70% cacao dark chocolate, cinnamon, cardamom, and chipotle chile. It was subtly sweet, but left you with a spicy bite at the end. I initially tasted the dark chocolate mixed with cinnamon, but then the chipotle chile hit my tongue and lingered for a few seconds. It was awesome!

I also really liked the Canadiana chocolate bar. There was something quite special about putting chocolate, sun-dried apples, maple syrup, and smoked salt together in one bar! Holy amazing flavor combination!


My favorite chocolate of the day, however, was the Little Italy bar, which is made with dark chocolate, espresso chunks, and lemon. I never would have expected these flavors to taste so delicious! The buzz of espresso and zing of lemon were incredible together!

Mal loved the Silk Road bar (chocolate + peppermint + mandarin), so we each bought one of each to take home with us. Let’s just say that neither of the bars made it out of Canada! 😉


Organic Fair’s chocolate is one of the best I have ever tasted! And I love that they are made with all-natural, organic ingredients and without all of those weird fillers that most of the “mass-market” chocolates are made with. Each bite was packed with natural flavor and subtle dark chocolate sweetness.

Organic Fair has all of their products available for sale online, which are shipped directly from their farm store. Sadly, Organic Fair only ships to their Canadian customers, but perhaps that will change in the near future? I would love another Little Italy bar in my life!



  1. All of the chocolate bars sound amazing but I think I would probably have picked the Little Italy like you. There is a coffee shop in my neighborhood that serves espresso shots with fresh lemon juice and it is amazing. I was very skeptical at first but the combination is perfect. I can only imagine that chocolate would make it that much better! : )

  2. OMG…I didn’t even know that place existed! and I spent more than 10 years of my life commuting back and forth through Cobble Hill several times a year!! Thanks for this, Tina. I’ll be looking for Organic Fair on my next trip home. 🙂

  3. Wow that farm sounds like heaven! I’ve never heard of a place making so many wonderful things. So often when companies try to get too varied, everything turns out rather dull. But from your post it sounds like they do a pretty nice job of it!

  4. That sounds amazing! We have a place called Vosges Chocolate in Chicago that has “unique” flavors like kalamata olive, rose, bacon, etc, but those combos you tried I’ve never heard of. Chocolate is so delicious and versatile I truly think it goes with everything! 🙂

  5. Wow sounds like a great place!! Men, and mint…my man loves it too. I love the pictures, thanks for sharing!

  6. That looks like an awesome little place. I am especially in love with their wallpaper. I love chocolate so I would have been in heaven there.

    As a side note, my blog moved so come check me out at the new address!

  7. Oh noooooo! I am sooo sad they are only shipping to the US!! Agh! It *might* be a good excuse to plan a trip up to Vanc Is though!!

  8. The Italy bar sounds delicious. When you think about it, authentic Italian restaurants do serve a small lemon rind with espresso, so I guess pulling it all together into a bar makes sense. If I ever come across it I will definitely snatch it up!

  9. I was just drooling over the website, and it looks like they accept US dollars and use both Canada Post and the USPS–so maybe there is hope for us Americans??

  10. espresso and chocolate sound like a great match. I’ve been wanting to try chocolate covered coffee beans forever – I hope they ship to the US eventually!

  11. Oh wow!!! You are so luck. I have a cousin and her family that live up in Vancouver and have mentioned the Organic Farm, but I have never visited them. After this post I think it sounds high-time for a visit. And te chocolate combos sound delicious and so inventive.

    Take Care

  12. Wow! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That all looks amazing!!!!!!!!

    I am going to tell my Dad that I’m shipping him some! (he still lives in Canada) 😀

  13. Hello from Organic Fair,
    Glad you enjoyed our chocolate and farm Tina. I just wanted to let you know that we do now ship to the US, and actually have free shipping to the US on all orders over $50. I have also updated the website where it said that we only ship to Canadian customers. Hope this helps and have a great 4th of July!

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