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Last night, I had the pleasure of celebrating the opening of the newest Nordstrom Rack location in Burlington, Massachusetts. Shopping, cocktails, and friends on a random Tuesday night? Sounds good to me! Sign me up! 

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My blog friends, Elizabeth and Bridget, also attended the event. As always, it was great to see them!

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The new Nordstrom Rack opens tomorrow (September 8), so a group of bloggers and media folks were invited to attend a tweet-up for a sneak peek at the store.

IMG_0005 (640x480)

It was my first ever tweet-up, so I had no idea what to expect. Well, I picked a really good one to attend as my first.

This one involved shopping!


(Nordstrom Rack gave everyone a gift card to spend!)


IMG_0013 (640x480)

IMG_0015 (640x480)



And tweeting (naturally).

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As part of the event, attendees were encouraged to tweet for a chance to win some really great prizes, including a Marc Jacobs bag and other fabulous goodies.

I wanted to win a fancy bag too, so I tweeted the above photo and asked my followers for their opinion on it:


I’m so glad that I didn’t buy it! LOL! I have no clue when it comes to fashion. Thanks for your help guys!

I ended up trying on a bunch of items at the tweet-up, but I just couldn’t decide”” there were so many great options. I guess I’ll just have to visit Nordstrom Rack again to spend it!



  1. Wow, sounds like a really fun event! I would have been tweeting up a storm because I love Marc Jacobs bags!! Sadly we don’t have Nordstrom Rack here, but it’s one of my absolute musts when I go shopping in the US. Happy gift card spending!

  2. I have a sweater that’s similar with different woven textures. It’s awful. After a few washes the weaves start to pull apart in some areas and tighten in others making the sweater look ridiculous when you put it on!

  3. What a fun treat! I know that feeling of being compelled to spend a giftcard right away… but it feels so good to save it so you can shop more thoughtfully on your own time in the future! I used to be very impulsive but now when I shop, I put clothes on hold for a few hours or even one day. I leave the store, do more shopping/go home give it some time and if I think about those items enough then I know I REALLY like/wanted them 😀

  4. So jealous! That sounds awesome! There’s a Nordstrom Rack about 25 miles away from me, but I’ve never been. I’ve heard they’re not that great, but there’s some cute things in your pics! I’ll have to check it out.

  5. How fun! I love Nordstrom Rack! I went to the one in my hood over Labor Day Weekend. They have GREAT shoes!! I think that’s what you should use your fit card on! We wear too many running shoes so we need some cute shoes!! Lol.

  6. So jealous! I didn’t even know Nordstrom Rack existed!!! I wonder where the closest one to me is?!?

    You are a much more sensible shopper than me. I always let gift cards burn a hole in my pocket, and spend them IMMEDIATELY! Especially with all the cute stuff I saw in the pics.

    Good luck with winning the Marc Jacobs bag!

  7. That does sound fun! Ok: dumb question, but how do you find out about tweet-ups (I’m already on twitter, but am not very good at maximizing its potential)?

  8. I LOVE Nordstom Rack and I heard a rumor they were coming to the Boston Area! YAY! This is excellent timing for my Barnes and Noble trek this weekend.

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