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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Yay for girls’ night! The bachelorette party was such a fun time! :mrgreen:

The evening started with manicures at MiniLuxe, a modern nail and beauty lounge on Newbury Street.


The inside of MixiLuxe was funky, yet adorable at the same time.


IMG_4859.JPG IMG_4860.JPG

IMG_4861.JPG IMG_4862.JPG

It didn’t take me long to decide on a polish color for my nails. In honor of my trip to New York City for a cake decorating event, I chose a light pink shade called, “I’ll Take The Cake.”



“I’ll Take The Cake” probably wasn’t the most exciting shade to pick, but I wanted something that would last until the end of my trip. I usually go with dark colors in the colder months, but as soon as dark polish chips, it’s so noticeable. I thought a light shade would be a better option. Hopefully, it holds up!


After our manicures, we had about 40 minutes to kill before our dinner reservation, so we popped into Trident Booksellers & Cafe just down the street.


In all of the years that I’ve lived in Boston, I can’t believe that I’ve never stopped into Trident– I’ve walked by it a million times! It’s totally my type of place. I could see Mal and me spending hours there– perusing books and sipping coffee. I can’t wait to take him. He’ll love it!



At Trident, I ordered a mulled spiced cider and sipped on it while chatting with my girlfriends.



Then, a little while later, it was time for dinner at Tapeo! 😀

Tapeo has been on my restaurant list for MONTHS now, so I was psyched that the Maid of Honor picked it for dinner.



I’ve heard such great things about Tapeo’s Spanish tapas. I couldn’t wait to try them for myself!


The table ordered a round of cocktails, so I went with a glass of Chardonnay.


Cheers to Jen, the bride-to-be! 😀


We had about 12 people for Jen’s bachelorette, so we basically ordered a ton of different tapas to share around the table. I took at least one bite from each plate.

(The lighting in the restaurant was really dim, so apologize for the blah photos.)


IMG_4891.JPG IMG_4894.JPG





Despite the unappetizing photos, everything that I tasted was delicious!

I also want to take Mal here! 😉


It was a great night with my lady friends!

I’m exhausted, so I’m heading straight to bed! Good night!



  1. Ahhh…I think that is the color I got when I had a manicure back in June! I tried to find it in stores and can’t! Apparently it was a “special” color and they don’t sell it. I loved the fact that it was subdued and didn’t really look like I had polish on but gave a healthy shine to my nails!

  2. That salon looks adorable! Glad you had such a great girls night out and i’m definitely envious of that book store, looks like a blast… i’m known to curl up in the big chairs in book stores and browse through countless books lol

  3. What a great way to spend a Bachelorette party! I love it! I prefer lighter/neutral colors for my nails for the same reason you mentioned – if it chips, people won’t notice as easily 🙂 Tapeo is a great restaurant; I like how you can get a taste of everything. And I haven’t been to Trident in years! But I remember having a turkey burger from there years and years ago and loving it.

    We had fun this afternoon at our photography lesson. We missed you, but took some good notes. Enjoy the rest of your productive weekend!

  4. Looks like a great night! Isn’t Boston the best? I live in Massachusetts about an hour or so from Boston and I love when I can go there! 🙂 It’s the best city 🙂

  5. OH MY…you have just entered my two most favorite places in all of Boston!!!!! Love Trident and Tapeo. Tapeo has the best sangria (and was the site of my first date with my soon to be hubby) and Trident has the best freshly squeezed juice in town (and an awesome environment to read and be productive). So fun!

  6. I definitely went to that bookstore when I visited Boston this summer and it’s so awesome! Their sweet potato fries were amazinggg and I got so many great books as well! I am so jealous you live in Bostonn….

  7. Isn’t it lovely to discover “new” treasures in your own home city? Also, I’m also a chardonnay-over-cocktails girl – give me a crisp dry white anyday!

  8. so funny, i just went to trident for the first time today for breakfast. It was out of this world good (definately recommend the sweet potato pancakes)

  9. See–thats just my kind of bachelorette party. I’m kinda lame and hate the ones where you get dragged over the city to different bars and a strip club or two. Your night looked perfect!!
    Also, Lans Nail salon is really great too. It’s on Tremont.

  10. I love Trident! I think they even have sandwiches and stuff so you can have lunch there and stay for hours looking at books. I’ve also seen that tapas place and it looks awesome! Maybe I’ll check it out next time I’m in Boston- this week actually! Going to see the BSO.
    Looks like a fun girls’ night!

  11. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only girl keeping her nails short! I usually go for dark colors in winter too (love deep purple) but, as you say, it’s really hard to maintain. Sally Hansen has a great top coat, it holds my mani much longer than the other brands…

  12. I agree with the other Boston commenters – Tapeo has long been one of my favorite Newbury spots! The Sangria is awesome and I think you got two of my favorite dishes (based on the photos) – the goat cheese and tomatoes & beef and Gorgonzola. I’m salivating just thinking about them! And then there is the bread…heaven in a basket and perfect for slopping up the sauces you don’t finish from the plates. Okay I’ll stop now before I hurt myself…:)

  13. I’m so glad you finally got to eat at Tapeo, it is definitely one of my favorite casual spots in Boston. So much fun and great food. For a real party at Tapeo though, you need to order a parron! It looks like a vase with a spout, it’s usually filled with Cava, a Spanish white wine, and everyone drinks straight from the parron… you don’t actually drink from the parron, you extend your arm and pour the wine straight into your mouth! Fun!

  14. I love Tapeo! I have been there a million times and it’s always great! We went after our bridesmaid dress fitting for my sister’s wedding. Looks like you had fun!

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