Murphy’s 3rd Birthday

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Today is a very special day: my little pug-let turns three years old!

1633 (563x750)

Happy birthday, Murphy!!!

Past pug birthday celebrations: We’re Terrible Parents (aka Murphy’s 1st birthday) and Murphy Turns Two.

_MG_3062 (500x333)

Murphy makes me laugh and smile each and every day. I honestly don’t think my life would be as happy without him.

With that said, here are my Top 10 Favorite Murphy Posts (most of them are funny!):

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Like last year’s celebration, Mal and I let Murphy have one of his presents on the eve of his birthday. We get really excited when we buy the pug special treats, so we have a hard time waiting to give them to him.

_MG_8742 (499x750) (499x750)

Last year’s birthday presents kind of bombed since Murphy destroyed them in less than 45 minutes, so we picked more durable gifts this year. The white bone is a reindeer antler, which Murphy was obsessing over for months. His buddy Clark has one and he’s been jealous ever since.

_MG_8723 (750x499) (750x499)

We also bought Murphy some Beer-Bones since he turned 21 in dog years.

_MG_8733 (750x499) (750x499)

Murphy was most excited about the antler, so we gave it to him last night.

IMG_6148 (750x563)


IMG_6151 (750x563) (750x563)

Murphy gave the antler a quick sniff, grabbed it from me, and then ran around the house crying and whining with excitement.


He eventually calmed down and got his chew on.


And then, a little while later, he moved to the more comfortable couch, but he lost his antler in the cushions. Panic!

IMG_6169 (750x563)

LOL! I love this dog. (Our couch, however, does not.)


I woke up craving a cold and creamy breakfast this morning. Iced coffee was, of course, at the top of my mind.

_MG_8796 (750x499)

_MG_8768 (750x499)

As well as cantaloupe and Greek yogurt.

_MG_8812 (750x564)

Also in the mix: sliced almonds and raisins. Delicious!

_MG_8806 (750x499)

Question of the Day

Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? If so, how do you celebrate?

P.S. Murphy is hosting a birthday giveaway on Trading Up Downtown!



  1. We definitely celebrate our dog’s birthday! She’s a rescue dog and had a rough start to life (was used as a bait dog in a dog fighting ring) so any excuse to spoil her we take! We usually get her a dog friendly cake from the Three Dog Bakery, a toy that she can just tear apart and a toy that she has to figure out (like the one that dispenses treats).

  2. I absolutely LOVE the picture of Murphy when the antler got stuck in the cushion! He looks so nervous lol.

  3. Aw, Happy Birthday to Murphy! His little pug face always keeps me smiling just through photos, so I can imagine how much he adds to your life in person.

    And yes, my dog’s birthday is July 2nd and we always get him toys and treats. The best part for me is him opening the presents, it gets me every time 😀

  4. hahahah the excited panic look kills me everytime! I’ve always been an English springer spaniel lover but pugs are slowely becoming a new favorite due to Murphy. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Happy Birthday Murphy!! We give our pup (Nitro) ice cream, toys, and treats. He absolutely loves the ice cream and thinks people are taking it from him if we make any sudden movement, resulting in a puppy brain freeze. derp.

  6. My little buddy turns 2 this weekend! Last year we just got him a nice big bone, and some little treats. This year we’re doing a durable toy, with a trip to the dog beach-which he will love!

  7. you might have to label me as “cruel” for the amount of love I have for the photos of Murphy when he is panicing. I want him to panic ALL THE TIME so there are more faces of deseration and concern. He’s so flipping ADORABLE. [and apparently, i am so flipping selfish 😉 wanting his discomfort for my photo viewing enjoyment. how rude!]

  8. Actually, Murphy turned 28 in human years! The way to convert dog years to human years has been updated. You can Google it to find a conversion chart!

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  10. I love the first picture of Murphy! When we were in dog training classes, our pug, Louie, always got in trouble for being a “sloppy sitter”. It’s nice to see that Murphy sometimes sits like that too! Yes, of course we celebrate his birthday!

  11. It is my dog’s birthday as well – June 14th! My Charlie (big, sloppy Golden Retriever) is 2 years old today – Happy Birthday Murphy and Charlie!! We celebrate with a new chew toy, an awesome pack of new bones and tonight I will grill him a hamburger of his very own. Doggie heaven!

  12. happy birthday murphy!

    we celebrate our dog’s birthday. his first one we took him to the dog park and invited all his dog-friends. his second we just gave him gifts 🙂

  13. Yes I celebrate my dogs birthdays! We take a bone, put peanut butter on top of it, light a candle, stick the candle in the peanut butter, and sing happy birthday to them! They all love it and they even blow out the candle themselves!

  14. Murphy is such a sweetie pie! Happy Birthday Murph!

    My SIL has a pug, Frannie, and the other day she got attached by the neighbor’s pit bull. It was horrible. She has seven puncture wounds in her neck, but the vet said if it weren’t for all her (fat) excess skin, she would probably be dead. She’s on antibiotics and the holes still continue to seep, but she is recouperating.

  15. OMG I love his face when it’s stuck in the cushion!!! Hahaha what a cutie!! I can’t wait for my dog’s birthday (he’s from a shelter so we are celebrating it on his adoption day) so I can give him some fun presents! I love the idea of beer bones lol!!

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