Murphy Versus Snow

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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It turns out that Murphy doesn’t like snow at all. (Maybe he just needs a doggie sweater to keep him warm?) It’s funny because last winter he LOVED playing in it! I guess he wised-up to the evils of snow.


So, our afternoon walk went a little like this:

Mom, I really don’t want to go outside in the snow. 


Seriously, I don’t”¦ want to… go out”¦ there!


Mom, I can’t believe you dragged me outside. You’re so mean to me. Snow is the worst!


Wait. Can I eat this stuff?!?


Ok, Mom, so the faster I do my business, the faster we can go back inside, right? Let’s do this thing!


Bladder empty! Back to the house!!!


C’mon, Mom. Let me in! I’m freeeeezing!


Now, get this snow off me!!


Mal cooked American Chop Suey for dinner. I increased the nutritional profile of my serving by adding some (previously frozen) brussels sprouts and peas. (I just nuked the veggies in the microwave before mixing it all together.) I love adding vegetables to pasta. It always seems to satisfy my stomach and taste buds.


Off to look for something sweet!



  1. Tina, this post made me so happy. My pug used to do the same thing and looked just like Murphy. They’re so hilarious aren’t they? Thanks for bringing a smile to my face 🙂

  2. OMG, hilarious. my pug loved the snow the first time she saw it, but this year… NOPE. looked pretty much exactly like murphy, only we were outside one morning for 35 minutes until she could go (finally in a patch where the snow had melted). This mama was freeeezing afterwards.

  3. Our pug, Alouysius, dislikes water of any sort, so I can’t imagine he’d be any better with snow than Murphy. This morning I had to walk him around for 15 minutes to find a spot dry enough for him to do his potty thing…it’s been raining for days and supposed to go for another day still and I’m worried about how we’re going to find anywhere dry enough outside by tomorrow night, LOL.

  4. I can tell you, I got Wiggy a doggie sweater for Philly’s record snow hell last year and he detested the snow. This year, we got an INCH and Wiggy has already decided that pugs and snow are non-mixy things – wait til we get this snowstorm on Christmas Eve – he’s going to think that I’m the worst mom ever! Murphy has grown wise to the snow – just stand firm.

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