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I had such a nice time hanging out with my mom and sister today. The three of us have been so busy lately, it was a little tricky finding a date when we could all meet up. I actually don’t think we’ve spent quality time together since Christmas, so I’m glad it all worked out in the end. We definitely needed some mother-daughter time! 

Early this afternoon, we met at Catherine Hinds, where we each enjoyed a relaxing 90-minute facial. I still can’t get over how long the treatments lasted. I actually fell asleep for part of mine. I guess that’s how you know it was a good one!

After our facials, we headed to my sister’s house to hang out and catch up. We sat outside in the backyard with my sister’s husband, Pat, and a few of his friends.

IMG_1634 (640x427)

And Batman too!

IMG_1637 (640x427)

While sitting outside, I munched on a ton Tostitos. This variety (Roasted Garlic & Black Bean) tasted really, really delicious”” just like garlicky bean dip. I could not stopping eat them! I probably finished half of the bag myself.

IMG_1632 (640x427)

For dinner, we cooked corned beef and cabbage, which I thought was a traditional Irish meal, but it turns out it’s actually an Irish-American tradition. It’s even referred to as a New England boiled dinner.

In Ireland, the closest traditional dish is bacon and cabbage. Corned beef and cabbage became popular in America after Irish immigrants in the eastern United States used corned beef instead of pork in their traditional dish. Who knew?

IMG_1629 (427x640)

IMG_1638 (640x427)

While dinner cooked, I also snacked on a couple of pieces of Irish Soda Bread with Kerrygold butter, which might be the best butter ever. (I think I need to start buying it.)

_MG_1624 (640x426)

Batman snacked on a carrot.

IMG_1640 (640x427)

IMG_1648 (640x427)

IMG_1650 (427x640)

It took the corned beef about 5 hours to cook, but it was well worth the wait. Everything tasted so wonderful!

IMG_1653 (640x427)

I hate coleslaw, but I love boiled cabbage!

IMG_1654 (640x427)

IMG_1657 (640x427)

For dessert, I enjoyed a St. Patty’s Day cupcake. (I totally ignored the ingredients on the package.)

IMG_1658 (640x427)

Heading to bed soon. 5K in the morning!



  1. Looks like a fun day. The Irish soda bread looks delicious, I can smell it through my computer monitor! LOL I’ve done that too w/ cup cakes, forget to look at the ingredient list, oh well it’s not like you eat like that daily!

  2. I just made this exact same meal tonight! It was delicious! I would love to try that butter, it seems amazing!

  3. Hello. Glad to see you at your nice forum!
    I am new here! Let me introduce myself.
    I am BBW damsel Amanda from France.
    I like this excellent forum! 😉

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