Marathon Winter

This is the toughest part of winter for me: right after the holidays, but months away from spring. It’s a long stretch between now and April (or even May). The winters in Boston usually seem like they will never end.

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This might sound crazy, but marathon training has really changed my perspective on winter. Even my husband noticed my more positive attitude toward the cold. Usually, I am Cranky Pants McGee when it comes to winter!

As you know, I ran outside with my TNT team every Saturday from August to January. Boston was blessed with a relatively warm fall, so the majority of our runs were brisk and sunny. Only a couple of the runs in December were cold, but it only took me 5 minutes to warm-up. It’s just those couple of minutes waiting for my Garmin to load that were freezing!

Training outdoors has made all the difference. (I use to struggle with SAD.) Winter is so much more bearable for me now. Although, it has made treadmill running really boring! I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing?


This morning’s breakfast was a cozy bowl of oatmeal made with coconut milk.

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I know that coconut milk is all the rage right now, but I purchased this SO Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage because it was cheap! It was on sale and I had a coupon, so it ended up being less than a $1. For that price, I figured why not? The nutritionals are pretty decent too.

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Mixed with my oats, I couldn’t really taste the flavor of the coconut milk, but it made them really creamy.

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In the mix:

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I also enjoyed a glass of iced coffee with breakfast.

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Did you know that the Disney Marathon is this weekend? I’m not running it, but my teammates and friends are!


PLEASE click over to Elizabeth and Rachel’s blogs to wish them good luck. It’s their first marathon, so I know they’d appreciate the well wishes. When you visit Elizabeth’s blog, please wish her boyfriend, Nick, good luck too. He’s a Team In Trainer!

Speaking of marathons, our coach sent us this video the other day. It’s funny for those of us who have ever trained for a marathon, but it also reminds me that I’m a little bit crazy too!

Question of the Day

Would you ever run a marathon?

P.S. Cute pug faces!


  1. Tina – I JUST made the same comment winter training to my running group last night! Great minds think alike! I mentioned that winter wasn’t bothering me as much this year and I thought maybe it had to do with running out in the elements. If that’s what it takes not to get the winter blues – then I’m all for it! Have a great weekend!

  2. I’m not sure if I will run a marathon — right now I’m at the half distance but the full intrigues me. The treadmill bores me as well but I think I’m going to have to hit it up for 8 miles this weekend.. ugh it’s going to be terrible! We just got fresh snow so the sidewalks aren’t tended to yet. And there aren’t enough side roads in my area — boo.

  3. I so agree with you about training through the winter. To me it not only boosts your mood, but it makes the winter go by faster because you are focused on training. I’ve run 4 marathons so far and most definitely will run more.

  4. Congrats on the magazine!

    I’ve run 2 marathons and LOVE them! Actually, I got injured both times, but the training was incredible. I feel so accomplished after a nice, long run. And my running club makes it something I look forward to every week.

    Now I just have to keep from registering for one next Fall…we’re getting married in November and I’m sure I’ll be swamped!

  5. I’m hoping that starting training for a new half will have that effect on me. I’m a big winter-hater as well.

    I definitely want to run a marathon soon! Either Portland or Disney…

  6. That video is hilarious! And so true to life!

    I definitely want to run a marathon someday. I’ve done a half, and I remember when I didn’t think I’d be able to do a 5k, so I know I can do it!

  7. I have been getting the winter blues lately too…guess that means vacay time?! I ran a half marathon once and it was so euphoric! I’m not sure I believe a full is worth the stress on your body and would probably burn me out on running and I don’t want to do that because I really enjoy it and want to be a runner my whole life. But for those who make it a goal, I think it is an amazing achievement. Best of luck!

  8. Hi Tina! I agree with you on marathon training making the winters more bearable. I trained for the NJ Marathon which is in May two years ago and it was great to train throughout the winter. By the time spring came, I was in great shape as opposed to previous winters when I would slack a bit. This year I signed up for the Providence, RI Marathoni in May. It is a goal of mine to run marathons in different states. I live in Manhattan so I have been running the NYC Marathon for the past couple of years which is always fun and I never want to miss out since I’m here. Best of luck next week!!!

  9. hahaha that video cracked me up! I didn’t know the first person to run a marathon DIED!?! I guess you learn something new every day! I am definitely not in the mental mindset to run a marathon anytime soon, but I’d like to one day.

  10. I would LOVE to run a marathon. I got goosebumps when you wrote that this weekend is Disney – next year around this time I’d love to be running the Disney Princess Half. I’ve got a LOT of work to do, but I think it would be awesome!

  11. I drink So Delicious every morning in my coffee! It’s SO good! A great source of good fats…I buy the unsweetened kind and it’s definitely so delicious!

    I might run a marathon…but not to win…just to run! I think if I ever trained for one, it would be a trail marathon–somewhere in the wild…like Alaska! Running in the woods would be awesome!

  12. Congrats on the magazine! I’m glad the marathon is making you a more positive person. You’re already so uplifting but when you are motivated… your readers are EVEN more so! Thank you!!

    I think I would try a marathon once in my life. I am a baby runner but to run a marathon seems freeing and totally challenging to every part of your being. How refreshing is that!

  13. Yes, I plan to run a marathon one day. I was actually training to do the Mardi Gras marathon in March but a nagging shin splints problem turned into a nagging shin splints + hamstring problem so I decided to sit this one out and hopefully train for it next time around. 🙂

  14. I’ve started running outside in the cold this year, and I’ve had similar results to those you listed today- I don’t seem to deal with SAD this year, but I sure do find treadmill workouts BORING.

    I’m contemplating running a marathon. Still not sure about that one yet.

  15. That video was hilarious! When I ran my marathon, almost everyone said to me, “You know the first marathoner died, right?” None of my friends are runners, so they think I’m as crazy as the lady in the video. I guess that’s why runners have such an instant bond when they meet (like social outcasts?!?)

  16. I would definitely run a marathon! I’m planning on running my first in October. The geeky numbers person inside me can’t pass up the opportunity to run a marathon when I am 26.2 years old. 😀

  17. I just don’t think I could ever run a marathon. Maybe it’s my attitude? 😉 I’ve been working on (slacking) running my first 5K, but I’ve never been a runner. It’s hard work!

  18. That video is hilarious! I’m training for a half marathon right now. I don’t know if I will ever do a full marathon. I just don’t think that I have 4-5 hours of continuous running in me.

  19. My husband & I both run marathons. I love training and running in them! It is so exciting!! I get emotional every time I finish. After we finished our first Honolulu marathon even my husband got a little emotional. It brings us closer because we are training so much together, we use that time to ‘catch up’. Training and finishing your first marathon is a feeling like no other.

  20. I’m doing my 2nd half at the Phoenix (the rock n’ roll just like you guys, only …you know…half the distance 😉 and I’m still not sure I could mentally handle 26 miles. But, you and Mal are an inspiration for sure, you make it seem like running a full marathon is possible!

  21. I could never run a marathon, but that video cracked me up! And I love So Delicious coconut milk! What a great deal you got on it! But I don’t mind paying the regular price. It is so good with cereal and with Teeccino!

  22. I am debating either running another half or my first full in May. I want to make sure that I dont commit without being 100% into it, so im waiting a bit before I decide 🙂

  23. I’ve never done a marathon, but if I had the chance I’d take it! (With time to train, of course, or else I’d be a blob of jelly on race-day)

  24. That video is hilarious.
    I would like to train for a marathon but I don’t want to commit to the training hours, I only have so many hours in a day to workout, work and spend precious time with my little kids and husband.
    I’m thinking next year I’d like to do a half marathon, maybe one day I’ll do a marathon but for now I don’t see it happening.

  25. So this is a random question, but where do you get all your coupons?! Do you just clip them from the paper or use a website or what? I always read about you saving SO much money!

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  27. I’ve had that same brand of coconut milk creamer for coffee because dairy doesn’t sit well with me, but it is too sweet and bitter!!

    If I ever do a marathon, im thinking it will be the Disney one . . . We love Disney!

  28. For breakfast, I made this oatmeal! I’ve gotta say, I’m big on my sweets and this wasn’t sweet enough without a HUGE scoop… maybe two…. of peanut butter. I’ve trying to eat healthier, though. I was wondering, do you know if Jiff peanut butter is alright to use in this? Or is Teddie peanut butter low calorie/fat?

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