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Hi, guys!

I just got back from having lunch with Ellie Krieger. No big deal.

IMG_0021 (800x600)


This afternoon, Kris, Karen, and I met Ellie at Cookshop for lunch. (Kris and Karen are the PR folks from the California Grapes Commission.)

IMG_0008 (600x800)

Cookshop was a great spot for lunch. The restaurant itself was open and bright with clean lines and simple, colorful décor. The menu was creative, interesting, and featured many seasonal and sustainable ingredients.

IMG_0009 (800x600)

When Ellie arrived, the four of us chatted for awhile before we placed our orders for lunch. Ellie was so friendly, well-spoken, and down-to-earth. She seemed like a regular person””not a famous television host and cookbook author. As cheesy as this may sound, chatting with her was like talking to a friend. She’s also really pretty in person!

Fun facts about Ellie:

  • She’s an optimist.
  • She once witnessed a wildebeest birth in the wild.
  • There’s a photo of her NYC kitchen in this month’s issue of Better Homes & Gardens.
  • Her newest cookbook was published in October.
  • She read my blog this morning and said she liked it!

For lunch, I ordered the Chicken Breast Salad, which was served with green and red cabbage, carrots, celery root, toasted walnuts, and dried cranberries with a sherry vinaigrette. I didn’t totally love the salad part of my meal (it was a little bland), but the chicken was absolutely amazing. So yum! I’m actually really picky about chicken, so I was happy that this piece was cooked so well. It was incredibly tender and flavorful. It was actually the best chicken breast I can remember eating in a long time. 

IMG_0015 (800x600)

After lunch, I enjoyed a salted caramel (from Kris).

IMG_0016 (800x600)

And a soy cappuccino. (Two espresso drinks in four hours = I’m buzzing!)

IMG_0019 (600x800)


For breakfast, Kris, Karen, and I headed down to Chelsea Market. It’s been years since I’ve been there, so I was excited to visit this morning. A lot has changed!

IMG_0007 (600x800)

First stop: Ninth Street Espresso!

_MG_6879 (800x533)

I ordered a soy latte, which was outstanding! It was so creamy, so bold, and, oh, so delicious. I was actually sort of sad when I took my final sip. I didn’t want it to end!

_MG_6881 (533x800)

With lattes in hand, we headed to Amy’s Bread to find some eats.

_MG_6887 (800x533)

We ended up sharing a smorgasborg of pastries among the three of us. We had a croissant, Applesauce Doughnut, Almond Brioche Toast, and an Oat Scone with raisins and walnuts. I liked all of them, but my favorite by far was the Almond Brioche Toast. Holy yum! It was thick and sweet with crunchy slivered almonds on top. I actually wish I had another piece to eat right now. I wonder if I could make it at home? I need to Google it!

IMG_0004 (800x600)

I have a little downtime before dinner, so I’m going to get ready and pack up my things to head back to Boston in the morning. I can’t believe how quickly this trip flew by! You know what they say!



          1. Well, it’s not really a short answer. It’s more like a whole post, so I figured since my ideas are already in one place in my book, people could look there. Also, I RARELY ever pimp my book on my blog, and I honestly don’t think it’s a bad thing to want to sell copies.

          2. @Megan: Hi Megan and Mattie,
            I have neither a blog nor a book, but here are some ideas:

            -Review portion size guidelines before you go out so you can recognize visually what is and is not a portion. (You know, like a serving of meat=deck of cards. Here’s a good guide:
            -Also learn how popular items are prepared so you’ll know to steer away from, say, fried food preparations and toward steamed preparations. You can look at menus in advance to do this.
            -It’s totally fine to ask how big the portion is and have half of the item packaged to go before they bring you your plate, or to separate stuff on your plate and plan to take it home before you eat anything at all.
            -Make the main part of your meal a salad with lots of protein and healthy fat. Healthy fats: avocado, a little cheese, olives, olive oil, nuts. Get fatty add-ons and dressings on the side. A great Weight Watchers tip I actually use is to dip the fork in the dressing before stabbing a bite of salad. I’d also pick a simple dressing like a vinaigrette.
            -Start with something filling but not nutrient-dense, like a brothy soup, not a cream-based soup (like a bisque or a creamed vegetable soup).
            -Don’t bother with bread, or at least don’t eat any BEFORE the meal.
            -Don’t drink before the main meal arrives–it just loosens your inhibitions (so you eat more appetizers!) and adds calories. Avoid mixed drinks with lots of ingredients. A glass of wine or a bottle of beer (portion-controlled, unlike a draft, which can come in a much bigger portion) is probably best, but a vodka soda with lemon or lime is portion-controlled, too.
            -Eat slowly! Give your body and mind time to catch up to each other!
            -Remember that it is okay to ask for what you want and that you don’t have to eat everything in front of you.

            Hope this helps!

  1. FYI – the cookbook The Sweeter Side of Amy’s Bread is an amazing cookbook… AND… the almond brioche toast recipe is in there! Enjoy 🙂

  2. SOO FREAKIN COOL that you had lunch with Ellie, she seems super nice and down to earth on her show so it’s nice to hear she is like that in real life!

  3. AHHH, no other words than AHHH! SO COOL! I began watching Ellie Krieger on the Food Network a few years ago and think she has a fabulous approach to food and a healthy lifestyle 😀

  4. Oh I love seeing those caramels:-) My mom makes them! Such a great company. Love your blog, by the way! We have a Boston terrier and she is such a nut. Murphy reminds me of her!

  5. I love Chelsea Market! I used to go there for lunch at the Lobster Place all the time. The only downside is that there is never any seating (makes for some funny sights of people walking around with a huge lobster on their plate searching for a seat though…). Next time I’ll try that almond Brioche…
    If you are still in the area you should check out some gallery openings tonight! The best ones are right around the corner of the Cookshop between 10th and 11th Ave between 22nd and 27th street.

  6. It looks like you are having a fabulous time! That is so cool you got to lunch with Ellie and the meal looked great! What looked even better was that soy latte, I may need to head to Ninth Street Espresso when I get back to NYC sunday. Enjoy the rest of your time 🙂

  7. Ahhh I wish I could have met you here in NYC! Im not sure if ive ever commented on your blog but I LOVE it and would so love to meet you sometime when you are here! Chelsea market is so gorgeous during/after holidays with those lights 🙂 The espresso bar is amazing, best Americano ever!

  8. My work has blocked blogs so I can’t read your blog as much so I just checked out your blog to see what’s been going on. Imagine my surprise to find that you are in NY. Have fun, and don’t forget to take a run in Central Park.

  9. So jealous you got to eat lunch with Ellie..she seems so amazing! She does look a lot prettier in your picture then I had previously thought (not that she wasn’t pretty at all!).

  10. I keep getting more and more inspired by the people you meet, interview, talk to…and the things you do. You’re still managing to find such balance…INSPIRATIONAL!

    I started re-reading your book today and I realized that somebody has a big anniversary coming up! 😉 You’ve made yourself such a great blogger in a really short time…it’s cheesy but I really look up to you. Keep up the awesome ness!

  11. Sounds like a fun day! I love Chelsea market, there’s an amazing tiny restaurant in there called The Green Table which I’ve been to at least 5 times. Such delicious food made with a lot of local ingredients, many of which come from the farms near where I live (an hr or so north of NYC) so it’s kind of fun 🙂

  12. Very cool. But…..”She is also really pretty in person.” Ouch!! I hope when she reads your blog about your lunch with her, that statement doesn’t leave her wondering what you think she looks like on her TV show! :\

      1. What say you, Tina? Was the clarifier necessary? (The “in person” after “She’s also really pretty”?) I read that to my friend and her eyes got back and she mouthed “Wow!”

        I always condone and support your blog’s subject matter and appreciate everything you have to say ….. but if someone was to make that comment about me I might be pretty offended. And J? Right back at ya. Go throw your stones elsewhere.

          1. @Allison: Ok, apparently, I’m missing why my comment is so offensive to Ellie. Before yesterday, I only ever saw her on TV and in magazines, books, etc., and she’s obviously an attractive woman, so I don’t get why saying so after meeting her in person is so terrible? If anything, I made that comment to emphasize how pretty she is!

          2. Okay, Tina. I’ll be sure to tell you how pretty you are in person if I ever run into you. (;

  13. What an awesome day Tina! I am so glad you liked Ellie so much! She always seems like the nicest woman on tv, so it’s nice to know she’s the same way in person. All of the pastries that were shared looking delicious! It’s so much fun to get a bunch of items to taste test. Much more exciting than eating one whole treat!

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