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I spent today doing just what I wanted to do. I hung out with Mal all day, took Murphy for a long walk, and ate delicious food and drank pumpkin beer. For once in a long time, I didn’t have a set agenda and not having plans made enjoying today so easy. My day was exactly what I wanted to do with my Saturday.

After a long run and brunch in Southie, I headed home to shower (and blog) and then drove down to the Derby Street Shoppes with my husband for a little bit of shopping.

Snapshot 2010-09-25 17-47-42.tiff

Mal and I bought a few things, but we mostly window shopped and goofed around in the stores. (P.S. A non-stick yoga towel cost $55 at Lululemon!?! Holy crap. Obviously, I did not buy one. :evil:)


Mal and I each scored some sweet deals today. He bought a bunch of new t-shirts from Kohls and I purchased a brand new pair of jeans from The Gap for $19.50! :mrgreen:


Mal and I also tried the new Pinkberry at Derby Street!!!


It was as awesome as everyone says it is! 😀

IMG_0014.JPG IMG_0018.JPG

We shared an “original” with pineapple, blackberries, pumpkin spice granola, and white chocolate chips. Holy deliciousness! I will be back!


After our adventures at the Derby Street Shoppes, Mal and I went home to take Murphy for a long walk. On our travels, we decided to get Chinese food for dinner. We couldn’t take Murphy into the restaurant with us, so Mal ordered dinner for us. He chose Fried Rice, Shrimp Lo Mein, Spring Rolls, and Chicken Fingers.


We also grabbed some pumpkin beer on our walk.


I rimmed our pint glasses with a mixture of brown sugar and honey (2:1). Mmm! Oh, yes, I did! 😉


I loaded up my plate with a little bit of everything.


Best Saturday night dinner ever! :mrgreen:


I went back for seconds of the Fried Rice and Shrimp Lo Mein.


For dessert, Mal and I each enjoyed a fortune cookie. Our fortunes seemed to fit us well! 😉

IMG_0048.JPG IMG_0049.JPG





My husband talks a lot! 😆

I just poured myself another pumpkin beer. Hooray for fall (and pumpkin beer)! :mrgreen:


I’M SO HAPPY TO BE HOME!!!!! :mrgreen:

Enjoy your Saturday night, guys!



  1. Sounds like a relaxing but fun day…you need one of those days every so often! And I am sooo very jealous of Pinkberry. I think every state but MN has one..literally 🙁

  2. Sounds like a perfect Saturday.

    I couldn’t help thinking about you as I ate my pumpkin pancakes yesterday morning. MMMmmmm….pumpkin….

  3. Sometimes the BEST times are those that require us to take the time to enjoy life! Sounds like you did just that. I’ve come a long way in my life & have found that I deserve and NEED to take these kind of “vacation days” so to speak. My sweetie & I take at least one day over the weekend to do “just what we want” & some days even spend “almost” the entire weekend doing that! It’s wonderful and our relationship seems so much more bonded & together when we do.

    Didn’t you walk away from today just feeling like you had spent the best day of your life with your best friend ever & literally became “one” for even just a short day? I always feel that way, as if we just got to “know” each other so much more completely!!!

  4. Oh god, that’s exactly the kind of day I had yesterday too – unplanned and SO needed.

    For the record, when I was in NYC, I ate at Pinkberry no less than 3 times in 24 hours because Fro-Yo places with toppings bars are not something that have really “made it” to MN. Have no shame sista – that stuff is delish.

  5. What a great day! I’m so glad you got to spend it the way YOU wanted – sounds like my kinda day 🙂 And that b. sugar rimmed glass idea is GENIUS! When I turn 21, I’m definitely going to try that w/ some pumpkin beer 😀

  6. There’s a place on the Medford-Malden line called John Brewers that serves Shipyard Pumpkin Head beer in a glass lined with some kind of delicious sugar! It is SO good! Pumpkin head isn’t my favorite fall beer (I’m more of a Sam Oktoberfest gal), but something about the sugary rim makes it amazing!

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