It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I love traveling, but it’s so hard to say goodbye to these two guys. I always miss them so much when I am away from home.


Mal and Murphy dropped me off at the airport this morning, so I gave each of them the biggest hugs before they drove off. I wish they could just come with me.


Even though I didn’t my boys, I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with the (flea) bomb that went off in our apartment this morning. Mal and I were up late into the night moving items into our hallway and covering things that we didn’t want exposed to flea bomb toxins. We’ve only seen fleas on Murphy and not around the house, but better safe than sorry!



IMG_0009.JPG IMG_0012.JPG


Getting rid of fleas is a lot of work, but the flea bombs should do the trick. Plus, yesterday, we gave Murphy a pill (Comfortis) that worked really well. He seems to be completely flea-free. I feel bad for my husband though. He has a lot to do when he gets home this evening. 😕


I tried vanilla Greek yogurt for the first time in my overnight oats this morning. The combination was tasty, but I prefer making my overnight oats with soy milk.


I also drank a glass of toasted coconut iced coffee with breakfast.



At the airport, I snacked on a banana SOYJOY bar.


And, on the plane, I ordered a cup of coffee and some water. The coffee tasted nasty, so I didn’t end up drinking it.


Second Breakfast

When I arrived in Chicago, I was absolutely starving, so I grabbed some Perfect Oatmeal from Starbucks. It hit the spot and made me feel so much better.



I just got to the hotel. Time to stuff swag bags!!



  1. Good thing you didn’t get any bites yourself! My roommate’s cat had fleas and I had bites for weeks! We had to call in an exterminator. Have a lovely time in Chicago, I’m flying in from SF tonight for a wedding, and looking forward to warmth and sunshine.

  2. I wouldn’t think that much went into protecting your stuff from flea bombs. What a pain! But when you love the little fur balls what other choice is there?

  3. Welcome to Chicago!!! Hope you had a very warm and nice welcome by all these F 16s flying all over the city! he he I’m glad to know Murphy is flea-free! 🙂 If I ever have to deal with fleas from my almost a year old furbaby, I’ll definitely swing by your flea posts and get some house protection advice! Airline coffee is always gross, I don’t think I’ve ever had coffee on board and actually enjoyed it. I take trans-Atlantic flights too, ugh! Extra gross!

  4. In regards to the usage of milk vs yogurt in overnight oats – I think most people like a combo: let it sit in milk overnight & then add yogurt in the morning.

  5. Fleas are the reason why my two cats are INDOOR ONLY cats. I cannot stand little biting bugs!
    Good luck getting rid of them, hope the bombs help!

  6. Murph should be good to go with the Comfortis. I give it to my girl (puppy!) once a month, and she/we have never had a problem with fleas in the 2 years we’ve had her. I think if yall stick with that, you shouldn’t have to bomb anymore, which is SUCH a pain. Enjoy HLS!!

  7. yum, that oatmeal looks good. i feel so bad for murphy! pups can tell when their humans have boatloads of work to do because of something they “did”. i’m sure he’s happy to be flea free, though!

  8. Too bad Murphy can’t be a HLS attendee. That would be amazing! I’d be super jealous, though, since I’m not there. I’d just have to hug my magnet the entire time.

    Your oatmeal inspired me to have oats for dinner.

  9. Vanilla greek yogurt is my FAVE to mix with oats for overnight oatmeal. Although technically I don’t make it overnight. I make it in the morning and sip lemon water for 15-20 minutes until it is ready!

  10. I’ve never had to deal with fleas, it sounds like a disaster.

    I cant believe how great Starbucks is over there. Our oats dont get toppings & a cute little container like you do.

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