Is It Lunch or Second Breakfast?

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Thanks so much for your participation on this morning’s post. We surpassed 100 comments, so we’ll get the $500 donation to the American Heart Association. Woohoo! Awesome job, guys!


So, I totally ate my lunch before noon today. Is it even considered lunch then? Second breakfast perhaps? I dunno. Breakfast was a major fail in the satiety department today (maybe my oatmeal needed more nut butter?), so when my stomach started to grumble around 10:45 this morning, I fed it.

Part 1 of lunch was spaghetti squash with TJ’s turkey meatballs, sautéed mushrooms, truffle oil, and nutritional yeast.

IMG_0002 (800x600)

Are you sick of seeing this meal yet? I am. I love spaghetti squash and all, but, man, it makes a lot of leftovers!

Part 2 of lunch was a Van’s Power Grains Waffle. Mal eats these waffles for breakfast during the work week and they always smell so delicious when he toasts them, so I made one for myself today.

IMG_0004 (800x600)

I topped it with almond butter and strawberry slices. So delish!

IMG_0006 (800x600)

Since I ate lunch so early today, I’m already planning a substantial snack for this afternoon. FEED ME!

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CNC Anniversary Giveaway

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on my 4-year blog anniversary post! Here are your two winners:

Amanda @ For The Love of Everything

congratulations! I love your blog mostly because you are totally relatable. You love to eat healthy but also love a (few) good glass(es) of wine or pumpkin beer every so often


I keep coming back to carrots N cake because you seem so NORMAL! I feel like i can really identify with your lifestyle, and you definitely don’t ever make me feel like I’m not doing enough in terms of my healthy eating habits – some bloggers just seem like they’re TOO perfect all the time. You also seem to really enjoy your lifestyle, which is really inspiring.

Congrats Amanda and Emmy! Please email me at with your full name, mailing address, and whether you’d prefer a Whole Foods or Lululemon gift card.

Question of the Day

How often do you eat lunch before noon? Do you consider it second breakfast or lunch if you eat it before noon?



  1. Great job on the donation! I would of commented but I didn’t know.

    I used to eat lunch at 11am, but my co-workers like to eat at noon, so I pushed my lunch out between 12 & 12:30. It stinks because I get up at 3:30am, be at work by 6am, eat breakfast at work at 7:30am, then I need a snack by 10am, so I can eat lunch. Make dinner between 4 & 5. Sheesh!!

  2. I eat lunch around 2 which means that breakfast has to be quite substantial and a mid-morning snack is a MUST. In a perfect world, I’d eat around 1 but my coworker has always preferred a later lunch and it makes the afternoon go by much faster.

  3. Thanks for posting this today. Made me feel a little more normal eating my third meal before noon today. As you know, one of the keys to dropping fat and putting on the lean stuff is to divide your meals throughout the day.

    So…I generally start my day at 530 AM with a protein shake and cardio. Next up is my super Oatmeal (1 cup of dry steel cut/6 egg whites/1 scoop of protein/and half a cup of berries) around 830 AM. Then, I try and sneak in another small snack before lunch hour.

    My friends usually laugh at the amount of food I eat but the funny thing is I am eating a lot more, losing fat, and gaining muscle. The plan definitely works!


  4. I just know that I have four meals (plus snacks) a day. I either have two breakfasts–if my workout is early–or two lunches, I feel like! Mini meals took a bit of time to adjust to, but I feel better when I can keep portions reasonable for meals and a bit bigger for snacks which is ta-dah mini meals. 🙂

  5. Well, my lunch at work is scheduled at 11AM… so I say it’s lunch! (especially since I eat breakfast around 6!)

  6. It would be easier to count how often I eat lunch at or later than noon. Waking up so early and working out in the morning, even after eating breakfast, I get hungry by 11 more often than not. I try to hold off until 11:30. I do get hungry in the afternoon, but I always have a snack for that.

  7. mmm the waffle with nut butter and strawberries looks amazing!
    I usually have a snack between breakfast and my lunch us typically after 12 ..unless I get out of class early and my friends eat at around 11:45..then I will just eat before noon 😀

  8. I nearly always end up eating lunch before noon. I *categoriize* it based on what I’ve made – for example if it’s a turkey wrap it’s definitely lunch, if it’s oatmeal or a smoothie it’s a second breakfast for sure!

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