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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Last night, I went to bed hungry because of this movie:


After watching it, I would have killed for Beef Bourguignon!

Seriously, what a great movie! I LOVED Julie & Julia! :mrgreen: I can’t believe it took me so long to see it. It’s right up my alley!

I’m not going to write a review of the movie because I’m pretty sure everyone and their mother has seen it by now. Plus, all you need to know is: if you enjoy food, cooking, or blogging (even just a little), you will like this movie. Initially, Mal resisted watching this “chick flick” with me, but he ended up loving it almost as much as I did.

So, one of the main reasons that I loved this movie so much is because, at times, I felt like I was watching my life in a movie. There were so many similarities between Julie Powell’s life as a blogger and mine. Mal and I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the life parallels.

Here are just some of the similarities that I noticed:

  • We’re both 29-years-old, turning the big 3-0
  • We both live in a 900-square-foot apartment outside the city
  • We both have a blog that consumes our life
  • We both have multiple emotional breakdowns due to blogging
  • We both worked full-time while blogging on the side
  • We both lucked out with amazingly supportive husbands
  • We both found a passion for life via a blog
  • We both ended up with book deals because of our blogs

So, yea, I really loved Julie & Julia. 😀

Now, I really want to see Julia Child’s house in Cambridge, MA– well, I guess just the outside of it. Apparently, her kitchen has been totally updated, but it would still be cool to see where she lived. Some of Julia’s cookbooks are held in the Culinary Collection at the Schlesinger Library, so I’ll have to visit both places the next time I am in Cambridge. Wouldn’t that be a fun trip? Blogger field trip, anyone? I also want to visit the Smithsonian at some point. Ok, I’m sort of obsessed now.


I went to bed hungry and woke up starving! My grumbling stomach actually woke me from a deep sleep early this morning. I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, but a snack was calling my name. So, around 5:00 AM, I ate a piece of whole wheat bread with peanut butter smeared on top. I ate it while checking my email and playing on Twitter.

I seriously considered staying up and working on my book, but my nice, warm bed with my husband and pug in it sounded much more appealing. 😉


A few hours later, I woke up ready to eat again.

This time, I made a bowl of Oikos Greek yogurt, [me] + Goji cereal, and candied pecans.


Excellent second breakfast!


I also had a glass of iced coffee. (It’s 14*F this morning.)



For once, not much on the agenda today:

  • Gym
  • Mall
  • Book

Happy Sunday, bloggies! 😎



  1. You know, I’m a nut lover and it just never occurred to me that they would be great in cereal. Duh. You learn something new every day, I guess.

    Happy New Year!

  2. That’s a great movie, and I think it’s true everyone and their mother has seen it because I never see movies and I saw it over the summer with both my parents, haha. it was wild hearing my mom say she waited on Julia at Red Lobster years ago(apparently, she was not shy to order alocohol… and a lot ;-))

  3. i am OBSESSED with Julie and Julia! i just recently saw it for the first time too and i seriously could watch it over and over again! How you can not feel starving after watching the movie is beyond me. everything that Julie cooks, looks amazing!!!! It seriously made me want to go get Julia Child’s cookbook so i could make something!!!!!

  4. Have you read the book? Not so much the same feeling. I think they took all of the good, likable parts of Julie and put them in the movie! Don’t feel bad about just seeing it…I just saw it myself. My husband liked it too! Oh, and I am so with you about waking up hungry this morning…there must be something in the air!

  5. Ditto on Sarena’s comment, but then double (or triple!) it with her new book Cleaved. This is probably not someone you want to compare yourself to! You’re so much more likable 🙂

  6. Hey Tina, Yes, lets do a bloggie field trip!! That would be so funny. Seriously, you and your iced coffee are nuts! Brrrrr….. Do you find that having Murphy (screw the hubby) in the bed makes it even harder to get up? I cannot resist a good pup snuggle in the morning, making it very tempting to be lazy.

  7. Ooh I really really want to see that movie! I completly missed it at the cinema 🙁
    Haha, I woke up freakishly early and freakishly hungry this morning too!! It’s so annoying when that happens, but I so can’t sleep if I’m hungry – I’m amazed you got to sleep the night before!
    Delicious breakfast too 😛

  8. I loved that movie. I think every single blogger that blogs on a daily basis can relate. It’s time consuming, at times frustrating but overall so rewarding!
    Yeah, I don’t know how you can drink iced coffee these days. I have a hard time eating yogurt in the morning (too cold). Happy Sunday 🙂

  9. I think I’m the only one left who hasn’t seen his movie! That breakfast looks yummy, especially with the addition of candied pecans. I don’t know how you still drink iced coffee when it’s so cold out! 🙂

  10. I’m glad you finally saw Julie and Julia! I enjoyed it too although it was a little slow at times. Definitely an inspiration to cook and blog more! I can’t believe you’re still drinking iced coffee! ;> As I sit here with my hot mug of tea…in Texas. I’m a wimp 🙂

  11. i am pretty sure that Julie just came out with a new book about cheating on her husband (and he on her) and some difficult marriage troubles they went through…i don’t think he is nearly as supportive as Mal is to you 🙂

  12. I saw Julie and Julia in theaters, and it was actually one of the things that inspired me to make a blog of my own! Which, started as of yesterday, haha! I never thought that I was “cut out” to make a blog, but Julie’s story was so inspiring and it showed me that anyone can blog if they have the will and desire to just DO IT! And Tina, who knows…maybe you’ll have a movie deal coming your way next 😉

  13. I loved “Julie and Julia!” That being said, I just finished her new book, which, sad to say, I suspect may cost her some fans- I think it is going to disillusion a lot of people. I did find her brutal honesty very refreshing, though. She goes into very graphic detail about her and her husband’s affairs with other people, etc. She is also writing about butchering animals…

    Those candied pecans look delicious! And a blogger field trip sounds fun!

  14. Still haven’t watched the movie…but my mom got it or Christmas so I’ll just borrow it when she’s done.

    I didn’t know Julie Childs lived so close to us. Blogger field trip for sure! 🙂

  15. Love that movie! I read the book before I had a blog and thought it was fantastic, but seeing the movie now that I have a blog was even more fun! I could totally relate to Julie’s exciting moment of getting her first comment. 🙂

  16. I loved that movie, too! Although, to be honest, I could have happily watched the entire thing if it was only Meryl Streep as Julia Child for the entire 2 hours. Her scenes absolutely stole the show. My husband loved the movie, too!

    It was crazy seeing a movie about food blogging, what a trip!

  17. Keep me posted on a field trip to the Smithsonian! It is definitely something fun to see and I’m sure that other Washingtonians would be happy to join the fun!

  18. I love Julie and Julia!! I got it for Christmas. I would definitely take a blogger field trip to visit those places!!

    Your breakfast looks so good! I drink iced coffee all year long! I’m drinking some right now. I just like it better than hot coffee.

    Have fun at the gym and the mall!!

  19. I also loved the movie and I’m currently reading the book! It’s actually a lot different; I think they glamorized Julie a little bit for the film.

    I’ve seen the exhibit at the Smithsonian and it’s really amazing! I would love to go again now that I’ve seen the movie.

  20. Still haven’t seen it, but all I’ve heard are really positive reviews. I don’t think anyone with a food blog could hate on it, haha. But I still want to read the book before watching the movie. I saw it in the bookstore last night and almost bought but went for a couple of Michael Pollan’s books instead.

  21. I haven’t seen that movie but it is on my list of must see very soon. I can’t wait! Btw, I do the 2 breakfast thing all the time because I love to eat like every 1-2hrs. SO I do these little mini meals all day long

  22. I love all the parallels between your lives, how cool! I haven’t seen it yet but I really need to–everybody needs to stop renting it so I can get my hands on a copy 🙂

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