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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! Happy Monday!

According to a new study from the University of Oregon, fifty is the age at which you’re at your most competitive, and this likely applies to both sports and work. [source]


Interesting, right? I think so, especially in light of my recent obsession with how many Burpees I can do in 7 minutes. I actually wanted to attempt them again yesterday, but I was just too sore from my previous back-to-back attempts, so I submitted 96 as my official score for the first WOD of the CrossFit Open. Mal, however, was gunning to beat his score, so he did the WOD again yesterday and got 120! He’s an animal! 

It’s funny how much CrossFit has brought out my competitive side. Usually, I’m pretty laid-back about fitness and exercise. I’m competitive with myself, but I never really get fired-up about it. Even with running, which I take semi-seriously, I consistently push myself, but I never take my competitiveness to the next level. But, at CrossFit, I’m starting to become a freak. Check out this comment that Mal left on our box’s website the other day:


Haha! Even he’s noticed a difference in my attitude! Maybe my “competitive fire” is really starting to come out in my “old” age?


This morning’s breakfast was a big Pumpkin Pancake with blueberries, peanut butter, and a drizzle of maple syrup on top. Mmm!

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Question of the Day

Do you consider yourself a competitive person? With yourself? With others? Do you think you’ve become more competitive as you’ve grown older?



  1. I think I’m competitive more with myself than against other people. Veering my own records would excite me more than comparing my performance to anothers. Super impressed with your burpee count!

  2. I never considered myself an extremely competitive person; I never did sports growing up or anything like that. But, the older I get, I realize I am competitive…being a type A perfectionist sometimes, it kind of comes with the territory. I think thats why I liked getting into tris and running so much to train for the races. But, I am not over the top in trying to get first place or anything all the time!

  3. I have always been competitive with myself but am definitely getting more competitive with others as I get older. I remember letting someone pass me at the end of a triathlon about 5 years ago because I thought she wanted it so bad -now I sprint it out!

  4. i do get competitive. i like running races…they make me competitive with myself which is sort of different. sounds like you’re kickin major crossfit ass thats awesome!

  5. Sounds like you are doing really well with crossfit – congrats!!! As for me, my level of competitiveness depends on the environment. For personal training, I am competitive with myself, and as I have gotten older, I think I am growing more competitive in the workplace, simply because of the type of work I do. I am an attorney and it’s the nature of the practice. Outside of work though, I am not really competitive with others!

  6. That is suprising to read but I’ve also heard that as you get older you stop caring what other people think of you so that could add to the competitiveness of people!

    So I’m also taking a rest day today haha, arms and legs are so sore and my throat/lungs have not been the same since the burpees haha! Had a blast though! Bromley loved Bare Cove park and I made sure to get to Mary Lou’s 🙂

  7. That freaking WOD. I will do it again… someday. I tried again on Sunday and had the same score, though I felt much worse. I think I’ll just work on some burpees in general, then MAYBE in a few months try it again.

    There is an awesome “after” pic on my blog today… I’m crying just a little bit on the floor.

    I’m going to have nightmares about burpees.

  8. My brother and dad are the most competitive people I know, and growing up with them made me HATE competition! I can’t stand it. I am a little competitive with myself (which is good when I’m working towards a goal), but I try to never compete with other people.

  9. I am mostly competitive with myself. I always know I can do better! I have become less competitive with others over the years. I know I’ll be awesome at some things and other things might not be my forte, but I always have fun trying!

    That is interesting that fifty is the age at which people are most competitive. I would have guessed mid-20’s. That seems to be the point in life where we haven’t quite figured ourselves out yet, we think everyone in life wants the same things, and it is a race to get those things (or maybe that was just my experience!).

  10. Now I think I am competative… since I have been reading about your 96 burpees I could not stop wondering how many I could do. I thought maybe I could get to 50, so I gave it a try, and well I got to 47. But man, I think I am pretty big cheater, lousy push-ups and half assed jumps, and then I made my husband do it to see how many he could do. I want to do them again as soon as I can move my arms more 🙂

  11. The study is interesting. I can see how most people are more competitive at fifty than any other age. I think by the time you are fifty, you have a higher skill set and know yourself better. I am definitely more competitive now than when I was younger. I also know my strengths and weaknesses. I’m more competitve with other people in the areas where I am stronger and more competitve with myself in the areas where I am weaker.

  12. I’m extremely competitive with myself. But I have found that it if I compare myself to others I start having self esteem problems. I’d much rather NOT be competitive.

  13. I am pretty competitive, but I use it to motivate me more than anything. I think there is a fine line between “healthy competitive” and “back of biatches competitive.” 😉

  14. I’m the same way – being competitive is largely a personal (and minimal) thing for me but sometimes this competitive edge comes out of nowhere and just starts dominating. Usually when I’m doing Insanity or some similarly intense workout and it usually involves burpees as well (what is it about them?!)

  15. Im not sure if this was mentioned yet but mal did more than bob Harper!!!! Via bob’s twitter it said he did 118. Wow!!! Way to go!!! Both of you!

  16. I’m very competitive but like sports that are against myself; that’s why I love since I do home workouts.

  17. I am trying to find additional information or a the source for the University of Oregon Study on the 50 year olds’ competitiveness. The source link provided in your article takes you to a but there is no information about the study on that website. Even the university of Oregon site does not have any information on the study. Can you site your source? Thank you.

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