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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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My day was filled with so many good eats! I love it when all of my favorite foods end up on the menu! :mrgreen:


Tonight, Mal and I ate dinner at one of our favorite local sushi restaurants: Fuij 1564.

We started with Fried Gyoza and a teriyaki dipping sauce. I thought that I preferred steamed gyoza, but eating them fried is a totally different flavor sensation! I’m glad that Mal convinced me to try it!


We then ordered two rolls of maki to share:

  • Spicy Tempura Maki Katsu Style
  • Hot Tamale Maki


The Spicy Tempura Maki Katsu Style was made with katsu fried shrimp, spicy mayo, tobiko, cucumber, and avacado. It was excellent! I loved the fried shrimp mixed with the soft avocado! Mmmmm!


The Hot Tamale Maki had a serious spicy kick to it! In the roll was fresh tuna, jalapeno peppers, tobiko, cucumber, and avocado, rolled together with nacho cheese. It was an interesting mix of ingredients that tasted surprisingly wonderful together.



Yum! Sushi! 😀



I had a “business” meeting this afternoon, so Sarah and I headed to Berryline for some frozen yogurt and chatting.


The wall outside Berryline was cute! 😀



I ordered the “original” flavor with Reese’s Pieces, raspberries, and blackberries. The cool, sweet, fruity combo was delicious and hit the spot. I’m sure that I’ll visit Berryline again SOON!




I ate lunch at my desk around noon. I had Stonyfield Oikos with fresh blueberries.


Oikos is always so filling! It sits like a rock in my stomach!


I also ate some sea salt-flavored Somersaults, which are becoming my new favorite snack. They’re much more dense than my usual salty snack (e.g. potato chips), so they fill me up and hold off my hunger for quite awhile.


I can’t believe it’s 8:30 already! Today flew by!

See ya tomorrow!



  1. Oooh baby! I’m lovin’ your eats today! Especially the fried gyoza – I’ve never tried that either, but sometimes I think the steamed texture is too slimy so I think that sounds great!

  2. YUM! Sushi and Reese’s pieces! FYI, I did a post the other day on sushi, I actually separated the roll out to determine the nutritional profile.

  3. Today did FLY by! So much yuminess in this post. I heart froyo. I NEED to get some this weekend ;). Looks like you and Mal had a nice date tonight too!

  4. That sushi looks incredible. I feel like everyone’s sushi restaurants offer such more interesting combos than mine — and I am in NYC!

  5. Any night that involves sushi is a good night. I can’t get over how saucy all the sushi I see pics of is in the US. I can’t say I’ve ordered any sushi here that has a sauce on it like that. Very fancy!

  6. MMM i dont know which im craving more now – the sushi or that AWESOME berryline treat! Cleveland is majorly slacking on awesome yogurt places 🙁

  7. Ooo berryline is my fave! I heard they opened another in fenway area (the neighborhood not the ballpark). They need to open one near me in davis square!

  8. Oooo I love Sushi! I only get to eat it when out with friends because Hunni doesn’t like it. But I too love the combo of fried with soft. I like to eat sweet potato with avocado. Strange I know but so delicious 🙂

  9. 1) That sushi looks rocking!
    2) SO glad you finally tried Berryline. I’m a Berryline groupie 😆
    2) Can’t wait for my somersaults sample to arrive 🙂

  10. Oh my God, sushi and nacho cheese?! Yes please! That is an especially beautiful photograph you’ve taken of it, incidentally.

  11. Reese’s Pieces = heaven. Actual heaven. When I first moved to the US and discovered these I kept a bag of them in my desk drawer! Yeah, actually that was not the healthiest time in my life…

    Your eats today look incredible! That sushi looks mad good!

  12. I ordered a sample of those somersaults from the website!! I can’t wait to go to Boston this weekend!! I’ve been checking out your restaurant reviews and I’m definitely checking out that sandwich place you reviewed the other day!! Glad you had a great day of eats!! I’ll have to try that frozen yogurt place too!

  13. Yum, that sushi and fro-yo look delish! I have never tried fried gyozas (I always order steamed) but now I might have to try them!

  14. Interesting sushi ingredients… I love how varied different sushi restaurants’ menus can be!

    Berryline just opened a location near Fenway, so I MUST make my way over there sometime soon. I have yet to try their yogurt. The toppings sound yummy!

  15. I’m making note of that berryline place! I want to see if I can squeeze that in when I’m in Boston for the HLS!! 😀

    Your sushi looks delish!

  16. I was in Harvard Square for dinner last night so my husband and I went to the BerryLine in Porter Square. Thank God they don’t have those close to Worcester because it would be hard to keep me away. The yogurt is amazingly good! Thanks for the recommendation!!!

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