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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning!!! :mrgreen:

Going to bed early last night was such a smart decision. I feel a zillion times better today!! Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep! πŸ˜‰


I woke up craving nut butter this morning. Total shocker, right? πŸ˜‰ I had planned to make a yogurt + fruit smoothie since I have a mango (from my produce challenge) that needs to be used up ASAP, but I just wasn’t feelin’ it. I guess it’ll have to wait until lunch.

For breakfast, I spread almond butter on two Sandwich Thins and topped them with banana slices. I also may or may not have eaten a spoonful of almond butter straight from the jar! πŸ˜‰



Last night before climbing into bed, Mal, Murphy, and I had a little fun. The nice people at PawsOff sent me one of their Protective Bed Covers to test out.

During the day, Murphy sleeps on our bed and sheds all over our comforter and pillows. (Pugs shed like crazy. It’s unreal.) I love Murphy, but having his fur all over our bedding totally grosses me out. I found myself changing our bedding every few days, so I was more than willing to try out the PawsOff Bed Cover.

The PawsOff Bed Cover protects bed linens, comforters, and pillows by completely covering your existing bedding. The cover has big elastic corners that tuck under the mattress, so it doesn’t move around. When we wake up, we put the cover on, so Murphy can snuggle on the bed while our bedding stays clean. When we go to bed, we fold down the cover, so Murphy can sleep at the foot of the bed and we don’t have to deal with pug fur. So far, it’s making everyone happy! πŸ˜€


Last night, we tested it out. Murphy was very curious about what was going on with the pug-colored bed cover. I don’t think he wanted us to mess with “his” bed.


Obviously, he needed to get a closer look at the thing.


Murphy actually seemed pretty concerned about it.


When we finally got the cover on the bed, Murphy wasn’t sure what to think about it, so he sniffed around and did some “digging.”


Eventually, he decided it was okay.


He’s a fan.


Question of the Day

Do you let your pets sleep with you in bed? If you don’t have a pet, would you let them sleep in bed? Do you think it’s gross?



  1. My kitties used to sleep with me every night when I lived alone. Once I moved in with my boyfriend I think he was established as the Alpha Male because the cats won’t sleep on the bed much anymore. I miss their purring faces in the morning! They shed like crazy too.

  2. It’s so funny that this is your question today, because I was just thinking about talking about the same issue on my blog! Both of our dogs sleep with us, a lot of people think that is gross but I really love it. They are mega-cuddley and yes, they shed, but they are going to shed everywhere–we have gotten used to it. Thanks for the heads up on this bed cover! I love the photos of Muph digging around and being all sorts of concerned. He’s a sweetie.

    Have a great weekend, Tina!

  3. That is so cute!! We just got a new weim last weekend, and despite my husband’s complaints he has been sleeping with us. Thank goodness he doesn’t shed that much now, but when he gets older he might shed more. We might need that!! Well, if he still sleeping with us when he is 85 pounds!

  4. We have a 4 year old Rottie and we do allow him on the bed. I usually turn in before mu husband so I will let him up while I read for a few minutes or work on the computer. Once my husband comes in he will cuddle with us for a few minutes and then he gets off. In the mornings, when the alarm goes off we let him hop on for a few minutes to cuddle before we get going with our busy days.

    He is not allowed on the leather couch which he dos well with. He genearlly doesn;t get up on something unless we give the command to.

  5. we have a strict no-pets-on-furniture rule in our house. the pit bull is about75 lbs and pretty yucky most of the time; the chow chow is 50 lbs and i really don’t think i could handle that much fur in my bed. not to mention, she’d be a furnace.

    i think chow chow sleeps on our loveseat when we’re not home, though. it’s got paw prints alllllll over it!

  6. I have a Boston terrier and I love when she sleeps with me!! She cuddles up at the edge of the bed near my feet! She’s an inside dog, so I know she’s not bringing anything unwanted into the bed. However, she’s only 2 feet long but stretches out throughout the night and takes up more of the bed than I do!

  7. Yep, my dog Gertrude totally sleeps on the bed with us (regardless of whether or not we are in it). It doesn’t sound like she sheds as badly as Murphy does, but we still vacuum the sofa, chair & bed at least once a week, and wash the sofa cover and duvet every single time we do laundry. I’m a clean freak, so it does bother me a little, but my love for her trumps that, and I’m a total sucker πŸ™‚ We buy dark-colored EVERYTHING so at least her fur blends in. Ha.

    The funniest part is that she can sense bedtime coming up, so she usually sneaks off into the bedroom so that she can get a good spot before we get there. By the time we come in, she raises her head nonchalantly, like, “Oh, did YOU want to sleep here?” Ha. And then she ends up by our feet all night, until I wake up to go to the gym at 6:30, at which point she promptly curls up in my spot. Usually the brat isn’t even awake when I get back!! That dog has the life, I tell ya.

  8. my dog, harley has taken over my bed.I love having her for company but so hate that when I leave in the morning she pulls down the covers and makes herself comfortable in my sheets. I so could used one of those covers.

  9. I owned the cutest Husky-Collie mix ever; had him for 16 years. Although he weighed a whopping 75 lbs. yes, my husband and I definitely allowed him to sleep in our bed. He did shed an awful lot and as such I had to change the sheets often. However, he was my baby; and so, it didn’t bother us.

    Thanks for including Murphy on so many of your posts; it is such a pleasure to read.

  10. I don’t have a pet, but if I did, I wouldn’t let it sleep in my bed-I can’t deal with fur!!!!

  11. i love murphy! i have 2 which looks just like murphy..i have such a soft spot for pugs…they are THE best breed! πŸ™‚ little comedians! BUT I cannot let my pugs sleep in the bed..I’ve tried–they snore SO loud…they sleep in the living room or kitchen on their beds and I can hear them snore throughout the night! and don’t get me started on the hair….

  12. Its the other way around in my house. I have to ask my cat permission to sleep in “his” bed. Usually, he gives me at least half the bed πŸ˜‰

  13. I’m guilty of letting my dog in my bed. He’s a rough coat JRT, so he sheds a lot. However, we just got a new bed that’s much higher than the old one, so he’s having trouble jumping in it.

  14. For all the germaphobes that have already commented…I’m with you. The thought of having an animal in my bed totally grossed me out until Precious, Gracie, Mia and Duff entered my life. The cats sleeping with us were Ok with me since they stay inside and I would bathe them occasionally. Never thought I would be able to handle a dog though. Our little dog gets bathed every week and I wipe his little paws with a towel each time he goes out. Honestly your heart just ends up overriding the neat freak. I wake up during the night and can’t tell if that snoring is coming from my husband or the 12 pound rescue dog next to me but it doesn’t matter. We all love that little dog so much that we just put up with all his problems. And I love seeing the joy in his face each night when I lift him up into our bed. He knows he is safe and loved and that takes precedence over everything else. Never say never…………

  15. aww. I have two cats. One sleeps on “her” pillow and the other one sleeps at the foot of the bed. As soon as I walk towards the bed one of the cats leaps up and marches over to her pillow. Its pretty funny.

  16. I love this post because I have recently allowed our 90 lbs mastiff/pitbull mix onto our bed. He is a big 1.5 year old, but he wont get any bigger…hopefully. He was sneaking on the bed any second he could so I eventually gave into the sad eyes he was giving me at night. I’m a total sucker. My husband works nights so I go to bed alone and he has become my cuddle buddy for when I go to sleep. I do get grossed out at times by the hair, but I like having him close when I’m home alone. He is not allowed to sleep in bed when my husband gets home, although there have been a few nights where I woke up very cramped because he was not kicked off. 3 big bodies in a queen bed does not work!

  17. Tina – do you ever grocery shop at Aldi? Do they have Aldi stores in Mass? I live in WNY and love mine – yesterday I bought so much, for a total of $63.99… They have an in-house health brand called Light and Fit which is AWESOME – their lowfat yogurt is .37 a container, vs. .79 for yoplait in Tops/Wegmans. The produce section can be iffy sometimes, but if you call your store and find out when shipments come in you’ll be really lucky… I do like to help local farmers (I live in WNY farm country) so on the route to the store I like to stop at the farm stands then grab the rest at aldi, and anything else i wouldnt get or they dont have at aldi, like fish, at tops or wegmans.

    I’m just curious – Aldi can get a really bad wrap but Im a food freak and I love it… Grocery shopping is def my favorite kind of shopping.

    Oh yeah I love the produce challenge idea – try slicing your mango and dusting it with a little chili powder… in jamaica the kids in the school yard tend to just run up and hand myself and other teachers mangoes – its adorable – and crazy how plentiful they are down there.

  18. your dog is sooo cute. i don’t have a pet, and i don’t mind getting one, but i don’t think i’d let them in my bed. i’d be concerned what they stepped on and bringing those germs back to bed, i don’t know. it’s easy to fall in love with a dog, so i’d probably make them a little bed below me. πŸ™‚

  19. My cat always sleeps with me in bed (I bring her back and forth to school) and when I’m at my parents my dog sleeps in my bed too. I’ve always grown up like that so I don’t think it’s a big deal but my bf who never had a pet growing up hates it! He’s fine with the cat but not with the dog, go figure!

  20. I have two dogs… Sable- a shepard mix and Phoebe – A Boxer.
    They are inside/outside dogs. During the day when we are at work they are outside and when we get home they are inside… weekends they are inside unless we leave… then they are out!
    Well, when we only had Sable she would sleep at the end of the bed with no problem… but two dogs… no way!
    Plus, Phoebe likes to sleep right nect to your face… well she is over 60 pounds and that does not work out well… So, they have doggie beds now. Although, Sable has recently taken a liking to sleeping under the bed.
    The cat sleeps at the end of the bed now that the dogs sleep on the floor.
    Phoebe is so clanky and awkward that she cant even make it up onto the bed without assistance…
    I love my girls!

  21. We let our 100lb yellow lab lay in our bed during the day. At night when we go to bed to read we let her lay with us until it’s time to go to sleep. There is NO WAY we could sleep if she was in bed with us, she’s HUGE! We cover out bed with an old sheet for easy washing!

  22. We have 2 cats, and they don’t get in the bedroom. More because we have a 3 year old that gets in to my stuff if we leave the door open for them. The kitten lived in our room the first 3 weeks we had him (acclimating- YAY!), and he slept in bed with me. It doesn’t bug me. I grew up with it.

  23. We have 2 dogs, and they are both “allowed” in bed with us, although our husky rarely jumps up there. The funny thing is that our beagle ONLY snores when he is in the bed! So we try to encourage him to sleep in his bed on the floor. πŸ™‚

  24. We let our golden retriever sleep in bed and have a bedsheet on top of the comforter…lots of hair though!!
    …I may need to check out the Pawsoff cover!!

  25. I need this cover! Our little pug sleeps on our pillows everynight, and now that it’s getting colder, she finds her way under the sheets in between us during the night. Our last pug didn’t shed nearly as much as her, so it’s quite an adjustment! I never thought it was gross until I had to start switching out our sheets every few days.. it’s just so weird to see all of that fur everywhere! She won’t get in the bed unless we’re in it, so she spreads her excess fur on our fabric couch when we’re awake. We constantly have a lin/hair removal brush handy at all times!

  26. i NEED one of those covers! thankfully, my dogs don’t shed…but, my cats do! they all sleep in the bed with me. i roll the comforter down and i wash my sheets at least twice a week.

  27. Yikes if I let my dog sleep in my bed I’d have to sleep on the floor because she is so big! A mastiff in the bed is never a good thing. My cat on the other hand is a different story. He would sleep in the bed and I too was constantly having to change my sheets. I don’t think it is disgusting the only downside is the fur that is left behind!

  28. My pooch can sleep with me if she wants…but she usually doesn’t want to (thank GOD since she hogs the bed and snores like a freight train!) I always shut out my cats though….otherwise I get no sleep. Chloe purrs soooooooooo loud and licks my face, and Ali likes to lick the blinds behind my headboard. My pets are NOT normal.

  29. The picture of Murphy with his head buried in the cover is beautiful!

    I have a cat, and I absolutely adore her, but I DESPISE cat hair! I run the sweeper weekly and I use a hand vac and swiffer daily to keep up after her (in my small apartment, a little bit of cat hair goes a long way!). The cover is SUCH a great idea. I just use a throw on my sofa and/or bed, and that works too. Luckily, my cat doesn’t like to burrow under the covers – that would drive me crazy! πŸ™‚

  30. Oscar sleeps in bed with us every night. I don’t think it is gross, be get bathed. I don’t let him in if he is wet or covered in something nasty though. I love curling up with him at night. When I am away, I miss sleeping with him.

  31. Before we got Smallsie, I was totally grossed out by people who love their dogs so much that they sleep with them, clothe them and even *kiss* them. I am now one of those people…Smallsie is our first dog and I don’t know how I could ever live without this sweet little thing! Yes, he sleeps with us but he’s indoors most of the day, gets bathe about twice a month (or more–depends)..and we wash the sheets at least every week. Certain times of the year he’ll shed more but we just deal with it. He loves being underneath the covers—I wonder sometimes how he doesn’t suffucate.

  32. My husband has two mini dachshunds and I have two Chinese cresteds they ALL sleep in bed with us. We had to buy a Cal King to fit us all comfortably! The things we do for our fur kids. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  33. I never thought I would be a dog person and I’ve done a complete 180. YES, I let my dog sleep IN the bed with me! It’s shocking coming from someone who didn’t even used to like TOUCHING dogs, let alone snuggling with them! My hubby’s gone a lot, so my dog sleeps in the bed under the covers with me. He’s clean, warm, and soft and it actually might be one of my favorite things about having a dog! It might be gross to some people but he’s like a living stuffed animal that emits heat, which is nice now that it’s getting colder! I love my dog. And I’m nutty. That cover sounds great! Might have to look into getting one!

  34. I have a pug and a boxer they have family time in bed then they like to sleep in a crate together and in the morning they come back in bed. When my fiance works nights they both sleep in the bed with me – and they love to sleep under the covers! Spoiled!

  35. My dad’s dog sleeps in his bed, and it is pretty much a big furball…my husband’s stipulations when we got a dog is that we got one that didn’t shed, and that didn’t get on our furniture. So we have a 65# Goldendoodle that sleeps on the floor next to our bed, or in our bathroom (which has a heated floor). My husband has even trained our cat to stay off the beds in the house. Maybe I should get my dad the paws off cover!

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