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Our first “real” day of the cruise was referred to as a “Fun Day at Sea,” which meant we partied hearty on the ship while we cruised to our first port.

IMG_3140 (750x563)

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While we cruised, Carnival provided us will a full agenda of activities to keep us busy. A ton of activities were planned every day of the cruise, but even more so on the “Fun Days at Sea.”

IMG_3485 (563x750)

Our group participated in a bunch of the activities, including mini golf, free throw and bean bag contests, various themed trivia games, a Battle of the Genders competition, and a Minute to Win It-type contest. 

IMG_3300 (563x750)

IMG_3323 (750x563)

And, the best part, we got medals and trophies (aka “Ship on a Stick”) when we won!

IMG_3324 (750x563)

For some reason, we were all about the medals and trophies on this cruise! LOL!

IMG_3298 (750x563)

After spending the day at sea, we got ready for Formal Night, which was a chance for everyone to get all dolled up for the evening.

IMG_3145 (750x563)

IMG_3158 (563x750)

Formal Night was a blast!

IMG_3392 (750x563)

In the middle of dinner, our servers got down and boogied.

IMG_3195 (750x563)

They actually did this every night, which made dinner a lot of fun for everyone!

IMG_3307 (750x563)

IMG_3201 (750x563)

The dinners on the cruise were really great and so much better than I expected. Each night there was a choice of two menus: one that never changed with grilled chicken, hamburgers, pasta, and more “traditional” types of food and one menu which changed every night and included more “exciting” options such as lamb, veal, alligator, frog legs, and various types of fish.

IMG_3372 (750x563)

I pretty much ordered some sort of seafood dish every night for dinner. I rarely cook fish at home, so I was all about it on this vacation.

IMG_3374 (750x563)

The dessert menu was the same as the dinner menu: a few items were available every night with a few new dishes thrown into the mix.

IMG_3311 (750x563)

I absolutely loved the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake with vanilla ice cream. I enjoyed it for dessert four or five times during the cruise. It was a warm, semi-cooked, gooey, dark chocolate brownie with melt-y ice cream on it. It was heavenly.

IMG_3312 (750x563)

More to come!



  1. Mmm, the warm chocolate melting cake is SO GOOD! I have the recipe for it, as well as a recipe for Bitter and Blanc which is a dark and white chocolate bread pudding that was amazing. I begged the head chef for the bread pudding recipe and he wouldn’t give it to me. Then we ran into him the next day and he said he would!

  2. mal’s blue steel in that first picture form formal night = killing me (i hope that was a deliberate joke otherwise i’m going to feel like a bitch..)

  3. Tina, your abs look awesome in all these pictures! I’m sure you did abs exercises before crossfit but is the super awesome definition mostly from crossfit?

  4. When we took a Carnival cruise I ordered the chocolate melting cake every single night…sometimes two. ha!

  5. Oooh, you can make that kind of cake at home in your microwave! I make it every once in a while with ice cream… just mix together 4 Tbsp flour, 4 Tbsp sugar, 2 Tbsp cocoa, 2 Tbsp vegetable oil, and 2 Tbsp water and microwave for 1 minute. Obviously it isn’t healthy, but it is SO tasty!

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