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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

I forgot how much I like homemade pita chips. I used to make them all of the time, but somehow I forgot about them until last night.

Mal did the meal planning for the week and picked a recipe that I saved from last year’s Healthy Living Summit for Southwest Taco Salad. It called for tortilla chips, but he forgot to buy them at the grocery store, so I suggested the homemade variety. Problem solved!

To make the pita chips, I cut a whole-wheat pita into small triangles.

IMG_0011 (640x480)

Then, I brushed them with extra virgin olive oil (or you can coat them with cooking spray), sprinkled them with sea salt, and toasted them for about two minutes until they started to brown. (I’ve also added Garlic Gold, garlic powder, onion salt, paprika, and cinnamon to my pita chips in the past.)

IMG_0015 (640x480)

I think the homemade variety actually tastes better than real tortilla chips!

IMG_0016 (640x480)

The Southwest Taco Salad was excellent”” one of the best salads I’ve made at home!

IMG_0025 (480x640)

In the mix: salad greens, crumbled feta, shredded chicken breast, grape tomatoes, and red onion. The recipe called for Kraft Light Ranch Dressing, but Mal made a recipe from Ellie Krieger, which was awesome, and we have lots of leftovers for tonight’s dinner! 😀

IMG_0023 (640x480)

Mal and I enjoyed dinner in front of the TV like we normally do.

IMG_0033 (640x480)

[fast forward to this morning]

I woke up bright and early to meet my Back on My Feet team at Father Bill’s Place for an early morning workout. Like usual, we headed over to the YMCA to walk/run on the track.

IMG_0034 (640x480)

This morning, we only had 9 residents in attendance, which was a much smaller group than a few weeks ago. The majority of people who came today are the die-hard runners, so it’s good to see them stick with it.

I also think the B.A.A. 5K is motivating a few of them. John Hancock is sponsoring five members of the Father Bill’s team to run of the B.A.A. 5K, but, as part of the deal, they must attend a Red Sox game the day before. Sounds rough, huh? 😉 A road race and a Red Sox game? Sounds like a great deal to me!


When I got home, I wanted to eat everything in sight! My stomach was growling so loudly! 😯

As soon as I walked into the kitchen, I spread almond butter on a whole wheat pita, sliced up a Granny Smith apple to add to it, and called it breakfast. I chowed it down in probably three minutes or less.

I made (and ate) my breakfast so quickly, I didn’t stop to wash the apple. I don’t always wash my produce before I eat””it’s a 50/50 chance that I will or won’t””but I’m trying to be better about it, especially with the conventional produce.

IMG_0037 (640x480)

My first breakfast really didn’t satisfy me, so a little while later, I made a piece of toast with peanut butter and pickled prunes spread on top. It hit the spot.

IMG_0039 (640x480)

Feel Great Weight

As you know, I’m trying to lose the extra pounds that I gained from marathon training by watching my diet and sticking to my workout schedule. I’m still training for races (four half-marathons are currently on my calendar), but I’m fueling my body with healthier foods. Check out this week’s post: How to Fuel Your Body for a Run””When You’re on a Diet.

Cakes Bakery & Café Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered the Cakes giveaway! Here’s your winner:


Ooh, probably the roast beef with Boursin. My husband used to make that, on the skillet, and it was soo good. And for dessert, some type of fruit tart. :-)

Congrats, Alaina! Please email me at to claim your prize!

Question of the Day

Do you always wash your produce before you eat it? How important do you think it is to wash conventional produce versus organic produce?



  1. I dont always was my produce and sometimes i feel guilty… When i randomly read articles or hear stories about what you SHOULD, i usually do for a while and then stat slacking again!

  2. Yes, I always wash my produce – it creeps me out to think about the number of hands that touch it and where those hands have been. 🙂

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