First Words

Murphy knows all the usual dog words: sit, stay, down, treat, breakfast, dinner, park, ride in the car, and peanut butter. His newest word is chicken, which he learned a few weeks ago and is now obsessed with it.


Last night, Murphy was so annoying unrelenting with his love for chicken””following Mal inside and outside the house to check on the chicken on the grill, sitting right next to our feet as we served ourselves dinner, and he even tried to sit on the couch with us as we ate dinner in the living room. Obviously, that wasn’t going to fly, so we put Murphy on the floor so we could enjoy dinner in peace, which, of course, meant he sat right next to the coffee table with his ridiculous excited-panicked pug face hoping for a piece of dropped chicken. What a little freak.

IMG_2063 (600x800)

Murphy learning the word ”˜chicken’ so quickly got me thinking about first words. I’m pretty sure his was ”˜sit.’ My first word was ”˜kitty’ and Mal doesn’t know what his was. (We’ll have to ask my father-in-law the next time we see him!)



Dinner was Chicken with Mushrooms and Green Beans, but we cooked the chicken outside on the grill instead of instead in the oven like the directions instructed. Mal and I just really like grilling out, so we cooked up the chicken, cooked the veggies separately, and mixed it all together. The meal still turned out great!

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I also enjoyed a small glass of wine with dinner. We had an open bottle from Saturday night, so I figured why not? I mean, I didn’t want it to go to waste!

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Question of the Day

What was your first word?


  1. That is hilarious that he knows “chicken”…. I really don’t know what my first word was, but I know my first sentence was “I can’t get it” when I was trying to pick up a spot of paint off the floor. Hows that for a random fact?

  2. That pic of Murphy is HILARIOUS!

    I’d have to consult the baby book but I’m pretty sure it was ‘dada’ but not because it was a preference thing. They’ve proven that ‘dada’ is easier for a child to say because the M in mama is harder for little mouthes to form that young. It was something like 90% of childrens first word was dada or something with easy syllables. Kinda interesting! (I did way too much reading when my SIL was pregnant! LOL)

  3. I’m not sure what my first word was– I have two cats, and though it is harder to train a cat, they both know their names. There are times they choose to ignore me out of stubbornness- Like for example when my cat Addie will chew on my cable cord b/c she wants attention (Yes, attention. She’s almost like a dog that she starts being naughty when she’s feeling ‘neglected!’), and I’ll say her name. She’ll look at me, and then keep right on going with chewing that cord!!

  4. My dog definitely knows what “sit” and “treat” mean, but I’m not sure he knows much besides that (if he does, he is good at hiding it). He likes to try and get up on the couch while we are eating dinner too, and watch us like a vulture. Very appetizing.

    I don’t know what my first word was. My mom said I never really said words by themselves and that one day, I just started using sentences. She said I did the same thing with walking… never crawled, just started walking. I guess I like to skip the middle step 😛

  5. I have no idea what my first word was but I think my dogs are like Murphy and pick up every word I say faster than I learned them myself. Sometimes I don’t even have to say anything they just know by my body language what is coming. Like when I stand up from sitting down so I can go outside..they seem to always know when I’m standing up to go outside vs standing up to stay inside. They always amaze me with what they learn and how they act.

  6. My older sister’s first word was “Dada” so my Mom tried endlessy to get my first word to be “Mama”. So what was my first word? “STAR”

    …yeah they have NO idea why! She still thinks maybe I was trying to say something else or I had caught on from children books they were reading to my older sister.

  7. That picture of Murphy at the very top kills me. So freaking funny 🙂
    My first word was actually dog related, “fruff!” As in, a dog says “fruff,” or woof, for those not bilingual in dog and human.

  8. Our puppy knows outside, treat, momma and daddy [me and my fiance!], sit, speak and we’re working on lay down, stay, and crawl 😛 Turkey pepperoni is his favorite treat!

  9. I was sitting in the carriage at the market and i said “cheese” and boy still to this day i love cheese

  10. Oh my gosh, those eyes…your dog is SO cute!!!
    My first word, according to my mother was balloon. Yeah, I’m pretty sure she was exaggerating. My daughter’s was Baby. Everything was baby! She better not be hinting at anything!

  11. I’m not sure about my first word (will have to ask Mom later), but wanted to comment about the word “chicken”. My dog, Dyson (a mini dachshund), is OBSESSED with chicken. If we are making anything with chicken, he will not leave the kitchen. Actually, right now, he’s sitting in front of me hoping I drop a peice of the balsamic chicken that I’m having with my salad for lunch. Glad to know it’s not just my dog!

  12. mine was killer! it was out dog’s name. he was a really peaceful, butterfly-chasing toy poodle, so it made sense. 🙂

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