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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Murphy knows all the usual dog words: sit, stay, down, treat, breakfast, dinner, park, ride in the car, and peanut butter. His newest word is chicken, which he learned a few weeks ago and is now obsessed with it.


Last night, Murphy was so annoying unrelenting with his love for chicken””following Mal inside and outside the house to check on the chicken on the grill, sitting right next to our feet as we served ourselves dinner, and he even tried to sit on the couch with us as we ate dinner in the living room. Obviously, that wasn’t going to fly, so we put Murphy on the floor so we could enjoy dinner in peace, which, of course, meant he sat right next to the coffee table with his ridiculous excited-panicked pug face hoping for a piece of dropped chicken. What a little freak.

IMG_2063 (600x800)

Murphy learning the word ”˜chicken’ so quickly got me thinking about first words. I’m pretty sure his was ”˜sit.’ My first word was ”˜kitty’ and Mal doesn’t know what his was. (We’ll have to ask my father-in-law the next time we see him!)



Dinner was Chicken with Mushrooms and Green Beans, but we cooked the chicken outside on the grill instead of instead in the oven like the directions instructed. Mal and I just really like grilling out, so we cooked up the chicken, cooked the veggies separately, and mixed it all together. The meal still turned out great!

IMG_2050 (800x600)

I also enjoyed a small glass of wine with dinner. We had an open bottle from Saturday night, so I figured why not? I mean, I didn’t want it to go to waste!

IMG_2055 (600x800)

Question of the Day

What was your first word?



  1. This is embarrassing for my parents but my first word was Ditka (as in Mike Ditka, former player and coach of the Bears) because I was literally raised on Chicago Sports.

  2. My mom thought something was wrong with me because I never said single words or babbled as a baby. Then one day, I just piped up with, “Daddy, I’m so glad to see you!” when he got home from a run. And from then on, full sentences it was. Go big or go home, I guess?

  3. My first word was “Abbey,” which was the name of our family dog at the time. She was a big, docile black lab that let me crawl all over her and she slept in front of my crib “protecting” me.

  4. I have no idea what my first word was, but I do know that Murphy’s one smart pug! 🙂 My cats go nuts whenever I open a can of tuna. They love the smell of fish even though I’m not sure they’ve ever had it.

    Dinner looks great – I can’t wait to start grilling outside.

  5. My first word was “Hot” after I put my food on the oven! OOPS! Technically my first woord was Picali (pick-ah-lye) but since that is not a real world, we’ll stick with ‘hot’.

  6. My first was actually dog! Clyde knows a bunch of words and chicken is definitely one of them. TURKEY is his favorite word though because that’s his favorite food. He goes nuts and licks your face if you say turkey!

  7. My mom told me my first word was “pire”. She thinks I couldn’t distinguish between “p”s and “f”‘s, and once I got the word out, I would say “pire” if I heard a siren, thinking all sirens were firetrucks.

  8. Mine was also ‘kitty.’ In fact, I’m told that’s what I called my little brother when they brought him home from the hospital (I was only 12 months old when he was born). We had cats at home then, but no little humans, so I guess it made sense to my baby brain. 🙂

  9. My first word(supposedly) was Oreo. We all should have taken that as a sign… 😉 Speaking of signs, I love the one above your sink…”It’s a wonderful life” LOVE it! I think you should do a video blog/tour of your house… I remember when you just moved in – I like what I can see of your kitchen – but I want to see more!

  10. Another “kitty” girl here! Although I’m told it was more like “kiki” at first! Still love cats too :]

  11. We found a new group of words for our 4 year old dog the other day. We were watching tv and an add for the movie “happy feet” came on. I asked my husband if he had seen “happy feet” and the dog went mental!! Absolutely mental. Turns out the words “happy feet” sounds like “puppy treat” to her!!! Funny!

  12. Oh my goodness! When I read the line, “What a little freak” I literally had coffee go up my nose. Totally worth the burn. haha!

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