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A Saturday morning run with friends followed brunch? Sign me up!

This morning, I joined The Most Informal Running Club Ever (TMIRCE) for a lovely 4-mile run by the Charles River. Some of the folks from Reach the Beach Relay planned to attend, so they invited our RTB team to join the group for a run.

Here I am with 1/3 of our relay team: Bridget, Elizabeth, and Patricia from Team “Off Balance”!

IMG_0634 (800x600)

TMIRCE meets weekly for Saturday morning runs. They meet at City Sports on Comm Ave and offer 3, 5 or 6 mile loops around the area. They’re a fun group and everyone was really friendly!

IMG_10944 (598x800)

IIMG_0632 (800x600)

At 10:30, the group headed outside to kick-off the run.

7 (640x478)

With a crack of a gong!!

5 (640x478)

Love it! I’m telling ya, this running group is fun!

I ran with Elizabeth, Bridget, and Patricia. It was a chilly, but sunny morning.

photo1 (640x478)

And really windy! It was actually pretty crazy at times””I thought I was going to get blown off of the Mass Ave bridge! Ha!

IMG_1101 (800x599)

photo (640x478)

IMG_2342 (800x598)

Four miles done!

IMG_1104 (800x598)

After our run, we headed to brunch at Eastern Standard. I’m not sure whose idea it was, but it was an awesome one. I love Eastern Standard.

IMG_0640 (800x600)

To start, I ordered a cappuccino.

IMG_0643 (800x600)

And then a cheese omelet with French fries and greens for my entrée. I was craving cheese, so this meal was perfect.

IMG_0645 (800x600)

And now I’m going to park my butt on my couch for the rest of the evening.

Enjoy your Saturday night, friends!



  1. Wow, I am thoroughly impressed at the fact you guys ran today – the wind in Boston made it hard to walk!! Great job:)

  2. That sounds like an awesome running club! It’s right near my apt. in Brighton and sounds like it’s low key and low pressure. Love Eastern Standard – so good!!

  3. I could not get over how windy it was today!

    I spent a little bit of time on the couch today – and will also be spending the rest of the evening there.

  4. Hi Tina. This is Andy, the gonger from Saturday. It was great getting to meet you and the team yesterday. Of course it goes without saying, you and your lovely readership are always welcome to join us for some running and Saturday brunch!

  5. I think I recognize some of those sites from when I did a bike tour in Boston last spring! I could be making that up though since it was a whirlwind. I definitely recognize the river.

    It looks like a really fun running group.

    Those fries look amazing. Fries are my weakness so I gave them up for my new years resolution. I am sure I’ll be making a stop at a bar next Jan 1 to enjoy a bowl of waffle fries and seasoned sour cream dip 🙂

  6. Great post Tina and really good to meet you in person. Keep up the great work with the team, it’s awesome to read about all the training. And keep coming back to TMIRCE too whenever possible!

  7. I can’t believe I had the wrong day in my head!!! I had a black tie event on Friday and was too hungover when I realized I had the wrong day… oops. Next time I will be there and I have been dying to try Eastern Standard for Brunch!!

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