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Happy Memorial Day weekend!

I never had a chance to blog yesterday afternoon because I was running around from one thing to the next, but it was definitely a fabulous Friday. Here’s a quick recap!


After breakfast, I headed to Secret Physique Barre Studio in Pembroke for a workout. After taking a Core Fusion class a couple of weeks ago (and getting my butt kicked), I’m now in love with barre classes. So when Chrissy, a CNC reader, invited me to attend one of the classes she teaches at Secret Physique, I was all about it.

IMG_5215 (563x750)

Secret Physique offers all sorts of barre classes as well as TRX. The class I took was called Secret Physique Barre, which combines ballet work, Pilates, yoga, and strength training.

The class was an hour long and alternated between strength work, which worked each muscle to exhaustion, and stretching, which felt, oh, so good. (I rarely stretch nowadays, so I embraced every opportunity to stretch in class yesterday.)

IMG_5217 (750x563)

The class started with upper body work using free weights (I used 2-, 3-, and 4-pound dumbbells. The size always makes me laugh, but, man, when you use them the right way, they seriously pack a punch!) After the upper body workout, we put away our dumbbells and moved onto hip, thigh, and glute work on the bar. Once again, I was a big baby and had to take multiple breaks during this part of the class. (Why are these barre classes so damn hard?!?) We finished on the mat with abdominal and core work and some stretching.

IMG_5218 (750x563)

This morning, I woke up feeling pretty sore all over, so I definitely got a good head-to-toe workout yesterday. Thank you, Chrissy! The class was also a great reminder that I need to incorporate different kinds of workouts into my regular exercise routine, so you’ll definitely see Secret Physique on CNC again in the near future.


After my workout, I headed home, whipped up a quick smoothie for lunch, and then took Murphy to the dog park.

IMG_5220 (563x750)

Mal and I have been so busy lately, poor Murphy has spent a lot of time home alone lately. I figured he needed a trip to the park to run off some of his pent up pug energy.

IMG_5226 (750x563)


A few hours later, Mal and I drove to Cambridge to meet his parents for dinner at Lord Hobo to celebrate his birthday.

IMG_5232 (750x563)

In the past few months, we’ve heard such great things about Lord Hobo, so I’m glad we finally got to check it out””it definitely lived up to its hype!

IMG_5233 (563x750)

IMG_5248 (750x563)

The beer list was outstanding! Lord Hobo has 40 beers on draft and even more in bottles!

IMG_5234 (750x563)

It took me awhile to decide which beer I wanted to order, but, eventually, I decided on a Stone/Bear Republic/Fat Heads Collaboration brew, which was awesome. It’s a super hoppy brown ale brewed with brown sugar and molasses, so it was sweet-ish with tons of hop flavor. There was a lot going on in this beer, and I loved it!

IMG_5250 (563x750)

Mal and I were starving and his parents weren’t expected to arrive for another hour, so we ordered some truffle fries from the “5 to 7 Specials” menu to hold us over until dinner.

IMG_5238 (750x563)

The French fries themselves were good, but the truffle aioli was really something special. It had SO MUCH truffle flavor. Holy yum! Mal and I ate the entire appetizer in about 10 minutes.

IMG_5251 (750x563)

A little while later, Mal’s parents arrived and coordinated a special surprise (from his sister) for the birthday boy: champagne!

IMG_5256 (750x563)

As an appetizer, Mal and I shared the Roasted Pork Belly, which was my favorite dish of the evening. The interesting combination of flavors (pork, avocado, chipotle aioli, cheese, maple syrup) really made the dish. Each bite was a tasty adventure!

IMG_5259 (750x563)

Mal and I raved about the truffle fries so much, we ordered another batch for the table. Mal’s parents loved them too!

IMG_5260 (563x750)

For my entrée, I ordered the Seared Scallops, which were amazing and, thankfully, a small portion. I was so stuffed after eating all of those appetizers!

IMG_5265 (750x563)

After dinner, Mal and I planned to meet up with friends, but we were both so exhausted, we headed home and went straight to bed. We also had an early morning today, so we figured we should just get some sleep.

What are your plans for Memorial Day weekend?

I’m going to the CrossFit Regionals today, running the Run to Remember Half Marathon and then going to the CrossFit Regionals again tomorrow. Fun weekend ahead!



  1. I love your purple tank top in this post! If you don’t mind me asking…Where is it from? 🙂

  2. Have a wonderful weekend and good luck tomorrow! I may have to try that bar when I’m in Boston in August! Love a great beer selection!

  3. Oooh CrossFit Regionals! Competing???
    My weekend is packed! A surprise party and 2 barbecues but I also have to bake cupcakes and make a gift for the party. I’m also meeting a friend for a run tomorrow!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. WHoa, you do have a fun day planned ahead!! Enjoy 🙂 And yes, those fries do look awesome. I am def a sucker for good sweet potato fries though…..sooo worth it 🙂

    Love me some barre and ballet classes. Burns so good! hehe

  5. Hi Tina,

    I read your post the other day about the 4-mile morning run that was so hard to get through. I sometimes have the same thing happen, where for no apparent reason my legs just feel completely dead and the simplest run is like torture! I never had an explanation for it, but I just read this article on Runner’s World that is saying that fatigue or exertion can actually accumulate over several weeks until it eventually reaches a “tipping point” even though there might not have been any individual, specific exhausting workout that caused it. Thought it was an interesting article, so I wanted to pass it along:


    Love reading your blog!! You are a health & fitness inspiration! 🙂

    Laura Mayfield

  6. That food looks delish! I’m going there the next time I am in Boston. I am so jealous you are going to the Regionals. Have a great time! A girl from CF box will be competing, Andrea from CrossFit New Haven. GO Andrea!!

  7. I’ve been jumping around to Physique 57 and core fusion classes now for about a month (1-2 classes/week) and the inner thigh/glut sections never get easier. I love adding them into my normal cardio/strength routine, its a really nice change of pace.

  8. On a completely unrelated note… It was awesome to see you in the Reach the Beach episode that Monica posted. I can’t wait to see the rest after reading your and RER’s recaps of it!

  9. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR HALF, TINA! also, i love the barre classes. i got somewhat in to them at school but now that i’m home for the summer i have yet to find a studio. i should look into that next week!

  10. The truffle fries look amazing! 🙂 No big plan, working for a bit today and then catching up on some other things. Excited about not having anything pressing to do!

  11. Tina, I’ve been following you for a few years (and love it-you always get the right blend of fitness and life!) and I’ve been meaning to comment and let you know that since you guys have been doing crossfit you both look seriously buff and toned. V. impressive!! Thanks for being inspirational and consistent!

    Georgia 😉

  12. I have always wanted to try a barre class! Those fries look super delicious.

    No big plans, UFC tonight, go see the Dictator tomorrow. Enjoy some sunshine and workout!


  13. Mmmmm that pork belly dish looks amazing~all the juiciness is oozing out of its sides, hehe. And I totally agree that barre-type classes are so much harder than they look! I’ve been incorporating sooooooo many different types of workouts lately, and it feels really good. I feel more “balanced” and energized fitness wise. Have you heard of Leah Sarago? I do her routines sometimes and it makes me sweat tons! 🙂

  14. Oooh that class sounds really good. I’ll have to look for something similar in Texas.
    This weekend, we’re going to a pool party, Shakespeare in the Park, and then I’m sending off the boyfriend on a business trip 🙁

  15. I’ve recently been exposed to Barre classes in the past few months, too. Seriously a kick butt workout! I mostly focus on running and yoga but after taking a Barre class a couple of weeks ago, I realized I need to add it into my weekly routine. Holy soreness!

  16. I’ve got a busy weekend ahead! Mainly because my husband and I have to pack up and move out of our apartment! But it’ll be so nice to just be living together, just the two of us. It’s been over a year. 🙂

    And of course running the R2R tomorrow! Let’s hope for a nice cool morning!

  17. my daughter and i ran color me rad this morning, tomorrow a bike ride and monday a run, and of course icecream and drinks are on the menu 🙂

  18. I went to the North Central Cross Fit Regionals last weekend in Chicago (burbs). I started CF in March and LOVE it. Attending the games was an amazing experience. Our box had two teams competing – both finished in the top 10 with one team finishing 3rd and qualifying for the Games in California! Have a blast – it sure is inspiring to watch those incredible athletes! The events make our daily WODs look like a walk in the park!

  19. Those truffle fries sound incccccredible. And so does your barre class. I love classes that combine multiple kinds of exercise – they really keep me interested. Have a lovely weekend!

  20. I’ve been dying to try a barre class! You’ve inspired me to go search for one around me. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  21. I’ve been following your blog for over a year now, and I never comment, but I was also running the Run to Remember this morning (my first ever half-marathon) and I was pretty wiped out (and walking) on the way back over the Longfellow Bridge when some one in a purple tank top screamed “I’m going to make this bridge my bitch!” That gave me so much energy that I started running again and finished the rest of the race strong! Was that you, or just someone else with same awesome line? Anyway, your blog is a great place for running motivation which I really needed at that point this morning! Thanks!

  22. I am obsessed with barre classes! They are amazing, and I think will be the perfect way to tone up for my wedding in September. I go to Barre N9ne in Andover (there is one in Danvers also) for anyone north of Boston who wants to try!

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