Easily Distracted

There’s a TJ Maxx right down the street from my gym. Most days, I drive right by it without a second thought. This morning, however, I was easily distracted by it. I guess the rainy weather put me in a shopping mood today! 😉


I love discount stores like TJMaxx, including Marshall’s, Kmart, Ocean State Job Lot, HomeGoods, A.J. Wright, Christmas Tree Shop… honestly, I love ’em all! 😀

When it comes to shopping, I usually have an item or two in mind that I want to buy when I enter the store. But, today, I just wanted to wander around and browse. Although, you never know when you’ll find a great deal, right? 😉

I spent about 45 minutes perusing the goodies in my favorite departments: accessories…

IMG_0007.JPG IMG_0008.JPG

Home goods and dishware.


Holiday decorations.


And, of course, the clearance section, my favorite of them all! (I’m totally my mother’s daughter!)


I know that a lot of people get impatient and even frustrated sifting through the clearance stuff (junk?), but I absolutely love it. You never know what you might find. Plus, you can get some really great deals on everyday stuff, like ground coffee, note cards, and fun/funky dishes (not sold in a set).

IMG_0019.JPG IMG_0021.JPG

Initially, I picked up a few things that I wanted to buy, but after some thought, I figured that I didn’t really need them. It’s always tough for me to turn down a clearance item that only costs a few dollars, especially if I don’t need it. Even if costs $5, I’m still spending $5, ya know?

IMG_0023.JPG IMG_0025.JPG

Even though Murphy didn’t need it, I really wanted to buy him one of the adorable doggie bowls at TJMaxx. My weird-o dog eats his food off of a plate, so it would have been a waste of money. (Apparently, Murphy had a bad experience with a bowl as a small puppy, so now he’s afraid to eat out of them. Poor guy.)


While wandering around the store, I stumbled upon this gem:


Pugs!!! How adorable! But, I didn’t buy this either– mostly because my pug is WAY cuter (and I’d rather have a framed photo of him) and my husband definitely would not let me hang this in our house!

What I did buy at TJMaxx was two long sleeve, dry-wick “performance” shirts– one for me and one for Mal. Once it gets cold, we’ll need warmer running gear for our marathon training, so I took advantage of this deal.


$12.99 each! :mrgreen:


The shirts seemed like they were decent quality, so hopefully, I didn’t waste my money!


When I got home, I whipped up a big salad with roasted brussels sprouts for lunch.


I also had a YoBaby 3-in-1 Meals Yogurt, which I find delicious. I had the Apple & Sweet Potato variety today.

IMG_0037.JPG IMG_0035.JPG

I finished up lunch with two Sandwich Thins with peanut butter and chocolate chips on top. This treat never gets old.


NuVal News

Lots of exciting things are happening in the NuVal world! Just wanted to share a few! 😀

Feel Great Weight

This week’s post was inspired by my recent trip to Newport6 Ways to Keep the Weekend From Wrecking Your Diet.

Time to take the pug out for his long walk of the day. I wish it would stop raining! 😕


  1. So funny. My puggle also had a bad experience with a food bowl. He now will only eat if the bowl is sitting on the floor vs. in the nice dog bowl stand. I guess its the pug in him :).

  2. LOVE TJ Maxx! I think all my clothes, growing up, came from either TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. (The ones on Rt. 1 in Saugus. Are they even still there?)
    And you’re right; the print is cute, but not nearly as cute as your Murphy!

  3. I heart ti’s and I spent so much useless money there! You always think you’re getting a bargain!

  4. I have bad memories of TJ Maxx, haha! 🙂 My mama used to ALWAYS drag me in there with her when I was little and she would spend what felt like a million hours shopping there. She would keep saying “one more minute.” AHH!

  5. TJ Maxx is my favorite! I love going there for exercise clothes and home decorations. I usually always have to stop and think if I really need something or not too. I did buy a great jewelry box there years ago. I still use it and love it more than I did when I first bought it!

  6. I LOVE TJMAXX! my mom works there part time. we are obsessed. I could so spend every dime I have in there. I was just telling my husband today we need some cold weather gear, so now i think i will go see if I can find anything!

  7. I actually just bought some ground coffee from Marshalls the other day. It is Birthday Cake flavor from a coffee shop in Ohio (and totally reminded me of you and your bday cake iced coffee!!).

  8. I’m that way when going through clothes. If it’s all out of order and piled up, I can’t stand going through them! That’s how a certain Plato’s closet was in my home town. It made me so anxious to be in there, I couldn’t stand it. but TJMaxx, on the other hand, is freakin amazing. 😛

  9. Tina,
    I am “new” to your blog – so, I must admit, I have not been following for a few years like many of the other readers. However, I chose to read a few of your “past posts” after seeing the Marie Claire article. I thought it best to “look at the evidence” before making any judgement. I believe you have a right to post whatever you would like on your blog; it is, ultimately, the reader’s choice to “follow” it or not. However, I want to bring something to your awareness from a woman in a daily “recovery” battle from an eating disorder. I appreciate your desire to eat healthy and to share that with your readers, but there is a difference in eating healthy foods and “healthy eating.” Eating healthy foods might include the yoBaby, a vegetable salad for lunch (side note – yours appears to be without dressing/any fat), etc. “Healthy Eating” for anyone not considered a “baby/toddler” does not include “baby food.” That is why it is called baby food – it is not for adults. Yes, we can eat it; we can put it in our bodies. But is it in any way “normal” or a “healthy behavior” to exhibit and share with readers – I would have to say no. As I said, I realize it is each individual’s choice to read your blog, but please be aware of the addiction involved in an eating disorder. It (e.d.) draws you to the blog, compares what you are eating to what the blogger eats, and leads you to believe that their behavior is better/normal/”healthy.” Your blog implies to its readers that you are a “healthy eater.” I would caution that.
    Thank you for reading my comment. I do appreciate your talent and willingness to continue blogging through the events of the past week. Please consider my words; I would love to be in touch.

  10. I adore discount stores! I go absolutely nuts when I see how much money I save shopping at them. I frequent TJMaxx, Loehmanns, and Nordstrom Rack 🙂 That salad looks delicious! Toss roasted brussel sprouts on anything and I’ll eat it!

  11. I have to disagree with Whitney. I eat “baby foods” all the time. For example, my favorite crackers are labeled for children. They are whole wheat sticks with great nutritional stats. I eat them because they are the healthiest ones I can find at the store, not because they are “baby food”. They are the same size and have just as many calories, etc as the “adult” crackers but as I said, better nutrition. The “adult crackers” all not whole wheat, these are. Perhaps the reason Tina purchased “baby” yogurt is because she liked the nutritional aspect of the product. I’m sure if they made it geared towards adults, she would buy it anyway. Cristin, a registered dietian also eats “baby” yogurt. What’s the big deal? I also battled an ED and this does not bother me..

  12. It sounds like a healthy alternative. I don’t think it is a bad thing to chose for a snack — it’s marketed as “baby food”, but it’s just food. I used to make pureed food for my son as a baby, and I still buy plain yogurt to flavor at home for the two of us (hub doesn’t like yogurt). I just wish I had thought of it — gonna try and make some home made apple and sweet potato yogurt– sounds yummy! My son and I (he’s six now) would probably both love it. Would probably be good with some cinnamon too.

  13. Maybe because I get so much of it barfed on me, but you couldn’t force me to eat baby food.

    I do share your love of discount stores though!

  14. My parents’ dog must have had a bad experience with a water bowl while he was a puppy because he will only drink from one particular dish and smooshes his nose up on the side to avoid getting water up his nose.

  15. I too have a TJ Maxx and Marshall’s connected to the same strip mall as my gym. So I always go in there and do quite the same thing you described. Peruse the aisles, pick up steals, put them back, and end up buying one item or maybe nothing.

  16. I love TJ Maxx too….I usually find some great food finds there!! 🙂 I found some great clothes finds this past weekend at Marshall’s while out of town. NuVal scores are now on the price stickers at Food City grocery stores, which are local in my area. I was so excited when I first saw their scores on all the store’s products. I’m hoping NuVal helps some locals to start making better food choices while shopping.

  17. Hmmm… I wonder how a sandwich made with those sanwich thins, barney butter, and roasted brussel sprouts would taste? ‘Cause I’m thinking AWESOME 😉

  18. I shop exactly like you do when I’m in any of the discount stores. I load up my cart with things I think I want and then when it comes to check out I usually leave with only an item or two (if that). I shop in the same sections too! I think it’s because those are easier to look through than the rows of clothes that always looked jumbled together.

    The brussels sprouts look fantastic! I love me some roasted BS – ha!

  19. Regarding the yogurt, I, too, struggled with an ED. I also have children, who ate that yogurt when they were babies. It looked so good that I tried it, too. It is DELICIOUS, healthy, and not just for babies!
    it would be one thing if you subsisted on jars of baby food. But you eat a healthy, balanced diet with lots of variety. And if you like Yo Baby yogurt, go for it!

  20. Love that you almost bought the pug print! I was at Home goods this weekend and almost bought two pieces of “pug art” for my office. My fiancee was like, ummm… we have a puggle at home and your parents have a pug, why don’t you just take pictures of them? Good point…


  21. You pug owners crack me up – you are in it 100% I will say since I’ve been reading your blog I’m finding them cuter – Murphy though is a cute dog – I love all his candid shots – you should frame those – looks like he has quite the fun personality!

  22. O and yo-baby yogurt is good stuff – great nutritional stats – and they don’t make the “adult” versions in some of those yummy baby flavors. Yo-baby yogurt is full fat for babies who need that during those first 2 years(won’t kill us adults) and has lots of great nutrients(great for adults & kids)so there’s no reason why it can be a nutritious snack/side item for adults. Just because the label says baby doesn’t mean an adult can’t eat it, and just because the label doesn’t say baby doesn’t mean a baby can’t eat it.

  23. If you’re going to give us such a delicious looking photo of roasted brussel sprouts, you could give the recipe as well. Now that for that dessert; I can do without that for a looonng time. Good Site!

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