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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

Iโ€™m the owner of Carrots โ€˜Nโ€™ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and canโ€™t lose weight no matter what they do.

Mondays are becoming my busiest day of the week! Holy moly! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ They’re supposed to be my day off to catch up with blog stuff and working on my book, but they never seem to turn out that way. Usually, I’m running around like a crazy person!

Ok, let’s recap my day so far…


Before heading to Healthworks for a workout, I munched on an apple and a Vega Whole Food Vibrancy bar. I also had a second glass of iced coffee after breakfast (sorry no photo).



Body Pump was great today! I finally made it through the ab track without resting once! :mrgreen:ย My core has been weak for months, but it’s finally getting stronger. It felt awesome to make it to the end of the track without resting!

I’ve actually made quite a bit of progress in Body Pump latey. Last week, I increased my weight for a number of muscle groups, and I will probably up the weight for my triceps and biceps next week. (They didn’t challenge me as much today.)

Here are my current Body Pump weights (includes 3-pound bar):

  • Warm-up: 23 lbs.
  • Squats: 38 lbs.
  • Chest: 28 lbs.
  • Deadlifts: 33 lbs.
  • Triceps: 18 lbs.
  • Biceps: 18 lbs.
  • Lunges: 38 lbs.
  • Shoulders: 23 lbs.
  • Abs: body weight
  • Cool down: none

5-Minute Face

I receive a lot of questions about my morning routine, especially with regard to workouts. If you’re a new reader, you may have missed these posts:

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Recently, I received a question about make-up, so I thought I’d share my quickie 5-Minute Face. I go for a “natural” look, so it doesn’t take much time to “put my face on.”

  • Step 1: Mix a dime-size amount of Sephora Tinted Moisturizer and MD Skincare Power Sun Protection SPF 45; apply to face like lotion.
  • Step 2: Use small brush to apply bareMinerals Bisque to hide “imperfections.”
  • Step 3: Use large brush (kabuki) to apply bareMinerals Warmth (sort of like a bronzer).
  • Step 4: Dust entire face with bareMinerals Fairly Light powder foundation.
  • Step 5: Curl eyelashes and apply two layers of Maybelline Full & Soft mascara. A nice, think layer of mascara seems to eliminate the need for eyeliner.

Viola! ๐Ÿ˜€ I was in and out of the locker room in 20 minutes. My hair was only half dry, but whatever. ๐Ÿ˜‰



After my workout and shower, I headed downstairs to Starbucks to meet Hannah, the Marketing Director at Healthworks, for coffee and catching up. Hannah also took the Body Pump class, so Starbucks and chatting was a nice way to finish our workout.

At Starbucks, I ordered an iced decaf soy latte. Mmm! After a tough workout, it hit the spot! ๐Ÿ˜€


After chatting with Hannah for awhile, it was time for my second “date” of the afternoon with Elina. But, before I met her, I took a pit-stop at Anthropologie. Can we all agree that it’s the most amazing store ever?!?


I can easily spend hours in Anthropologie obsessing over everything.


Love this pug pillow! Adorable!


IMG_4509.JPG IMG_4510.JPG


I pretty much want one of everything in the store.

IMG_4513.JPG IMG_4515.JPG

Elina and I met at Wired Puppy, a funky little cafe, on Newbury Street.




IMG_4520.JPG IMG_4521.JPG

I loved that Wired Puppy had doggie treats for their furry friends! ๐Ÿ˜€


Elina was having trouble with Ecto, so we arranged to meet this afternoon so I could give her a brief tutorial.

At Wired Puppy, we considered purchasing a delicious baked good, but we both ended up ordering loose leaf tea instead, which was probably a good decision considering how much sugar I’ve eaten lately! ๐Ÿ˜ณ

I went with a tea called “Roots,” which was tangerine + ginger. It had a nice, strong ginger flavor to it. It was so good!



After playing downtown all afternoon, I hopped on the bus home.

It was almost 4:00 pm by the time I got around to eating lunch, so I threw together a quick peanut butter and banana sandwich on Sandwich Thins.


I was so hungry, I practically scarfed it down!



My cute pug has been waiting patiently while I blogged this post, so now it’s time to reward him with a long walk… and perhaps a little bit of peanut butter! ๐Ÿ˜‰

See ya for dinner! I might have some good news to share!



  1. I’m really to be finally posting online after all these years. There really is no mystery about it, is there? I just dropped by your blog and had to write. I’m a recent college grad, journalism major if you must know, and I absolutely love photography. I’ve got my website up but it’s nothing to boast about yet. None of my stuff’s been posted. Soon as I figure out how to do that, I’ll spend the afternoon posting my best pictures. anyways just thought I’d drop a line. I hope to return with more substantial stuff, stuff you can actually use. SPG

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