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I have no idea how I lost track of time this morning, but I was late to Body Pump. Gahhh! 😯 I hate being late!

I probably only missed a minute of the warm-up, but I felt bad “interrupting” class by arriving late and fumbling around to set up my equipment. I quickly got myself together and managed to pick up the class near the end of the warm-up, so it really wasn’t a big deal.


A good 15 minutes later, however, another woman arrived late to class. It didn’t bother me, but I noticed that it annoyed some of the other people in the class. Seeing this got me thinking about showing up late to group exercise classes. How late is too late?

Personally, if I’m more than 5 minutes late, I won’t interrupt the class. I think it’s kind of rude, and I also don’t want to miss out on the warm-up and workout itself. Plus, it’s just as easy to do another workout at the gym.

What do you think is the “sweatiquette” for showing up late to a group exercise class?


Oh my goodness, lunch was fabulous today!! 😀

I made Angela’s Salt & Vinegar Roasted Chick Peas and added them to a spinach salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, crumbled gorgonzola, and balsamic vinegar. Mmmmmm!


Salt & Vinegar Roasted Chick Peas = SO YUM! :mrgreen: If you’re a fan of salt & vinegar, you need to give this recipe a try. It’s super easy and, oh, so delicious!


After lunch, I satisfied my sweet tooth with about a million candy corn pumpkins. I love all things candy corn, but the pumpkins are my absolute favorite. And I always eat them the same way: I bite off the “stem” and then eat the rest of the pumpkin! 😀


Pugs don’t understand candy corn.


At all.


The candle in the background is my newest obsession. Well, actually, it’s my husband’s newest obsession. The scent is called “Creamy Caramel Pumpkin” and it’s from Pier 1. Every time I burn it, Mal tells me that he wants to eat it. He even calls me on his drive home from work to remind me to light it, so he can smell its goodness as soon as he walks in the door! 😆


Dave and Marie are coming over for dinner tonight, so I just popped a batch of Pumpkin Date Nut Bars in the oven for dessert. I’m pretty sure once the bars are finished baking, I will sample one… or two. I need to make sure they taste okay for our guests! 😉


See ya for dinner! I’m testing out a recipe from my book! 😀



  1. I think it depends on the class. If it’s yoga I won’t go in late because I know people are trying to relax and clear their minds and I don’t want to disturb the process. If there’s some set up required (i.e. body pump) I’ll be a few minutes late but not more then 5. A cardio class I think there’s a little more flexibility because you can just jump in the back and pick it up.

  2. I agree that it depends on the class – how crowded it is, and the type of class. If there is a lot of gear involved, or if it is something like yoga, more than 5 minutes is too late. Also, if it is crowded and people have to move over to make room for you, etc. just do another class. On the other hand, some classes are easy to sneak into, especially if it is not crowded, etc.
    Loved the pug post – Murphy is the cutest!

  3. Oh my gosh I’m so glad you posted about showing up late to a group exercise class! I was highly annoyed the other night when my friend and I were taking a Triple FIT (interval) type class. FIVE people showed up late, one of them showed up halfway through class and the only spot for him was dead center in the front. He half-assed the rest of class, even taking “breaks” at one point or not following along with the instructor. It was very distracting and unfortunately I let it get to me so much it made class less enjoyable. Why show up at all if you’re only going to half-ass half the workout?

  4. Oh and it’s also frustrating when people pack up early. I feel like it’s incredibly rude to the instructor and also distracting when we’re trying to cool down. If you’re in that much of a hurry to get out of class, don’t take the class and workout on your own. 🙂

  5. I am all over the pumpkins! They are my favorite Halloween candy. My SO doesn’t like them at all. I definitely over-indulged on them the past two days, so today might have to be candy-free.

  6. My current gym doesn’t have classes, but my old gym had a notice on the door stating that no one was to enter a class 10 minutes after the start (probably the end of warm-up), so that’s the standard I go by. My friend and I were supposed to take a burlesque class one night, but we were WAY late getting there, so I erred on the side of caution. But I also hate people staring at me like I’m disturbing them. =)

  7. @Lisa:

    I don’t think its so bad to leave early. Sometimes I really want to attend a class for fun/exercise, but I can’t because I have to head to school or work. I only end up staying for half an hour rather than the full hour.

    But then again, the classes I that I usually leave early from are the ones that don’t require any equipment, reallly (dancing/zumba, spin, etc.) so it’s not too distracting when I leave.

  8. I worry if my students come in after the warmup. It doesn’t bother me (but we don’t use equipment), it’s just a safety issue. Some classes (like Bikram) don’t allow latecomers so there aren’t disruptions. I think it depends on the type of class (mind-body, cardio, group strength) and safety. If you’ve been hustlin’ to make it to class you might be warmed up enough to just jump in.

    If you have to leave early, it’s nice if you’re situated next to the door so you can just slip out. That way your instructor doesn’t think you’re ditching her. 😀

  9. @KatieTX:

    Katie, I have had classes where I know there are people who need to head out after 45 minutes. I’ve paused and invited those who are sticking around to grab a water break and move closer to the front and asked the people who need to head out to grab their stuff and stretch a bit before they leave. I hate having to stop, but people are usually glad for the water break and the people who have to leave are grateful for the opportunity to exit without climbing around people.

  10. If I am running late for a class I will stay home if it is more than 10 mins. The only exception is if it is with one instructor who I know outside of class as well. I actually stopped taking some classes awhile back when my evening commute got pushed back at least 45 mins daily due to road constuction. Being frazzled and rushing to eat something pre-class didn’t result in a good workout for me.

  11. It depends a bit on the class. For a spin class where you just need to take 30 seconds to set up your bike I think you can be a bit later. But if it is a class where setting up takes longer than about 5 minutes is the limit – otherwise you are just a distraction. Besides, 5 minutes can easily be explained away.

    Ooooh….Candy Corn. I’m trying to convince the husband we need candy corn. We are still working our way through big bag of bite sized candy bars. Halloween is tasty…!

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