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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! 😎

I have major anxiety about today because I’m visiting the dentist again. In my Confessions of a Sugarholic post, I mentioned the four cavities that I need to have filled. (Too much sugar + bad genetics = lots of cavities.) Today’s appointment is for #3 of the four cavities.  

If having a cavity filled isn’t stressful enough, the practice that I go to kind of sucks. (I’m planning to transfer my records to a new dentist after this appointment.) The dentist who works on my teeth is really sweet, but she’s young and seems like she has no idea what she’s doing. I’m always nervous about what she’s going to do to me! 😯

The worst part about the practice, however, is the receptionist. She is such a witch! She’s totally unfriendly and unhelpful. I assume she just hates her job, but it’s such a hassle to deal with her.

Ok, I’m done complaining. I’m just not looking forward to this afternoon.


On a positive note”¦ yummy breakfast this morning! :mrgreen:

I have a full day today, so I woke up bright and early with my husband to make us a batch of butterscotch oatmeal. I told Mal about yesterday’s butterscotch oats and he really wanted to try them!

_MG_7209 (640x426)

In the mix:

Makes 2 servings

I also added a big scoop of Teddie peanut butter to my oats. (Mal doesn’t like nut butter in his oatmeal. What a weirdo! 😉 )

_MG_7220 (640x426)

I also drank a glass of iced coffee with breakfast.

_MG_7217 (640x426)

Remember how I mentioned going to yoga yesterday afternoon? Well, yoga class was replaced with shopping for new boots. I really needed a new pair.

The pair that I had been wearing were dangerous. The mental rod in the heels was completely exposed! They sounded awful on concrete– you could hear me coming from a mile away!

IMG_0002 (640x480)

Two winters ago, I spent a fortune getting the heel repaired, but, clearly, it was a waste of money because it only lasted one winter. I should have just purchased a new pair all together!

IMG_0001 (640x480)

I guess you could say that I had trouble parting with this particular pair of boots””sort of like my beloved Seven jeans. I had grown pretty attached to them. They were so comfortable, and I had a lot of good times in them.

Long story short, I was sort of forced into buying a new pair. I wasn’t allowed to wear the old boots in the house because the exposed metal would wreck our hardwood floors. So, with a little prodding from my husband, I finally bought a new pair.

IMG_0003 (480x640)IMG_0004 (480x640)

Check out these babies! Fun, right? And they fit over my huge-ass calves! I usually can’t find tall boots that fit. I’m in love.

2010-12-30 002

Question of the Day

Is there a piece of clothing (or accessory) that you just can’t part with?

P.S. I’m hosting a fitness-inspired giveaway on Trading Up Downtown this morning!



  1. Good luck. I have a ton of cavities, too, so by now it’s no big deal. Except the last time when the Novocain didn’t work and I got mine done without being numb. Actually, not as unbearable as you would think. Not pleasant, but not killer.

  2. I have the same problem with my teeth! I have an excellent dentist in Copley Square if you ever need a recommendation..been going there for years and love them. I get so nervous going to the dentist..I feel your pain. Hopefully it will be over soon! Haha..I had the same thing happen to a favorite pair of heels..I was walking on a screw because the heel wore down. It’s hard to part with these things!

  3. My cousin is a dentist (used to be mine till I moved to Florida) and he’s very good (honestly! And not just because we’re related) – he has an office in Jamaica Plain. Let me know if you want his name. And his receptionist is super nice. 🙂 There are too many dentists out there, especially where you are. Don’t suffer with lousy service!

  4. Ooh nice boots!
    I can’t part with any of my clothes – I’m a terrible hoarder.
    I hope the dentist goes OK, I hate them too 🙁 though the receptionist at mine is lovely! She’s been there since I was born (20years) yet she hasn’t changed at ALL. Shes pristine and clean looking and v efficient! I luff her 🙂

  5. Haha I was the same way with my standard black heels, just kept getting the heel fixed. I finally found a nice new pair that I love. Oh and I still have sevens that I bought when I was 19. haha.

  6. Tina, I am so with you on the dentist front. I HATE going! I’m not even sure why, I just hate everything about it. I’ve had many cavities filled so perhaps I’m traumatized 🙂 If I had to pick things I couldn’t get rid of? My Uggs and Seven jeans! Would live in them if I could!

  7. I have these old Steve Madden slip on wedges, I have to keep buying inserts because they will stink to the heavens if I go with out them. I keep hanging onto these shoes, they are so comfortable and surprisingly still look good that I get compliments on them!

    One of these days…I keep telling myself!

  8. I always have that problem with my heels- I walk too hard on one of my feet! I bought a paid of white of Burberry flip flops on a whim a few summers ago and refuse to throw them away- the white has turned brown and I can never get them clean- I think I’m finally going to throw them away next summer and buy new ones!

  9. I am the SAME way with my boots! I’ve had them for a few years now, and had the soles repaired several times, but i just love them so much! A lot of it is sentimental for me… I got them right before I spent a semester abroad, so they have been around the world with me!

  10. I never need pushing to buy new shoes. 🙂 Congrats on the new pair! Hot stuff! I had a pair of shoes like that with the metal exposed. I clicked everywhere I walked. I did have them finally fixed but, like you, eventually the clicking returned and I finally had to ditch them. 🙁

  11. Cute boots!! I have a pair of flip flops that I LOVE! I got them almost 7 years ago from aldo and I love them! I am in Texas so I wear them year-round. (the highs are in the 60’s right now). Aldo stopped making them and I literally wear them every. single. day.

  12. A shoe man could fix your boots for pretty cheap, you should check it out in your neighborhood, no need to part with an old friend.

  13. So cute! I also need a new pair of black boots…. the heel totally fell apart on mine the last time I wore them. Plus one of the toes has leather that will not un-dent. Love Softt shoes too…. hhmm… I may need to get that same pair (got good sized calves myself).

  14. i HATE parting with shoes. probably bc i feel like i invest so much time searching for them, money purchasing them and memories wearing them. sigh.

    also, i ALWAYS have cavities when i go to the dentist. dont feel bad 🙂

  15. My boyfriend refuses to eat nut butter on his oats, too! Every time we make them I try to sneak them in there in the hope he’ll be converted but alas, he can smell PB a mile off! Ah well, more for us!

  16. I love a good pair of boots. Mine are all ruffed up, but I still keep wearing them!

    I saw a CSI episode a couple years ago where a construction worker was killed, because he accidentally had a nail stuck in his boot and the metal attracted an extreme electric shock. So, I’m glad to hear you took care of your problem!

  17. Every time I buy books with heels – that happens. It drives me crazy! So I got flat-footed now, and I’m happier! Plus I can’t really wear heels in general..

  18. Cute boots! I have a really similar pair.

    Whenever I see my dentist, he asks “Have you been eating chocolate again?” He says that if I must continue with this bad habit, it helps to eat cheese or an apple afterwards.

  19. I go to the Dentist at Hopkinton– very nice practice, and a helpful and friendly receptionist. If you’re looking to switch, I would highly recommend them.

  20. Great boots! I have the same problem with my calves… they’re massively strong, yet I’m petite. What kind of boots are they??

  21. It’s so funny to see your picture of the exposed metal rod in your boots, because I just took 2 pairs of my favorite heels to the repair shop to be re-heeled! I’d been clacking around on those metal rods for a few months, and have teetered off balance more than once! I just can’t part with them though 🙂

  22. Even though my dentist is nice & good, I just hate going there because there’s always some small problem wrong with my teeth.
    Cute boots! Boots are so fun to wear. I hope my brown, slouchy pair don’t wear out because I don’t want to part with them.

  23. Ahh i tend to get my boots fixed every winter before i put them in storage/clear boxes (ocd much…) i usually have to get the heels fixed a little but i find barely ANYTHING holds up anymore, even expensive brands and leather. UGH

  24. Hot new boots!!!!

    I have sweaters (a white one in particular) that I have had forever that are just so comfy, cozy, and go with everything…i swear i wear it in 50% of my blog pics. Everyone must think that’s all i own.

    Good luck at the dentist!

  25. Tina –
    I can recommend a great dentist in W.Roxbury (the father of a college friend) if that’s not too far and you don’t have someone in mind. So nice, funny, and flexible.
    Enjoy the new boots! I’m searching for some new black boots w/o a heel.

  26. I’m SO glad you have huge-ass calves too! I smiled when I read that – I have the exact same problem. I’m proud of my man calves, but seriously, I just want a pair of cute boots that fit! Haha. Lucky you for finding some adorable ones.

  27. EeEE! I hate the dentist. I even change dentists many times to find one that made me feel even a little more comfy.

    I’m SWOOONING over your new boots. Funny I JUST bought myself a new pair last night for the same reason. Metal on concrete… annoying!! haha poor feet!

  28. EeEE! I hate the dentist. I even change dentists many times to find one that made me feel even a little more comfy.

    I’m SWOOONING over your new boots. Funny I JUST bought myself a new pair last night for the same reason. Metal on concrete… annoying!! haha poor

  29. Ok, regarding dentist/doctor receptionists, I totally agree!!! I have had such bad experience with numerous reception offices with all kinds of doctors…I wonder if theres something they arent telling us

  30. LOVE the new boots!! Theyre adorable. I have a pair of flats like that. I wear them to work just about every day and they fit perfectly. They’re totally falling apart though. So much that I’ve actually had to fill in a couple spots with a sharpie. But Im just not ready to part with them yet. 🙂

  31. I also have a pair of seven jeans which are my favorites, and for some reason I can’t seem to find another pair!!! The ones I’ve got are okay, but they’re so comfy I just want more of them!!! And those new boots you bought are amazing!!!! congrats!

  32. Do you brush your teeth right after your iced coffee? You might want to start, especially if you ever use flavored milk or milks that have a lot of sugar. They can be damaging to teeth too!

    Good luck at the dentist!!!

  33. Ahh but new heel taps are usually only $10 at a local cobbler! When you think about the cost per wear its really not much annually to keep a good shoe alive.

    I will keep certian shoes (namely broken in black pointy toed heels) going with new heel taps or protective soles when I first break them in. Walking on the exposed metal is not only an annoying sound/destroyer of hardwoods but is really bad for your feet. Sadly a trip to my cobbler is needed as well

    Love the new boots – I have a similar problem with the calves as well and finally found a flat pair this winter by ECCO.

  34. I hate parting with shoes, too. Actually, as a Christmas present my mom had two of my pairs re-soled and they look so nice now! And she said she only spent about $30 a pair (and I’ve heard of cheaper cobblers from friends as well). I think the trick is finding a great cobbler and you can have new heels put on again and again!

  35. i hate shopping for new boots! i’m a total sticker about the shape of the toe– and since i’m so tall (with bad knees) i can’t wear anything with a heel. you can never find cute, flat boots! but i love the buttons on yours.

  36. Love the boots! They look very comfortable for a boot with a heel. I tend to stay away from heels because I am never comfortable. They look so soft and nice though. And I have the opposite problem, can never find a boot narrow enough for my calves!

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