Boston Marathon Training: Weeks 13 & 14

AHHH! I’m so close to race day. It’s just one week from tomorrow! I can’t believe I am going to run the BOSTON MARATHON so soon. I’m incredibly happy with my training, and I am SO READY to run this race already. Bring it on! 

Week 13 was one of my highest mileage weeks of my training, which included a 20-miler with a half marathon finish (so fun). Week 14 was officially the start of my two-week taper, and it felt so good to give my body a little rest and get it ready for race day. 8 days and counting!

Boston Marathon Training weeks 13 and 14

Week of March 29th (38.4 miles)

  • Sunday: Off
  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday: 15/8 Yassos/15 (10.18 miles)
  • Wednesday: CrossFit
  • Thursday: 8.25 miles
  • Friday: 3-mile walk at park
  • Saturday: Duxbury Half Marathon (20 miles)

Week of April 5th (22.2 miles)

  • Sunday: Off
  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday: 8 miles
  • Wednesday: KFIT
  • Thursday: 11 miles
  • Friday: 2-mile walk at park
  • Saturday: Marshfield 5K

FYI: Here’s what Yassos are all about!

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  1. We will be at mile 16 cheering on the runners! Good luck and enjoy every minute! There is no other marathon like Boston!

  2. What do you use for fuel during your runs? I am starting to train for a marathon and always interested in people’s preferences!

  3. I just wanted to wish you a happy end of taper. 🙂 It has been fun seeing what your training looked like for Boston, since I have been training for roughly the same amount of time. Boston will be my third marathon and I am excited (and nervous!) Am I the only one stalking the weather page trying to figure out what the actual day will look like? Good luck!

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