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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.


Happy Tuesday!


Have you ever had one those days when you just NEED a good workout? Like, the only thing that could possibly make you feel better is getting your sweat on? Well, yesterday was one of those days for me. I needed a workout that was going to kick my butt (in a good way) and get me back on track both mentally and physically, so I was psyched to see the “Filthy Fifty” as the Workout of the Day.

WOD: “Filthy Fifty”

For time:

50 Box jump (24″)

50 Jumping pull-ups

50 Kettlebell swings (1 pood)

50 Walking Lunges

50 Knees to elbows

50 Push press (45)

50 Back extensions

50 Wall balls (20)

50 Burpees

50 Double unders

My goodness. I don’t think I will ever be the same after that workout. The Burpees, in particular, almost killed me. They were right after the Wall Balls, toward the end of the workout, so my whole body was exhausted by then. But, it felt great to sweat it out and push my body to its limit. The “Filthy Fifty” was exactly the type of workout I needed last night, and I left CrossFit feeling so much better than I did when I first walked through the door. Mission accomplished. (If you’re looking for explanations of any of the above exercises, you can find videos of them here.)


Mal and I were superstars with meal planning this week. On a whim, we stopped by Trader Joe’s yesterday afternoon to do our grocery shopping for the week. Usually, we sit down and plan out our meals with the help of coupons, in-store sales, recipes, etc., but this week, we got it together in about 60 seconds while standing in the bread aisle of Trader Joe’s. I’m still impressed with us.

On the menu this week:

  • Monday: Shrimp + Veggie Stir Fry
  • Tuesday: Steak with roasted broccoli + salad
  • Wednesday: Veggie Burgers + sweet potato fries
  • Thursday: Tuna + avocado sandwiches + salad
  • Friday: Out to dinner

Last night’s dinner was ridiculously quick and simple to throw together. I just opened a bag of frozen shrimp and a bag of frozen veggies, added a little olive oil and soy sauce to a large sauté pan, and heated everything until it defrosted.

023 (800x600)

And in no time at all, dinner was served: Shrimp + Veggie Stir Fry with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top.

027 (800x600)

After dinner, I enjoyed a couple of toasted Banana Walnut Paleo Muffins with butter melted on top. Mmm!

033 (800x600)

Fitness Tips from Bob Harper

As you know, I’m a huge fan of Bob Harper. I mean, it seems like he loves CrossFit as much as I do! But, I’m not sure how I feel about his newest endeavor, Smart Success, a new line of weight loss products that includes various supplements and a 7-day cleanse.


Smart Weight Loss is designed with a powerful key weight loss ingredient complex proven in not just one but two clinical studies, for real results. Just look at the amazing results Trish got when she combined my Smart Weight Loss with diet and exercise – imagine what it can do for you.

Hmm”¦ I’m not so sure about your “new weight loss product,” Bob.

Bob Harper’s Smart Success line includes a DVD with him offering diet and motivational tips and a 30-minute workout, which sounds awesome, but the weight loss supplement/cleanse thing just rubs me the wrong way and sends a not-so-great message about healthy weight loss and maintenance.

Question of the Day

What do you think of Bob Harper’s new Smart Success products?



  1. LOVE the workout. I have a feeling that today is going to be my day for needing a good workout!!

    Honestly, when it comes to weight loss products/supplements/ etc, there is always going to be a ‘place’ for them in the market. Even if the celebrity doesn’t believe in the product themselves or would ever take it, they end up getting more exposure (and more $$$) to endorse/ “create” these products. It’s just like with Jillian Michaels. The quote above from Bob simply says to try his new weight loss product, not necessarily that he thinks it will work… that is what the ad says.

    If weight loss was easy, everyone would do it. Why is most of our population overweight or obese? It’s much easier to eat than it is to find the motivation to get our tush off the couch and move!

  2. I thought the EXACT same thing when I saw them at Walgreen’s the other day. It seems like such an “anti-health” product since it appears to be all about a “quick fix” rather than a lifestyle change/maintenance of healthy eating and working out. Kind of bummed me out…

  3. Personally, it makes me mad when “fitness professionals” on TV put their names on things like pills and cellulite creams because they KNOW the only way to get fit and healthy is through the diet/exercise lifestyle change. Its gives people who may not know much about clean eating and exercise false hopes and information. People like Bob Harper (who I LOVE, don’t get me wrong!) know that there aren’t any shortcuts when it comes to getting healthy. Makes me so, so, so mad!

  4. I love Bob too, but I am not down with the cleanse part of his new system. It really does send the wrong message. Most people spend months of hard work and dedication just to start seeing results. If anything, a cleanse like this is a short term solution that could possibly create more problems. But like Amelia said, because his name is on it, sales will increase and he gets more money and exposure. A win win for him but really a lose lose for the general public.

  5. Gahhh, Jillian has a weight loss pill, too. I think it’s such crap. They have championed hard work, sweat, and the idea that ANYONE can lose weight if they want to bad enough. And then they start peddling a magic pill.
    I might be over-reacting, but I definitely lost some respect for them and their workouts after I saw that.

  6. Would it be possible for you to explain or link to some of these exercises you do in Crossfit? I’m interested in what they are, but it would be helpful if you could talk about how you do them and your tips for the exercise? Unless it’s not allowed because it’s a crossfit exercise of course…

  7. They either did some weird digital alterations in that before+after photo, or they deliberately moved some stuff around to make her look thinner. She’s the same height in both photos, but where her swimsuit top sits on her is dramatically different. Her torso looks much longer in the second photo.

    Also, if you look at the hands in the two photos, the hands on the outside (first photo, her right / second photo, her left) are both hanging over the photo equally). Honestly I think they took one photo, did a mirror image flip, and then digitally modified it.

    Man, I HATE manipulative advertising. I also hate that Bob is throwing his support behind this.

  8. ooo, looks like an awesome workout. How long would you say it took you to get the hng of what all of those exercise descriptions meant?

    I am also not sure how I feel about that advertisement in particular. I don’t think Bob Harper would put his name on something that he was not truly invested in, however, the ad looks like the one you see on TV for Xenadrine Max (or Plus, or whatever they call it now).

  9. I’m very skeptical about that as well. In my mind, if weight loss was as easy as taking a supplement, obesity wouldn’t be the problem that it is today. On a more positive note though, that workout looks like a killer!! Might have to try it myself!

  10. I agree weight loss cleanses and supplements scare the pants off me. some things are best done the old school way-exercise and healthy diet.

  11. I too love Bob Harper and thought I’d try out his product a few months ago. I was a raging b**ch (sorry, but the most accurate description) the whole time I was taking it and didn’t drop one lb. I have a huge problem with water weight – can fluctuate 5-7 lbs a week! – and thought Bob’s product might be a little more safe than others. With the anger I had, my husband would not agree! Lol!
    Anyone know of any good ways to drop constant water weight besides moving to the desert? Thanks!!

  12. 1. HOW did you do fifty burpees in a row? I want to die just thinking of it.

    2. TJ’s frozen section is a dream come true. It makes healthy eating in a pinch so freaking easy!

    3. I hated it when Jillian Michaels started selling supplements, and I hate that Bob is doing it now, too. They, more than anyone else, know that exercise and diet are the keys to weight loss and maintenance, not pills. Sigh.

  13. I don’t know ANYTHING abut Bob Harper’s health and fitness line except that I love him on the Biggest Loser. 🙂

    But I am leery of most pills included in diet plans. Seems if it really worked THAT well then the entire world would be using them and we’d all look like thin models. Or something like that.

    Now going to check out those muffins!

  14. One word: sellout. It really annoys me that Bob (and Jillian!) spend so much time telling us that with a healthy relationship with food and solid workouts we can look the way we want. Buttttt then we need to buy into the supplements?! I think I’ll pass!

  15. OMG!! How sore are you today? I would be dying!!! I’d still love to try it though. Is that wrong? LOL! 🙂

  16. It always seems like such a cop-out when a health person begins to promote products like these. I still can’t believe Jillian Michaels did something similar. It’s against everything they preach! Leave the diet drinks and pills to people like the Kardashians 🙂

  17. I am not big on cleanses so I don’t think I agree with it, although I hate to judge as I am not an expert. That workout looks incredibly difficult! Wow, 50 burpees?! On top if all the other exercises?! I am worn out just reading it! lol

  18. That’s awesome you had such a great workout to get you back on track. As far as Bob’s product, I find it ironic that his reputation is one of working out and eating smart to lose weight BUT he promote these “supplements” as SMART weight loss. No. Pretty sure if it was “smart” it would not come in the form of a pill. Just sayin’. 🙂 Oh and congrats on figuring out a week’s worth of dinner in the bread aisle!

  19. I think I might throw up just reading that workout….. it looks SO intense. I’ve been crossfitting for a month and half now so I’m familiar with how intense even just one of those “50’s” would be on it’s own. Yesterday we did a WOD followed by 50 burpees in fact and I was doneeee. Good job! Glad you’re back to blogging, missed you for a couple days there… hope everything is well!

    1. It’s delicious that’s what it is! 🙂 Nutritional yeast is made by culturing yeast with a mixture of sugarcane and beet molasses. It’s a great source of protein and vitamins, especially the B-complex vitamins. I think it tastes like burnt cheese and it’s texture reminds me of flaked fish food. It sounds weird, but it’s really good. Here more info about it from Wikipedia:

  20. I agree re: Bob Harper, I feel like endorsing a pill like that is saying that there is an easy way to get into shape. Also, taking those types of supplements don’t teach you how to eat healthy and stay in shape via working out. There are so many other benefits to eating healthy and working out that you do not gain with a pill.

  21. I’m with you. While I think that in some instances, drugs/supplements MAY be helpful, I think that they need to be doctor discussed and prescribed. I’m a bit disappointed that Bob Harper, someone who represents fitness and proper nutrition, is promoting a product like this. That being said, this package is superior to others of its kind in my mind due to the inclusion of the workout, etc.

  22. It’s similar to when Jilian Michaels came out with her weightloss pill. I just think it sends the wrong message when high profile exercise enthusiasts start pushing weightloss products that most likely won’t even work.

    And I’m seriously drooling over those paleo banana walnut muffins 🙂

  23. I’m pretty disappointed in Bob. Although there will always be a market for them as another poster said, it doesn’t mean each celebrity trainer has to jump on the bandwagon. He’s held off for so long, so I don’t see the need to endorse a quick-fix pill now.

  24. Give the guy a break!!!! There is nothing wrong with supplements or having a jumpstart with a cleam and reasonable plan. I think its totally fine. I love BOB!!! 🙂

  25. I’m totally bummed that Bob has a “nutritional supplement.” I felt the same way when Jillian came out with hers. I think it’s a double standard – work out hard and eat right. But wait, try this magic pill and you’ll lose weight. Sadly, Bob and Jillian lost some credibility in my eyes. I think it’s called ‘Selling Out.’

  26. I have actually purchased this Bob Harper product, but then talked myself out of it. So it’s still setting on my shelf. Ironically, it was around the time that I found your blog and then decided to do the “cleanse” a healthier way.

    Do you think that Whole Foods sales Nutritional Yeast??

    60 seconds??!! You guys rock!

  27. Yes I agree I am not a big fan of diet supplements (weight loss pills) and cleanse kind of diets. People just need to eat correctly and exercise. I also LOVE Bob Harper but I think he should stick to his other things he does not endorsing these “nutritional supplement” etc.

  28. In the end I do not think any magically pill or weight loss system will achieve overall success. It boils down to healthy eating and working out. Calories burned VS calories consumed. If all these weight loss pills truly worked the entire world would be thin then…kind of disheartening that Bob.

  29. Filthy Fifty is one of my favorite wod’s! I am a sucker for the long, overly outrageous wods. *blush* Like Murph, or if you ever feel frisky, try “Bull.” =) I have to say, I feel like any fitness guru that puts a pill out there for weight loss is now trying to trying to make more money, which is fine, but I lose respect for that. I read Muscle and fitness sometimes, and the amount of adds for weight loss pills is incredible. A true fitness person would know that pills are never the answer.

  30. Ooooh those muffins looks AWESOME! I definitely need to add those to the list (just tried coconut flour pancakes and LOVED them).

    I’m with you on Bob’s weight loss products. I’m not really a huge fan of cleanses/pills/supplements. I feel like the secret to success with weight loss and maintenance is just finding what works best for you – not some fad you’re going to jump on and off.

  31. I am making that banana bread tomorrow. It looks so yummy! I love the Filthy Fifty! I agree it is disappointing that Bob has a weight loss supplement. I felt the same way when Jillian released her supplement. It kind of goes against everything that they preach on the Biggest Loser.

    p.s. I took my NASM exam on Saturday and I passed!!!

      1. It was a little tougher than I anticipated! I flew through the practice exam so I was expecting to fly through the exam. I am so happy/relieved to have it behind me!

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