Bachelorette Living

Mal has been at his parents’ house for the past couple of days, so I’ve been home alone at our apartment. His parents live on a farm of sorts, so Mal helps out in the summer by doing manual labor for them. I miss Mr. Mal, but he’ll be home soon enough (tomorrow afternoon).

It’s actually been kind of fun living the bachelorette life. 😎 I’ve basically taken over the whole apartment! I’m typically a neat and tidy person, but living alone has allowed me to be a little messy. 😉

My blogging space was actually a disaster last night. I cleaned a little.

IMG_3218 It drives Mal crazy when I leave my “products” all over the bathroom sink. This scene would stress him out!


I haven’t made the bed for 2 days now… and I’ve slept smack in the middle of the bed both nights. :mrgreen:



This morning’s breakfast was a thick slice of toasted Great Harvest bread with Mighty Maple (crack) peanut butter and banana slices on top. On the side, I had a juicy piece of watermelon.


IMG_3225 With iced coffee…


Packing the Perfect Picnic

Here’s a fun link for Packing the Perfect Picnic. It covers all the bases of a picnic and offers articles to help plan your meal appropriately as well as suggestions for all sorts of foods to pack – everything from chicken, pasta salad and gourmet sandwiches to yummy desserts. Just wanted to share! 😀

New Examiner Post

Somewhat inspired by Food, Inc.: Food safety at the supermarket

Question of the Day

Have you ever lived alone? Did you like it?


  1. I lived alone for two years. At first I was sort of lonely, but then I got used to it. I live with my fiance now. I’m the opposite of most people who love living alone. I thought it was okay but I’d rather live with people.

  2. I have never lived alone and don’t think I could!! Even when I moved out to DC and didn’t know anyone I found roommates on Craigslist. I’m just a social person I guess. Sometimes though when no one else is home I really enjoy a few hours or days to myself. Not all the time however!

  3. I have never lived alone, which is kind of a bummer. I went from living at home to living with roomates to living with my boyfriend (so of course, if that works out I’ll never live alone!). I really wish I had that experience, but oh well. I’m pretty messy though, so I’m lucky that my current roommate is “Mr. Clean” and keeps the place looking decent!

  4. I lived alone for 3 quarters in college. It was nice and moving back in with my parents after graduation required a lot of adjusting. Now, my husband stays out of town on occasion for work. It’s not usually more than one night at a time. I miss him, but sometimes that time alone is nice.

  5. I lived alone several times before I got married. I liked it. Now that I’ve been married and have two kids, I think it would take some getting used to if it ever happened again. As it is, it seems eerily quiet when dh and I are home alone.

  6. So funny the things you do when Mal is gone! My hubby was just gone for two days on a fishing trip with a friend, and I totally slept right smack in the middle of the bed! I also leave my hairbrush and makeup all over the counter, and my shoes all over the bedroom floor. Funny how you let loose when you’re alone! I love me a little alone time though, even though I love being with Pete too!

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