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Hi, guys!

Just wanted to pop in and share some highlights from my trip to Austin last week as well as some healthy travel tips you might not have tried yet. I think most of us are familiar with the common ones, like pack nutritious snacks or wear your sneakers, but I rounded up a few that I recently started doing that maybe you haven’t heard. If you think they sound like ideas that would fit into your travel life, definitely give them a try and let me know what you think. And, of course, if you have “nontraditional” ones to share, please do so! I’m sure a lot of us are looking for ways to make our travel adventures healthier, more efficient, and less stressful. But, first, let me tell you about some highlights from my time in Austin!

The hotel – I loved the Omni Downtown Austin Hotel where I stayed. I booked it last-minute through HotelTonight, who again I had the opportunity to partner with, especially since they’re ALL about last-minute bookings. HotelTonight is primarily used for hotel stays booked within a week or less, but there are several cities where there’s a 100-day advance booking window, so you can plan in advance. What I especially loved about the app was that I was able to select hotels by location, so I picked the Omni, which was less than 1/4 mile from the conference venue. It was a great hotel with awesome amenities, including a nice gym with all sorts of brand new equipment and a complimentary happy hour and breakfast. I was so pleased (and even impressed) with my experience, especially since my plans were so last-minute.

If you haven’t used the HotelTonight app yet, definitely check it out. Download the app here. And if you use my referral code on your first booking through the app, you can save $25! Just use promo code TIHAUPERT.

Jo’s Coffee – This coffee shop was perfect. It was adorable inside, featured a tasty menu, delicious coffee, and the staff was super duper friendly. It was a great recommendation by one of my Designed to Fit Nutrition clients!

Coffee date with Lauren – Lauren, my DTFN nutrition client, lives in Austin and recommended Jo’s. We met up and had coffee, and it was so nice to finally meet her in person. I chat with my clients a few times a week over WhatsApp, so I get to know them (and their dogs, kids, hobbies) pretty well, so seeing Lauren was like meeting up with an old friend.

Dan Martell’s Product Expansion Intensive – The conference was awesome – everything I expected and more! I attended with Katie, one of our coaches, so now we have so much valuable information to bring back to our team. I actually sent Kerrie a message that simply said: “1 million ideas” because Katie and I left with so many things we want to do in the coming months.

Hanging out with Katie – I was so great spending some quality time with her! She’s a long-time CNC reader (nearly 10 years) turned DTFN coach turned workout buddy and friend. She’s an all-around great person, and I’m so glad we had the opportunity to visit Austin together.

CrossFit Central Downtown – What a great gym! It’s seriously one of the best CrossFits I’ve ever been to – nice facility, quality programming and coaching, and friendly community. There was even a gym dog (always a bonus), a running store, and COFFEE SHOP inside. I know, right?! If I lived in Austin, I would never leave. Like ever.

The original Whole Foods – It was amazing. It was huge and wonderful and had every awesome product ever. My college roommate works for Whole Foods HQ, so I met up with her for lunch one day. It was so nice catching up and hearing all about her cool job! (She does product development for the 365 line!)

Voodoo Doughnut – I also got to visit Voodoo Doughnut, which, honestly, was a mixed experience. The donuts were delicious, but the guy working there was kind of rude. I dunno… it was kind of early in the morning, so maybe he didn’t have his coffee yet?

Even still, I enjoyed the donuts that I tried. In Austin, I had a vegan frosted donut with sprinkles and then brought home a couple of donuts for Mal and Quinn, which they kindly shared with me on Friday morning. I brought them a regular sprinkle donut (Quinn’s favorite too) and a chocolate frosted with crushed Oreo and peanut butter drizzled on top. Holy yum!

Healthy Travel Tips You Might Not Have Tried

I was thinking about these little things that I often do during my travel and just wanted to share!

TSA Precheck – Guys, this is LIFE-CHANGING. Let me repeat: LIFE. CHANGING. Even if you don’t travel a ton, it’s worth getting. And the whole process is a piece of cake. Local folks, I went to the Brockton location, so I didn’t even need to go into Boston, and I was in and out in maybe 10 minutes. I had the option of making an appointment online, so I showed up at my scheduled time, flashed my license, answered a few questions, and that was it. A couple of weeks later, I was approved. (FYI: TSA says it can take up to 90 days for approval, but both mine and Mal’s happened within weeks.)

With the extra time you save on waiting in security lines…

Treat yourself to a chair massage – Sitting on a plane for hours always messes up my back, so a short massage prior to boarding is totally worth it!

Travel with a backpack – I use this huge one for most of my travels. It can fit up to a week’s worth of clothes if I pack well. Carrying it is like a mini-workout and it frees up my hands, so I can help Quinn, hold an iced coffee, use my phone, etc. I kind of look like a dork, but it makes travel so much easier!

Pack a combo water bottle + protein shaker – I love this thing so much. It’s the best of both worlds. No need to bring a water bottle and a protein shaker when you travel.

Pack a baseball (or lacrosse or tennis ball) – It’s so great for rolling out tired feet, calves, shoulders, and more after a long day of travel and/or sightseeing. Plus, it doesn’t take up much space in your luggage.

Question of the Day

Do you have any “nontraditional” travel tips to share? 

Who has the best donuts in your opinion? 

P.S. Traveling in the coming weeks and need some hotel workout inspiration? Here’s one of the workouts that I did while in Austin!



  1. Hey! I really like the backpack idea. Does yours have the ufc logo on it like the one in the link? I think I would not pull that off very well – I know I think I look tough and all but that’s mainly in my head! In reality I look more like a t-rex!

  2. I had to travel a lot for work last year and coincidentally a lot of the travel happened around the 2017 Open. International plane flights + a DB snatch back is not a good combination. So I started doing two things when I fly; carry icy-hot patches for my knees/back and a foam roller or large backpack I can put my feet on. The icy hot is a true lifesaver as it instantly helps calm down the joint pain I only feel on long flights in cramped conditions. And it was very counterintuitive to understand that I actually didn’t want to use my legroom, but because my feet don’t comfortably rest on the floor (hello short people problems!) it puts a lot of strain on my hips which probably helps exacerbate my knee problems when flying. So setting my bag down and putting my feet on top really helps there. Nonetheless both are huge life savers when I fly and have made me significantly more comfortable!

  3. It’s probably not all that *nontraditional*, but I always have Airborne and TUMS with me when I travel. You never know what you may end up eating, especially during long layovers, and it seems EVERYONE gets sick when they travel. It helps to have some vitamin C/E back up!

  4. I’d love to get down to Austin eventually! I’ve heard nothing but good things. The best donuts I have ever tried (so far) are Doughnut Plant in New York City (um, I had a peanut butter donut filled with banana creme) and The Holy Donut in Maine (the donuts are actually made with Maine potatoes and are unreal). SO good.

  5. I love to spend time walking in the airport if I arrive early for my flight, which I almost always do! I don’t like to carry heavy luggage with me because it’s always a struggle to store on the plane :/

  6. I haven’t flown lately, but I did do 2 long solo drives (9 hrs each) and found that the best thing I did for myself was listen to podcasts. When you are driving thru radio dead zones, having something to listen to makes such a difference. Plus being all alone and the monotonous road can lead to zone out. So having something that actually keeps my interest and hearing a human voice can make such a difference.
    I did pack a few little snacks, nuts, seeds and such, since I find I like the continuous small snacks to help me endure the drive. Not really thinking outside the box, but if I have a long trip again, I might look for those icy hot patches for my back and knee.

  7. Love the tips, I also have pre TSA it’s the BEST! Um I always use a backpack, I think I look efficient lol AND I always travel with my mini foam roller. The hubbs always rolls his eyes when it goes in the suitcase but then he uses it later, guaranteed every time!

  8. A water bottle is a MUST for me when I travel. I never forget my Nalgene! I also love bringing along the neck pillows since it makes crashing on the plane that much easier. I fall asleep not long after takeoff and appreciate not waking up with a sore neck. And the best donuts in my opinion are from Blue Dot in New Orleans. If you’re ever there, you must go. They have the best glazed donuts around (second is Sugar Shack in VA/DC – where I live now!) and their Maple Bacon Longjohn truly is what dreams are made of.

  9. If you are thinking about getting precheck and you travel internationally, do the Global Entry instead. It’s not that much more and it includes precheck!

  10. (Clearly catching up on old posts!)

    You just convinced me to do Pre-Check!! I’m looking into it right now.

    And I also love traveling with a backpack! I’m looking into getting a cuter one than my Northface from college : )

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