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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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You know it’s going to be a good day when you find out that your workout is called “Heavy Shit Roulette.” Obviously, I was super psyched for this WOD.



Before I headed to CrossFit this morning, I ate breakfast, which was a pancake made with Kodiak Cake Mix, an egg, and chia seeds. The pancake I ate yesterday morning didn’t hold me over very well, so I threw in an egg for some added protein and staying power. I also topped my pancake with peanut butter and raisins.

IMG_6250 (750x563)

And I drank an iced coffee with almond milk.

IMG_6251 (750x563) (2)


Today’s WOD ruled. It was split into two parts. The first part was called “Horizontal Diane,” which was “Diane,” but instead of Handstand Push-Ups, we did Hand-Release Push-Ups on the floor.

“Horizontal Diane”



Hand Release Push-ups

I used 125 pounds for the Deadlifts and finished in 4:27. It was a killer workout and it really challenged me, but it was over before I knew it. Short and sweet!

Once we finished Part 1 of the workout, we rested for 5 minutes and then moved onto Part 2, which was a 25-minute AMRAP called “Heavy Shit Roulette” (love the name).

IMG_1383 (750x560)

Here’s how it worked (from CrossFit 781):

Class will divided up into two teams. One person at a time, from each team, will draw a token from Bowl 1, and then again from Bowl 2. Bowl 1 will contain tokens with “carry-able” items written on them: they could be anything from a 45# plate, to an overhead keg carry, to a double sandbag run, and many other options. Bowl 2 will contain certain distances ranging anywhere from 50-300m. The device you pick from Bowl 1 will have to be carried/ran with for the distance that you choose from Bowl 2. If you choose an item that you cannot lift on your own, you can choose any other team member to help you. The team that gets through the MOST amount of carries in 25 minutes wins.

Oh my goodness, this part of the workout was so fun! It sort of reminded me of playing yard games as a kid.

IMG_1385 (560x750)

I did sprints carrying various sized plates, medicine balls, kettle bells, dumbbells, sandbags, and even one of my partners on my back. (Sadly, I never had the chance to carry one of the kegs.) I absolutely loved this workout and the 25 minutes totally flew by!

IMG_1391 (750x750)

After the WOD, I ran about a mile to the auto shop to pick up my car, which cost a fortune to fix, but the mechanic said it should be good to go for awhile now. Let’s hope so!

IMG_1388 (750x560)


When I got home, I took a quick shower and then whipped up a smoothie as a snack. In the mix: cantaloupe, frozen banana, vanilla protein powder, ground flaxseed meal, and almond milk.

IMG_1389 (560x750)

A little while later, my mom, sister, and brother-in-law arrived for a pre- and post-birthday celebration. The pre-birthday celebration was for me and the post-birthday celebration was for Murphy, so we both got presents!




Then, the five of us headed to Stars on Hingham Harbor for lunch.

IMG_6275 (750x563)

It was an adorable place and the food was pretty good.


I {heart} fried pickles. We shared an order among the table.

IMG_6281 (750x563)

I ordered the Pesto Grilled Chicken Sandwich, which was made with pesto aioli, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, and tomato on grilled Parmesan Foccacini.

IMG_6282 (750x563)

On the side: sweet potato fries.

IMG_6279 (750x563)

The fam!

IMG_6283 (750x563)

After lunch, we went to explore Hingham Harbor.

IMG_6285 (750x563)

But, we didn’t last long because it was really chilly! Where’d the nice weather go?!

IMG_6286 (750x563)

On the drive back to our house, we stopped at Marylou’s for “dessert.” Of course, my birthday celebration needed to include Marylou’s!

IMG_6287 (750x563)

I ordered a Peanut Butter Wonderful, which totally hit the spot and satisfied my sweet tooth.

IMG_6288 (563x750)

Back at our house, we hung out on our sun porch, enjoyed our coffees, and chatted for awhile.

IMG_6291 (750x563)

There was also some pug playtime!


Eventually, my family needed to head home, so we said goodbye and then Mal and I went to BJ’s to do some shopping.

IMG_6303 (750x563)

We’ve been meaning to hit up BJ’s for months now, but we just never got around to it. We spend so much money on food, I’m hoping that shopping at a wholesale club will help us reduced our bills a bit.

IMG_6306 (750x563)

Here’s what we bought at BJ’s this afternoon!

IMG_6308 (750x563)


I guess shopping makes us hungry because as soon as Mal and I got into the car, we broke open a bag of trail mix that we bought to snack on. I ate a lot of it.

IMG_6310 (750x563)

Now, we’re home and relaxing. The plan for the night: cook dinner, make a cocktail, park my butt on the couch, and watch a movie with M & m, which is an epic way to end an epic day.

How was your Saturday?

P.S. There’s still time to enter my giveaway to win a pair of New Balance flip flops! I’m picking 3 winners on Monday morning.



  1. Yes, happy birthday in advance Tina. That’s so sweet that you celebrate Murphy’s birthday too. I don’t know about you but when I give Sienna a new toy she is so excited and happy that it warms my heart so much.

    A movie sounds good. I held an apartment sale all day and now I am exhausted.

  2. murphy cracked me up in that pic, the way he’s sitting on your lap lol. sounds like an awesome day.

  3. I love the crossfit WOD names!

    Oh, BJ’s…dangerous territory for us. I’ve bought one too many bags of trail mix from there and we usually devour the whole bag within a couple of days. It’s like crack!

  4. looks like a perfect saturday to me!! question–i know mal was thinking about coaching cross fit this summer on his break… is he doing it yet, or are is he not done with school? i’d love to hear his thoughts on coaching once he starts!!

  5. Happy Birthday!
    Ran 11 miles today & ate like I ran 22!
    That WOD sounds killer! I can’t imagine running with someone on my back!
    I’ll take your chilly weather over our 98 degrees in Dallas!

  6. I’ve been dying for a Marylou’s peanut butter iced for weeks since I keep seeing it on your blog. I finally hit ’em up this afternoon when I visited my family on the South Shore. Got my fix!

  7. I just celebrated my birthday, too, and my hubs bought me a bike! So it’s going to be a great Sunday. Happy birthday to you!

  8. I don’t like coffee, but even I want a Peanut Butter Wonderful now!

    I’m an avid couponer who also lives near a BJ’s and Costco’s. Unfortunately, not everything there is a great deal. There’s a pretty good comparison of some basic products at SmartMoney:

    I do know that wine tends to be a better deal at warehouse stores. If you guys become regular BJ’sers, I’d recommend writing down the unit prices for stuff like toilet paper and comparing them to your usual grocery stores. It’ll help you save the most money!

    1. Thanks for the link! I definitely noticed that some items were actually more than I’d pay at the grocery store, which I was really surprised about. A lot of stuff was similarly priced too– or I’d just save a small amount compared to what I pay at Stop & Shop. You definitely need to pay attention to those unit prices!

  9. Man, I really wish I had a Marylou’s near me, haha. Iced coffee makes everyday great! It looks like you had a nice time with your family.


  10. Your Cross-Fit session from today reminds me of a hardcore version of the field days we’d have in elementary school….you know, like when you have to carry an egg on a spoon to a certain spot and be the first to come back with it without breaking it? Except instead of an egg, you’re using overheard kegs. Hence, hardcore 🙂

  11. Your cross fit stuff always looks amazing. You are so inspiring. And lunch, delicious! I want to steal the sweet potato fries right out of the picture.
    Plus I am so glad to know I am not the only person who runs to and from the auto shop. The people there always look at me like I am crazy.

  12. Sounds like an awesome Saturyday! I always love when my Saturday starts with a hard workout. Plus it is always a good day when you are celebrating your birthday! I went to barre class yesterday and then spent the day outside because it was so nice. Happy early bday!

  13. i know what you mean about spending lots of $ on food. i’m always trying to be as smart as i can about our grocery bill. just like you & mal, it’s only my husband & i in the house. we shop 3 different places once a month: a wholesale club, walmart & whole foods. i really feel like this method has worked well for us & helped to keep our grocery bills as low as possible. good luck to you!

  14. that sounds like such a cool WOD!

    ps- not to be creepy/weird- but did your mom used to work at Idylwilde? I think I used to work with her when I was in high school! small world! 🙂

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  16. I had a great Saturday – we took a last-minute trip to Wrightsville Beach NC and enjoyed a perfect low-80s beach day with shrimp cocktail and frosty beverages on an ocean pier. Just what the doctor ordered! (minus the wicked sunburn on my back, oops)

    Happy pre-bday! Thanks for sharing your day, looks like lots of fun 🙂

  17. Fried pickles?! I’m not sure how I feel about that. I don’t imagine the flavors going well together (or my belly feeling well after) but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt! 😉

    Also, I’m coming to Boston in a few weeks (!!!) and MUST get some Marylou’s. Do you know the easiest one to get to from Boston? (Especially if I’d be heading south to NYC after…)

  18. Not as good as yours, but I had a great Saturday too. My roommate and I went a few places to look for furniture for our new place- we still need a couch and some chairs, but we lucked out because on the way home from rooms-to-go (where everything was on the expensive side) we saw a flea market and got an awesome kitchen table for only $60! After that I went home and relaxed, showered, curled my hair and put on a cute outfit, then went to one of my good friends birthday parties :). I love when I have a nice Satur-day followed by a fun Satur-night.

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