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Last night, I realized that I’m not going to see Murphy for almost an entire week once I leave for California on Wednesday morning, so I planned some quality time together into our day today.

IMG_0016 (800x600)

Murphy and I took “a ride in the car to the park” this morning. (This dog pretty much loses his sh*t when he hears those three words in the same sentence. Typically, he runs around in circles and barks until he gets into the car.)

IMG_0002 (600x800)

Murphy might not look it in the above photo, but I swear he was psyched to go to the park. We visited his new favorite place to run around and explore: Bare Cove Park.

IMG_0003 (600x800)

I wasn’t sure how many dogs we’d see at the park during the week, but there were a ton of people running and walking with their dogs. Apparently, Bare Cove is always a happening place!

IMG_0015 (800x600)

IMG_0007 (800x600)

IMG_0006 (800x600)

It was a really chilly morning, so I bundled up. Once I started walking, it wasn’t so bad.

IMG_0023 (600x800)

Murphy and I explored a new route and walked for a little over an hour. Usually, he gets distracted by other dogs at the park and forgets how to listen, but he was really well-behaved this morning.

IMG_0017 (800x600)

IMG_0031 (800x600)

Murphy is the best exercise buddy. His pug energy is contagious, and our walk put me in the best mood. Hooray for dogs!

IMG_0024 (800x600)


I wore exercise clothes to the park, so when I got home I figured I’d put them to work with a quickie workout in my living room. All I needed for this workout was a resistance band and a stopwatch (and half of an episode of Jersey Shore to keep me entertained).

IMG_0038 (800x600)

20-Minute Resistance Band Workout

I repeated the circuit 3 times and didn’t rest between exercises or sets.

Weekly Workouts

  • Sunday: Off
  • Monday: 60-minute walk with Murphy + 20 min. resistance band workout
  • Tuesday: 5-mile run
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Fitness class
  • Friday: Yoga class
  • Saturday: Off
  • Sunday: MARATHON!!!!!


Today’s lunch included a new product from Garlic Gold that they sent me to sample. Introducing Garlic Gold Southwest Blend! It pretty much tastes like garlicky taco seasoning. Yea, it’s pretty awesome.

IMG_0040 (600x800)

I added the Southwest Blend nuggets to scrambled eggs with roasted broccoli and sautéed mushrooms. On the side, I had an apple and an Adora chocolate disk.

IMG_0045 (800x600)

P.S. I’m hosting a Halloween giveaway on Trading Up Downtown! It involves cute Halloween accessories!



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