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Good morning! Happy Monday!

So, last night, Mal and I chatted about how good Murphy has it. He lives a really nice doggie life.

_MG_3062 (500x333)

I mean, he sleeps whenever he wants.

IMG_0039 (640x480)

IMG_0033 (640x480)

And wherever he wants.


IMG_0005 (500x375)

IMdG_0004 (500x375)

He gets treats on a regular basis.

IMG_0022 (640x480)

He goes for long walks everyday.

IMG_0022 (375x500)

He takes frequent trips to the park.


IMG_0018 (500x375)

And other fun places.

IMG_0001 (480x640)

IMG_0031 (640x480)

photo4 (373x500)


And he’s loved very much by his owners.

IMG_0014 (640x480)

_MG_9458 (640x426)

IMG_0029 (640x480)

As you can see, this pug has a pretty awesome life, so Mal and I think that Murphy was a really good person in his previous life and came back as a spoiled well-cared for dog in his current life. Maybe we’re nuts, but this dog must have done something really wonderful to have the life he has now!


Last night’s dinner was Make-Your-Own-Tacos with all the fixings: tomatoes, green bell pepper, mushroom, cheese, salsa, sour cream, whole wheat wraps.

_MG_6722 (800x533)

And ground beef with homemade taco seasoning.

_MG_6701 (800x533)

I added a thick layer of horseradish hummus to my taco. It was a delicious decision. I love how it blended with all of the different taco flavors.

_MG_6727 (800x533)

After dinner, I enjoyed a serving of Apple Crisp. I made it for Mal last week, but he was burnt out on it, so I finished off the batch. My mom’s Apple Crisp is my favorite dessert ever, so there was no way I was tossing it!

_MG_6737 (800x533)

Question of the Day

What do you think of our theory? Do you think good people come back as well-cared for dogs?

P.S. A reader emailed me the other day looking for recommendations for camping and backpacking blogs. I didn’t know of a single one, so if you read any, please leave a comment on this post!



  1. Haha yes, Murphy is certainly living the life! I like to think that if I’m a good person now, I’ll come back as a well-cared for dog with an abundance of sleep time, walks, and treats. It’ll be like a 2nd retirement!

  2. Ha I think about that too! My pup must have been good too because he is spoiled rotten! We named his area “Tebow’s Playhouse” because he has more toys, blankets, bones etc than we can count! For only having him a week, he sure has made himself right at home! 🙂

  3. your Pug has a pretty nice life! haha

    We adopted our Yellow Lab and part of the adoption agreement was that they could come by unannounced and check on him to make sure his living conditions were up to par… well my Lab loves to go swimming in our pool and he often lays on our pool floats”” we thought it would be fun to snap a picture of him in the pool and send it to the dog adoption agency. haha. Our dogs have it pretty good!

  4. Your Murphy pics had me cracking up!! I love the one of him looking out the window in the car. I have a boston terrier and he basically lives like a king. We even feed him meals of rice and chicken/whatever meat we have left over, he doesn’t even eat normal dog food! Part of a “special diet” from our vet – but still, I can’t help but think about how spoiled he is!

  5. I think dogs are so lucky in America 🙂 Living in India it broke my heart to see the strays there, but my Boston Terrier and our schnauzer mix are SO spoilt! They get so much loving daily and beach+camping+park trips. Ty has taken to harnessing them to his skateboard and they love pulling him along like mini-reindeer to the dog park just down the street,so cute! I will post a video soon 🙂

  6. Murphy has a great life and will until you have kids. Then we see a lot of people completely forget about their dogs. Very sad.

  7. You forgot the fact that Murphy has become FAMOUS thanks to his bloggin’ mama! I’m a big Murphy fan and I know many other readers are too! 🙂

  8. Murphy has the best expressions – they remind me so much of my puggle! I love to spoil my dogs and give them the nicest life possible. They’re just so unconditionally loving and make me so happy! I tell me husband at least 10x a day how “I can’t even handle how cute they are”. Definitely not a bad life to be a dog in my house. 🙂

  9. Murphy is the cutest pug I’ve ever seen, he makes me want one so bad!
    I agree that good people might come back as well-cared for dogs, but I think really awesome people must come back as CATS. They do whatever they want all day and don’t even have to listen to their owners, they basically rule the house!

  10. I absolutely agree with your theory…at least in regards to well cared for dogs! Your pictures made me laugh because I have so many like that of my dog, so I guess he must have a been a really good human in a past life too! I know of some hiking blogs? I don’t know if that counts, but if it does let me know and I’ll leave the web addresses!

      1. @Tina: http://www.naturalbornhikers.com/

        Here’s a few that I know of/read. A lot of them are regional and only cover hikes/trips in their area. So I don’t know where your reader is from, but I hope this helps. I found a lot of other camping/hiking blogs just by googling it too.

  11. Murphy’s life is *amazing*. You guys are the definition of responsible pet owners, you always give him everything he needs (and some stuff he doesn’t need but REALLY enjoys, i.e. the empty almond butter jar). You guys are role models when it comes to dog ownership!

  12. We say the SAME thing about our dog! She is soooo spoiled and has no idea how good she has it…okay, maybe she does, because she loves us like crazy and is so loyal!

  13. I adopted my cat from a shelter in Philly…and his previous owners threw him out in the trash..yeah. I can’t comprehend how someone can do that to an animal, but needless to say he is certainly loved and spoiled now!

  14. Murphy is such a cutie! His pictures always make me smile. That theory is pretty good, LOL. If it is true then my dog Charlie is in the same situation, he’s spoiled too!

  15. I don’t get reincarnation. I think it’s unnecessarily complicated.

    Murphy is an exceptional creature in the care of loving owners who appreciate him and I bet that’s all there is to it!

  16. What a sweet post! Murphy does have quite the life 🙂

    My husband and I spoil our two girls – a black lab and a hound mix – rotten as well. I definitely agree with your theory and only hope to be so lucky.

    FYI – I write a camping-focused blog, First Class Great Outdoors, at http://firstclassgreatoutdoors.com. As a beginner camper, I found it nearly impossible to find camping blogs that fit my needs. While I haven’t gone backpacking, my husband and I got close to it last summer, and we’re starting to plan for a for sure trip this summer. Feel free to pass it along!

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