A Delicious Morning

Hooray! Fall is definitely here! :mrgreen: It’s easily my favorite season. Not football season. 😉

I love everything about fall– the weather, vibrant foliage, apple picking, my mom’s apple crisp, pumpkin carving, roasting pumpkin seeds, comfy sweaters, Mal’s chili, pumpkin beer… I even like raking leaves! 😉


Cool, crisp weather = warm, creamy oatmeal. Am I right? 😉

This morning, I whipped up a big batch of thick, sweet pear oats for Mal and me. In the mix: oats, diced pear, cinnamon, brown sugar, raisins, walnuts, and ground flaxseed meal.


And, of course, I drank an iced coffee with vanilla soy milk.


Bake Sale Preview

My Blog Bake Sale is tomorrow!!!!! :mrgreen:

Here’s some more of the deliciousness that you can bid on tomorrow morning. I hope you’re ready! (Here are the rules and logistics for the Blog Bake Sale.)





Cookie Four.jpg

Rosemary Focaccia.jpg

Question of the Day

What are you looking forward to most about fall?

P.S. Check out Heather’s post about value of bloggers and people in general. This post is one of the many reasons that Heather rules!


  1. I love running in the fall weather, anything with pumpkin, and of course apple cider! Of course down here in Georgia, we haven’t had the same fall weather you have had. 😉

  2. Those coconut chai cookies look good!!! What am I looking forward to most in Fall? Probably walking to class in the chilly weather with a nice hot drink. There is nothing better than that warmth when you are freezing outside.

  3. I would love to say that fall has arrived here in Texas. Reading all of your fall favorites has me wishing for it to get here soon!! But instead we will have to endure temps in the 90’s this week…..

  4. Fall is my favorite season out of the year and what I love about it is just the ‘feeling’ you get…..if that makes sense to anyone out there! Love pumpkins, cinnamon, baking, apples, back to school for the kids 😉

  5. I love the cooler weather. That we can open our windows and turn the AC off 🙂 The wonderful smell of fall; burning leaves and just that overall fallish scent. Pumpkin anything, apple cider, the return of hot coffee and hot breakfasts like oatmeal 🙂 The fast approaching holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving! Wearing long sleeved shirts and comfy sweaters 🙂 There is not much about fall that I don’t like. I even like the return of school 😉

  6. I must say that my favorite thing about fall is pumpkin. I had no idea, but apparently I am not original in this. Everyone on the internet likes pumpkin. Who knew?

    I also like how the fall feels. Not harsh like winter or summer and even more mellow than spring. Fall is my kind of season. I only wish I lived someplace that actually had more color. Things in San Francisco don’t change very much with the season.

    P.S. Your food looks fantastic!

  7. Hoodies, long sleeved t-shirts, leaves changing colors, boots, football, Thanksgiving, cool air, my birthday, haha…I love fall and everything about it.

  8. @Tina: Edy’s brings it back every year between September and November! It is my favorite store-bought ice cream ever. It just recently started popping up in grocery stores in Chicago, so hopefully you will be able to find some by you soon! It is definitely worth seeking out 🙂

  9. What am I looking forward to about fall? Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin!!! Teehee. But also college football, crisp fall air and crunchy leaves, wearing cute layered outfits, and my birthday! I’m turning 20 in November 🙂

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