• Tuesday, September 25, 2012

    Pug WOD

    September 25, 2012

    IMG_2886 (750x563)

    You know what makes exercising a lot of fun? PUGS!!! Murphy kept me entertained as I worked out in the backyard yesterday afternoon. The WOD: 100 push-ups + 100 sits-up + 100 air squats for time. As you can see, I had lots of pug motivation to get me through it. I broke the 100 […]


    Training or Draining?

    September 25, 2012


    Did you happen to notice my workouts for the week in this morning’s post? They’re a lot less intense than usual, right? Well, it’s because I’m taking it easy to give my body a little rest and also because I think the intensity of some of my workouts is preventing me from fully healing. Even […]


    Acorn Vase Filler

    September 25, 2012


    On Sunday afternoon, I flipped though a Pottery Barn catalog that I had laying around the house and stumbled upon an image similar to this one: Cute idea for fall decorating, right? Well, Pottery Barn is charging $14.50 + shipping for their “acorn vase filler.” I wasn’t about to pay nearly $20 for 54 plastic […]