• Chebeague Island Inn: Part II

    July 30, 2011

    Just in case you missed it, here’s Part I: Chebeague Island Inn.

    Ok, ready for Part II?! This second post mostly focuses on the food at the Chebeague Island Inn Restaurant. It was outstanding, so it deserves its own post. Plain and simple.

    On Thursday evening, Mal and I spent a couple of hours relaxing on the porch before we decided to get dinner at the restaurant. We had a reservation, but on a Thursday night, it wasn’t super crowded. However, it was a totally different story on Friday night. The place was packed! I definitely recommend making a reservation if you plan to dine there on Friday or Saturday night. 

    At dinner, Mal and I started with a couple of cocktails. I went with a dirty vodka martini. Delish! 

    IMG_0098 (500x375)_thumb

    Cheers to vacation!

    IMG_0102 (500x375)_thumb

    As an appetizer, we shared the Bangs Island Mussels, which were cooked in Dijon, horseradish, shallots, and white wine, and served with a grilled baguette.

    These babies were so fresh. Bangs Island is right next to Chebeague Island, so you really couldn’t get fresher mussels unless you picked them yourself.

    IMG_0103 (500x375)_thumb

    For his entrée, Mal ordered the Butter Poached Maine Island Lobster, which was served with Black Forbidden Rice, Summer Vegetable Ragout, and Shallot Bourbon Beurre Blanc. It pretty much blew his mind.

    IMG_0114 (500x375)_thumb

    The lobster (two tails + a claw) was cooked in a semi-sweet bourbon butter, which nicely complimented the earthiness of the Black Forbidden Rice. Mal shared a few bites with me… holy delicious! He definitely picked the star item on the menu.

    For my entrée, I ordered the Grilled Nova Scotia Swordfish, which was served with Israeli couscous and snap peas. The Swordfish was cooked perfectly—not too tough, not too soft.

    IMG_0118 (500x375)_thumb

    By the time we finished eating our dinners, the sun began to set. So pretty.

    IMG_0123 (500x375)_thumb

    While we enjoyed our entrées, Mal and I noticed a number of delicious-looking desserts being served to other tables, so we agreed to save room for something sweet at the end of our meal.

    Everything on the dessert menu sounded wonderful, but we eventually chose the House Made Warm Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies, which were served with a scoop of brown sugar ice cream. Mmm! Mal and I devoured them!

    IMG_0128 (500x375)_thumb

    After dinner, we returned to our room, where we found some nighttime goodies: two bottles of Voss water, L’Occitane hand cream, and pillow spray. Fancy-schmancy.

    IMG_0129 (500x375)_thumb

    In the morning, guests of the Inn are treated to a complimentary coffee bar and breakfast in the restaurant.

    IMG_0135 (500x375)_thumb

    Mal and I planned a running tour of the island, so we started our morning pretty early. The restaurant was nearly empty, so we used the self-timer on my camera to snap a photo. We’re nerds.

    IMG_0144 (500x375)_thumb

    At breakfast, we started with iced coffees. Obviously.

    IMG_0141 (500x375)_thumb

    To eat, I enjoyed the Warm Banana Nut Crepes, which were made with a banana and vanilla bean puree, toasted walnuts, and Maine maple syrup. It was delicious (hello, banana and vanilla bean puree!), but not too heavy before a run.

    IMG_0146 (500x375)_thumb

    After breakfast, Mal and I headed out for a long run around the island.

    IMG_0482 (500x373)

    The distance between the Inn and ferry is just about 3.5 miles, so we ran there and back. The island has two main roads (North Road and South Road), so we stuck to them for our running route.

    IMG_0481 (373x500)

    IMG_0484 (500x373)

    We did, however, take a pit stop at the beach.

    IMG_0486 (500x373)

    IMG_0489 (500x373)

    I rocked my new Back on My Feet shirt!

    IMG_0487 (500x373)

    IMG_0499 (500x373)

    Mal and I covered seven miles in just over an hour. We stopped a few times to snap pictures, so I’m not sure the time on my Garmin was very accurate. Even still, it was a great way to explore the island and get in a workout at the same time.

    Once we showered and prettied ourselves, Mal and I spent the rest morning relaxing and playing board games on the porch.

    IMG_0153 (500x375)_thumb

    IMG_0152 (500x375)_thumb

    At lunchtime, we headed into the Inn’s restaurant for some food. After our long run, we were both starving!

    I had the Chebeague Island Inn Cheese Burger, which was made with Organic Maine Black Angus Beef and served with Pickled Mushrooms, Grilled Red Onion, and Pineland Farms Cheese Curd. It was just what I wanted— flavorful and filling!

    IMG_0156 (500x375)_thumb

    After lunch, we borrowed the Inn’s bikes for a quick ride around the island.

    IMG_0158 (500x375)

    Derp. Thankfully, riding a bike comes back to you like, um, riding a bike.

    IMG_0160 (375x500)IMG_0159 (375x500)

    Riding bikes is a lot of fun. I’m thinking about digging out my old one and using it at home.

    Once Happy Hour rolled around, Mal and I decided it was time for some cocktails and card games. We spend the next few hours being silly on the porch. 

    IMG_0168 (500x375)_thumb[11]IMG_0182 (375x500)_thumb[5]
    IMG_0174 (375x500)_thumb[8]IMG_0188 (375x500)_thumb[5]

    Good times.

    IMG_0169 (500x375)_thumb[4]

    We didn’t eat dinner at the Inn that night, but I will save that recap for another post. (I have a lot to say about this vacation!)

    This morning, Mal and I slept in and then enjoyed our final meal at the Inn.

    IMG_0208 (500x375)_thumb

    For breakfast this morning, I ordered the Vegetable Scramble, which was served with peas, mushrooms, and Vermont Chevre. On the side, there was home fries and a grilled baguette. As expected, it was flavorful, fresh, and tasty.

    IMG_0210 (500x375)_thumb

    Mal and I dominated the iced coffees this morning.

    IMG_0212 (500x375)_thumb

    Holy vacation! It was a good one!

    There’s still one more post to come, but it’ll be more about what to do on Chabeague Island and travel logistics.

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    Angela @ The Chicken Scoop August 1, 2011 at 9:03 am

    Very beautiful!!! I love Maine; my hubs and I went there for our honeymoon. Wish I had known about this place then! Are they open year round do you know? It looks perfectly relaxing!


    Hope August 1, 2011 at 9:12 am

    What a beautiful inn! Looks like you had a wonderful getaway filled with tasty food and drinks! :)


    Christie August 1, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    That sunset could not GET any more picturesque. And yum yum YUM! I want that dessert asap, pleeease!


    Hilary August 1, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    Ok. I am jealous! That looks like the perfect summer vacation spot and what amazing food!


    Laura @ Unchartered 20s August 1, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    All the food looks amazing!!


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