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As part of my ongoing relationship with Reebok, I had the opportunity last month to try out the company’s YourReebok website to design a custom pair of shoes. I had a blast playing around and definitely spent way too much time designing shoes! Hey, once you start, it’s tough to stop!


Here’s how the YourReebok tool works””it’s easy and a lot of fun!

Once you select the shoe that you want to design (there are tons of options), you start with a blank canvas and work from scratch.


The first step is selecting your shoe size and then the fun really starts with selecting the base color or pattern of the shoe. (How cool is the pattern option!?)


Then, you move onto coloring various parts of the shoe””toe, side logo, heel, overlay, etc. There are 16 different colors to choose from, so you can get really creative with the various combinations.



You even have the choice of all 16 colors for the sole of the shoe, which I thought was especially neat. No boring, single-color soles here! (Ok, maybe people aren’t looking at the bottom of your shoes, but I thought this was a cool option.)



And, finally, you the select colors for the top of the shoe, including the lining and laces.


After a lot of playing around on the YourReebok site, I ended up with the shoes below!


And today they arrived in the mail! Woohoo!

IMG_8140 (600x450)

Bright, colorful, and fun! I can’t wait to test them out at CrossFit later tonight!

IMG_8142 (450x600)

Ok, giveaway time! One lucky CNC reader will win a gift card to customize the Reebok shoes of their choice!

To enter: Click over to, play around on their YourReebok site, and leave a comment on this post about which shoe and colors or pattern you would include in your customization. I’ll randomly pick a winner on Thursday.

Have fun!



  1. That was so fun! I love that you can customize the lining! Was very drawn to a lot of yellow and Neon Vitamin C!!

  2. After spending an hour looking at different color combos, think I would go with violet, pink and blue in the nano speed.

  3. I would love the nano 3.0 with gray mesh, ultra violet outline, gray soles with pink accents and blue accents on top….. These were so cool to make. Please pick me 🙂

  4. I would go for the nanos in pink, green, and purple. I have a pair of sneakers with that color combination, but they are extremely worn out so it’d be great to replace them with these!

  5. I think I would choose the Ziplite Run . I need some new running shoes! My shoes would definitely be bright- I love playing around with all the colors and options. There are too many to even choose from! I can’t believe all the different areas you can customize

  6. I would love to customize a pair of Nano 2s! I realy want them in red (my favorite color ever) but they don’t have them! Customization would be a perfect solution 🙂

  7. Hi Tina 🙂 Happy Hump Day +1 ( I need to make a commercial for that one! Maybe a camel with an extra hump? Perhaps?) I would love to try the Crossfit nano 2.0. They shoe I designed…. well I think I used every possibly color! Tie dye shoe!! 🙂

  8. I’d go for the ATV19s. I’d make them a bunch of different blue colors, with some pops of pink or yellow on the eyelets and soles.

  9. I just customized the CrossFit Lifter Shoes; they’re amazing! I went for an aubergine, dark blue, and charcoal theme. I made the base of the shoe charcoal as well as the top strap. I made the toe, side logo, and stability plate aubergine. Then I made the eyelets, straps, and outsole the gorgeous dark blue shade. Lastly I made the laces yellow because I was feeling a bit wild!~~

  10. I choose the cossfit nano speed with the baby blue and black colors mixed together – Amazing fun – this remindes me of the create your own chuck taylors – My husband and I let our daughter design her own sneakers a few years ago I think she was 6 or 7 at time – she loved it!

  11. Oh my gosh! It’s so hard to decide which color combo! I think I’d have to have gray & that awesome sonic green!

  12. I love the nano 2.0. I would either have coral or teal or maybe both. Those are definitely My go to colors right now!!

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