You’ll burn fat and gain lean muscle more easily in the follicular phase

Working out in your follicular phase

In the follicular phase of your cycle, you’ll burn fat and gain lean muscle more easily. Awesome! ⁠⁠

Your body can more efficiently use carbohydrates for fuel, so this means you’ll experience greater energy and stamina in your workouts and recover faster. ⁠⁠🔥
Higher testosterone also helps your body build muscle more effectively. In fact, some studies have found that when you train in the follicular phase, you get stronger and gain more muscle compared to the luteal phase. ⁠⁠💪🏻
Your BMR decreases during the follicular phase (it actually hits its lowest point one week before ovulation). So doing high intensity workouts during this phase can counterbalance to a slower metabolism. ⁠⁠
Movement recommendations: 
Once your period ends and you start to feel energized again, it’s the time to crank up the intensity. Therefore, take advantage of your extra motivation and make the most of your gains by focusing on more intense workouts that also build muscle! 
Workout suggestions: ⁠⁠
▪️Strength Training⁠⁠
▪️Spinning ⁠⁠
▪️Bootcamp ⁠⁠
Have you ever noticed an increase in your energy and motivation the week after your period ends? ⁠⁠

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