Yoga Challenge: Day 5

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Yoga Day 5 was great. I do a class every day at lunch with a small group at work – we have been doing it every work day for about a year and a half. Today was 40 minutes – yoga warm up and cool down and working with weights in between. Awesome!


I am loving yoga month! Yesterday I DID do my afternoon session and it felt great. This morning I did an Exercise TV video (45 minutes) with Elise Gulan, and this afternoon I’m going to do a 20-minute yogadownload – not sure which one yet. My challenge so far has been doing yoga at times other than the morning, but I managed it yesterday and I know I can do it today too.


I did 20 minutes of Sarah Ivanhoe’s Weight Loss DVD today. Afterwards I felt so amazing, I’m loving this yoga month!


i am loving yoga. i am still sticking with the 20 minute sessions, the 8 minute AB work out is good as well. I am noticing an increase in my flexibility already….

Becca A

I haven’t done my day 5 yoga yet but last night I basically did the lunar flow again before bed but sans laptop. I felt so stretched out in my legs afterwards because I kept my own pace and held the poses as long as I needed to, rather than trying to stay with the download. Obviously, I can’t do this all the time because I’d have no idea what to do, but it made for a great pre-bed session. It also showed me that I can memorize the order of poses for the shorter durations at least! Oh, and I got my head down to my legs in a seated forward bend…that was a first (I can do it with one leg though!).


MY ARRRRMS are so tired from all this yoga! I didn’t realize how much doing true yoga would work them out! I’ve been doing tons of stretching prior to this, but it’s not the same. I’m so glad you did this challenge!


Because of my schedule i usually have to wait until the evening to do my yoga, but i asked my 4 year old son today if he could keep himself busy while i did Morning Flow. I hated to put him in front of the the tv, but he didn’t mind at all and i got my yoga in. I will probably do Lunar Flow after i get home from fencing tonight as well πŸ™‚

I am still feeling a bit sore as well, but am really starting to sink into some of the poses and it feel sooooo relaxing.


i did 70min of vinyasa flow this morning. it felt great to start the day with yoga!


This morning, I did the same routine that I did the other day – I just did what I remembered from a class and it was great.

Funny story about yesterday – while I was doing the Morning Flow, my cat was attacking me the whole time! Licking and biting my hands and arms, attacking my pj bottoms and feet…it was quite a sight, I’m sure πŸ™‚


Man! The time difference got me (I’m on the West Coast) and I haven’t had a chance to post! But the last few days have been really good. Days 3 and 4 I took hour-long yoga classes at my gym. The first was the same instructor I had the day before, and a good class. I definitely feel like I am so much stronger in chaturanga! The second had a lot of moves I hadn’t done recently – crow, more balance poses, happy baby, etc and I liked that. Today I did Yoga Download’s Morning Flow. I liked some of the backbends and definitely felt awake. However, I have to say I much prefer live classes to audio sessions. Sometimes you just need to see the teacher as a reference point. I know there are slideshows and stuff but I’m not sure if I’d like that. I guess I should try before I say that, though!

Catherine (FOOD SNOB)

I’m planning on pre-bedtime yoga myself! 20 minutes of “Stress Relief Yoga for Beginners.”

It’s been a LONG day! I’m looking forward to some down time!

Catherine (FOOD SNOB)

Oh, and Brandi, my cat attacks me most of the time when I try to do yoga – I usually have to stop and give him a little “time out” in the bathroom so I can concentrate!


I just did 60 min power vinyasa flow #3, it helped me to de-stress from my long day of work! But I had some balance problems….. πŸ™‚ I find I have less balance at night than in the morning.


I have inadvertently joined your challenge this week! I started using about a month ago, and since then have been doing a session every couple of days…but this last week or so I’ve been doing it every day! I work at home, so am doing a 20 minute session around noon each day before I make my lunch. I plan to use your code when I return from vacation (we leave for Dominican on Saturday) so I can start doing some longer sessions. πŸ™‚


I decided not to go to hot yoga today and download a 20 minute Power Yoga session. Wow! Do I have a lot to learn. I thought I could kick my own butt by picking a harder session but quickly realizing that the importance of the beginners session is not just the intensity but also learning the different poses. So I will go back and download some beginner sessions to become familiar with the poses before I jump ahead.


I did 45 minutes of “Inhale Yoga” this afternoon after dancing around in my living room for 35 minutes lol. I am not sure if you guys have Oxygen tv but if you do and are looking for a well rounded yoga routine that will challenge you, def check it out.



Just wanted to say thanks for the yoga challenge. I’m only new to yoga (from Jan) and am really enjoying it. I just downloaded about 6 new classes to try (thanks to your code) as i’m already getting a little bored with my small selection. i got a couple of advanced beginner and some longer classes so I should have a good variety to chose from now.


I actually did it at work today. Crazyness. I knew I would have trouble finding the time so I put the 20 min lunchtime flow on my shuffle and brought some yoga pants to work. (Good thing too since I am still here.) I was hoping to do yoga earlier in the day so I could run in the evening.. I find it great for really stretching me out and making me hurt less. Hopefully I will still get my run in. I wonder how late is too late too run for safety reasons.. I guess the gym is open until 11 ewww.

lunchtime flow was fine, I still think Jackie is my fave teacher from yogadownload though.


my yoga today was a repeat from yesterday: Power Vinyasa Flow #1- love it! it was 30 minutes and i feel so accomplished and strengthened once i’m done.


So sore! I did the 30 minute Power #3 from yogadownload. My poor quads.


My shoulders are so sore too from yesterday’s endless down dog! So today right after the gym, I went back home set my timer for 20 mins and did a 20 min yoga. Combination of Sun salutations, triangle poses, camel poses, tree pose nothing really drastic today. Tomorrow I am going to the Bikram yoga class.


I did 20 minutes of the Hip Openers. I am SO glad that I got turned on to Yoga Download! It’s amazing! There’s no way that I could get bored!


ah, the 20min core after intervals and a long day of work, i’m exhausted!! and it’s way past my bedtime…


I just did another round of the Gentle Hatha #1. I wasn’t too into the Lunar….I just really like all of the poses in the Hatha and I love Jackie’s voice! It felt great after a cardio session at the gym I was LONG overdue for πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to try Gentle Hatha #2 now! But I’m not feeling any type of soreness….could I be doing something wrong?


I did my power yoga dvd again, but today I turned my mat slightly away from the TV screen so I wouldn’t be so obsessed with following along so perfectly. I was able to focus more on my breathing and it worked out great.


My Yoga today was wonderful because I was super sore from yesterdays run. I cant tell already that my body is getting more flexible with each day I do it:)I CANT WAIT for my me and Pink’s session in the AM!


I did 20 minutes of Yoga for Runners last night. I went on a 3.5 mile run and definitely needed a good stretch afterwards. I feel like my muscles have been thanking me for all the stretching i’ve been doing this week! This has been such a positive challenge for me so far! Thank you!


finally did the whole DVD and WOAH was it hard! i hope by the end of this…or at least in the next few months, i’ll be able to do that move where you have your hands on the ground and pick your feet up off the ground (kinda looks like a crab, the DVD instructor doesn’t give it a name).


Day 5!
Yesterday I went to a yoga class at 24 hr fitness. It was intense mostly because I’ve been doing 20 min practices and this was an hour. I really enjoyed it though! The poses went so fast at first and just when I didn’t think I could do it much longer, the instructor moved us into longer poses focusing on flexibility and stability. It was great! The only problem I have is that I didn’t take my mat, so I had to use theirs and they weren’t good. So most of my downward dogs etc were on the wood floor and I almost formed some blisters! Ouch!

I wonder…I have years of practice at inner peace and focusing on my breath because of being a Quaker. What is it like to learn yoga without that experience? Is it super hard to let go of your thoughts and relax? Is it hard to focus on the breath?



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