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Mal has been loving his birthday today! Year #28 is off to a great start for him! :mrgreen:

Our morning started with breakfast in bed. Pretty fancy, huh? Ordering room service is always such a treat. Plus, don’t 28th birthdays deserve it? 😉


We had quite the spread of goodies for breakfast.


Eggs + bacon + homefries.


Whole wheat toast, freshly toasted right in our room! 😉


Fresh berries.


And lots of coffee.


With the Sunday newspaper. 😀


It was a pretty awesome morning– and it wasn’t even my birthday!

On the ride home from Mohegan, Mal and I took a pitstop for a snack/lunch. Breakfast did not hold me over all this morning. My stomach was growling 3-4 hours later. Mal stopped at Dunkin Donuts, so I ordered an iced coffee and an egg white flatbread sandwich.


The egg white sandwich was just so-so. The egg white patty was pretty good, but the flatbread tasted super artificial. It was chewy and sort of rubbery. To be honest, I wasn’t surprised by the taste– it was a fast food sandwich after all. But, it has held off my hunger for a few hours now, so that’s good!


A little while later, we arrived at my sister’ house to pick up our little Gremlin.


Murphy played hard with Batman all day yesterday, so he was seriously fighting off sleep. He could barely keep his eyes open.






Poor guy. He’s passed out in his crate right now.

Mal and I are headed to dinner with his parents in a little bit. We’re going out for Mexican food.



  1. hmmmm I’m pretty sure you win in the “giving your spouse a relaxing care free birthday weekend” department. I hosted a bbq yesterday for my bf’s birthday and we ran out of propane for the bbq and no one had a car so he walked all the way to the gas station and carried the propane back, it was like a 45 minute trip. I don’t think I’ll let him read any of your posts from this weekend, hahahaha!

  2. I love ordering room service. I think I’ve only done it twice, on my honeymoon. We ordered dinner when we got to the hotel the night of our wedding bc neither of us had really gotten to eat during the reception!

  3. I totally love ordering room service too! Although with me and my fiance, it’s usually him ordering room service and me microwaving oatmeal in hotel room cups. Awesome. Happy Birthday to Mal! Glad you guys had such a fun weekend!

  4. Hahaha that toaster made me giggle. I could totally imagine the room service guys coming in and this tiny guy rushing in after them with his arms wrapped around the toaster. (“Where should I put this?” “There’s a plug over there.”)

    I’m glad you guys had a good time! Happy birthday again to Mal! 🙂


  5. As always the pics of Murphy are adorable…. he looks completely spent! LOL.. also the Sunday breakfast in bed looks fabulous.

  6. I used to like those Dunkin’ Donuts egg white flatbread sandwiches until I got one that was frozen in the middle! The mere mention of the flatbreads brings the memory of biting into frozen egg whites rushing back into my mind….not pleasant! I would have thought that I’m the only person this sort of thing would happen to, but then my boyfriend also bit into a frozen egg white patty from Dunkin’ Donuts a few months later. Just wanted to give you the heads up. 🙂 Watch out, Tina…the frozen egg whites are comin’ to get you!

  7. 3-4 hours satiety? I’d KILL for that long! It seems no matter what I eat (ton o’ protein, fats, and fiber in every meal), I’m hungry 2 hours later, and by three hours, I’m ready to eat my arm. Unless, of course, I seriously overstuff myself with a ton of saturated fat. Then I’m fine… but otherwise, gosh…

  8. Oh my, I just had the funniest image of Mal eating a room service breakfast fit for a king and just tossing you bread crusts because “it’s not your birthday”. Teehee! Glad to see you both enjoyed the holiday equally 🙂

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