Wrap Me Up

Hello, there! 😉

My recent visit to the Other Side Café inspired tonight’s dinner: Lettuce Wraps! :mrgreen:


I used Boston lettuce for the wraps. Personally, I think this variety works best (it “wraps” well), but Romaine is also a good option and it usually costs less.


Tonight’s lettuce wrap ingredients included shredded carrots, cucumbers, celery, cashews, and Nasoya Chinese noodles.


You can pretty much add whatever you want to lettuce wraps. Theses ingredients just happened to be in my kitchen.



We also had soy sauce and Asian Ginger Plum Dressing on the table.


As well as beer! 😀

Mike of the Belching Monkey hooked me up with a bottle of Espresso Oak Aged Yeti. I sampled it this afternoon and totally loved it. What an awesome beer!


So dark, so delicious.



Once Mal and I finished eating, we invited the pug to sit at the table with us.


I love these guys.


Please note the husband-wide matching sweatshirts.


I’m waking up at 3:45 for my 4:15 ride to the airport, so I am heading to bed ASAP.

See ya in DC!

P.S. You have until midnight (EST) to place your bids for the Holiday Bake Sale!!!


  1. I adore lettuce wrap dinners (I make sang choi bao) – so tasty, informal, fun, and fresh! If only I had a pug to keep my company while I ate mine…

  2. I love lettuce wraps. They are usually one of my go to’s for quick and easy dinners. Boston lettuce is one of the ones that works the best for these. I’ve never had any luck with romaine for these.

  3. I love lettuce wraps! I have them at least once a week. I usually use collards though to get some dark greens in. :). Hope you enjoy DC. It’s cold and windy here today.

  4. Love Yeti- they do a few varieties of it like a Chocolate Oak Aged and one that definitely has whiskey flavor undertones. The beer and dinner both sound delish.

  5. I’m absolutely in love with your Slainte glass – and that lovely PBR glass . . . you like the dark beer too – I’m an O’Hara so if you can stand a pencil up in it, I’m there!

    Maureen (Mo)

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