Would You Rather?

Good morning! Are you ready for the start of a new work week? I am. I’m ready for it to be a great week. Last night’s dinner definitely kicked it off on the right foot! :mrgreen:

Last Night’s Dinner

Yesterday afternoon, Mal (and Murphy) picked me up from the bus station in Boston. On the ride home, I mentioned that I was hungry, so Mal suggested getting Lime Leaf (our favorite Thai place) for dinner, which was an awesome idea. I didn’t feel like cooking and Thai food sounded, oh, so delicious.

IMG_0044 (800x600)

I ordered the Lime Leaf Noodle (like I always do): rice noodles with egg, peanuts, scallions, turnips, bean sprouts, and chili paste, topped with crispy chicken. It is simply amazing.

IMG_0047 (800x600)

Surprisingly, I’ve never ordered anything else besides the Lime Leaf Noodle from Lime Leaf. I rarely order the same thing twice from a restaurant, but I just love this dish so much, I don’t think a different one could ever live up to it. (Obviously, I am psyched about the leftovers for lunch today!)

IMG_0048 (800x600)-2

Mal and I ate dinner on the couch while watching the Pats game, so, of course, the pug stayed close by and hoped for dropped food. He’s such a little piranha.

IMG_0050 (800x600)-2


This morning, I woke up craving peanut butter, so I made a big bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon, raisins, ground flaxseed meal, and a big scoop of Teddie. (I later went back for a second scoop.) I also drank a glass of Caramel Bark Pecan iced coffee with soy milk. So delish.

IMG_0052 (800x600)

Mal and I love playing Would You Rather, so we pose questions to each other all of the time. His are usually a lot more ridiculous (and typically more disgusting) than mine, but they always make me laugh and get me thinking.

It’s Monday morning, and my brain is still in slow motion after this weekend’s adventures in New York City, so I thought a game of Would You Rather would be a fun way to start the week. Ready? Go!

Questions of the Day

Would you rather have a bad hair day or a bad skin day?

Would you rather be able to fly or read minds?

Would you rather be rich and ugly or poor and good looking?


  1. Aww man, those are tough.

    I have bad hair / skin days *every day*! I guess I’d rather have fabulous hair though.

    Being able to fly would be pretty bad@ss I think!

    And the last one is really tough…I guess I assume if I’m rich, I’m intelligent so that would be good, no? But I’m also vain so maybe I’d just be poor, hot, and marry rich..bahahahahaha

  2. oh my gosh its hilarious that you brought up would you rather this morning because my kids at school were talking about it in homeroom! they were debating this seriously disgusting question of “would you rather pick your nose and eat it, or just pick your friends nose?”
    oh i love my job! haha

  3. I would definitely choose rich and ugly! I don’t care too much about looks, but if I had money I could do so much with it- travel, donate to charity, buy a house, let my parents retire early… I couldn’t do all of that if I was poor and pretty 🙂

  4. 1: Bad hair day!
    2: Fly, that way I can see see my Family for FREE!!
    3: its a hard one, neither though, happy being in the middle of both 🙂

    PS- My office is now playing “Would you Rather” Thanks for curing our Case of the Mondays!!!

  5. 1) I would rather have a bad hair day!
    2) I would rather be able to read minds!
    3) That’s a hard one…I think I would like to be right smack dab in the middle. Not too much, not too little.

    I did not mean to make that rhyme.

  6. Love would you rathers! 😀 Okay: bad hair (which isn’t much of a problem – dreads never look TOO different); fly for SURE (reading minds would be too much info for me on so many levels); poor & good looking (but not or the looks – I will be happy if I’m never tempted with money in life where it becomes the ruler of my days). Fun Monday post. 🙂

  7. I love Would You Rather – I play it all the time with family/friends/co-workers 🙂

    Questions of the Day

    Would you rather have a bad hair day or a bad skin day? Definitely bad hair! I lived through several years of bad skin in upper elementary, middle school, high school and college – never again!

    Would you rather be able to fly or read minds? I think reading minds would definitely be trouble, so I’m gonna say fly!

    Would you rather be rich and ugly or poor and good looking? I’d definitely say rich & ugly! You could always get a little cosmetic work done with all that money (or be happy with yourself as is!) 😉

  8. I would much rather have a bad hair day. Bad skin is so hard to cover up without looking caked on.

    I would rather have the ability to read people’s minds. Then I always know what people are thinking about me. 😛

    I would probably say poor and good looking. It’s like saying that I’m poor and happy.

  9. Hahaha, my BF and I play the same game and his are always so drastically disgusting that I can never choose.

    I would much rather have a bad hair day than a bad skin day. Bad skin just makes you feel icky all over!

    I would love to fly. I always have dreams that I can fly. Plus, I’m afraid of hearing all the hurtful things if I could read minds.

    And I’d rather be poor and good looking 😉

  10. Hair, fly, oy….the last one is HARD! I guess poor and pretty, although if I was that rich I could probably afford enough surgery to make myself pretty. But that sounds awful, so I’ll stick with poor and pretty 🙂

  11. Tough questions! I know the answers to the first two, for sure, but not the last. I would take bad hair over bad skin, any day! I’ve suffered through bad skin already and it is horrible. Knowing what people’s thoughts are would be frightening…I’ll take flying, thanks!

    And for the last one, I would go with the one that was at a healthy weight…either ugly or pretty. Rich or poor doesn’t even factor into my equation. Weight issues are the toughest and I’d like to not go through that…again!

  12. Bad hair day for sure! Bad skin days tend to be way more than just one day.

    Fly over reading minds. I’m sure there is plenty of stuff I don’t want to know about!

    And I would rather be rich and ugly. My sis was in a bad accident this summer and could really use help paying off the medical debt. Also, if I’m that rich I could just get plastic surgery to make myself less ugly. Haha.

  13. Let’s be honest.. can anyone ever just have one scoop of peanut butter?!?

    My hubby and I play that game all the time too!

    I would rather have a bad hair day, read minds.. and the last one is tricky.. If you were rich and ugly you could pay for plastic surgery..and if you were poor but good looking…you could model to make money! I am so torn!

  14. 1. rather have a bad hair day (at least you can throw it in a ponytail)
    2. rather read minds (it would be nice to know who is sincere and who isn’t)
    3. rather be poor and good looking (this is very vain, but true :P)

    That oatmeal looks delicious! 🙂

  15. I’d rather have a bad hair day, nothing makes me as self conscious as a giant zit on my face.

    I’d rather be able to fly. Always wanted to because I love to travel so much, I’d love to be able to get somewhere whenever I wanted.

    I’ll take rich and ugly because if I’m rich I can have plastic surgery to make myself good looking! 😉

  16. Bad hair day!! I can always run home and wash it … bad skin, it kind of sticks with you. I may or may not be going through a skin issues right now … and I may or may not be a little bitter 😉

  17. 1) I’d rather have a bad hair day – ponytails are always an option!
    2) Fly – it would be so exciting, and I’d also rather not know what people are thinking all the time. 🙂
    3) Poor and good-looking.

  18. Its funny your husband likes Would You Rather, because my husband likes to ask “if only” questions, i.e. ‘If you could only eat one thing for the rest tof your life, what would it be?’ I would definitely have a bad hair day because you can always pull it back in a ponytail (which I do most of the time anyway!)

  19. 1. Definitely a bad hair day because I could just throw my hair in a bun or ponytail.
    2. I’d rather fly because I’d be afraid to know people’s thoughts all the time lol.
    3. I’m honestly not sure about the last one. I guess if I wasn’t dirt poor, I’d choose that & good-looking lol.

  20. Thai food is so good! I typically order the same thing every time I go as well! No sense in messing with a good thing! 🙂

    I would rather have a bad hair day, be able to read minds, and be poor and good looking.

  21. Haha I love this game! I would definitely rather have a bad hair day (seems to be more easily fixed), be able to fly (I think reading minds would be too hurtful if they were thinking something bad, and it would also drive you nuts listening to all that!) and be poor but good looking 🙂

  22. Murphy is so cute! And I love would you rather’s.
    I’d rather have a bad hair day. I usually end up wearing it up anyway.
    I’d rather read minds. I’ve always been nosy and wanted to know what people were thinking.
    I’d rather be poor and good looking!

  23. Little scavenger dogs crack me up. Our dogs rarely get food (Thanksgiving and when things are dropped) but stare at us…or at Hunni every meal.

    I would rather have a bad hair day so I could wear a hat.

    I would rather read minds…I think I know what people are thinking but want to know. Only if I can turn it off and not go crazy like Mel Gibson in What Women Really Want.

    I would rather be rich and ugly. We all get ugly at some point. And think of all the things you could do for yourself and others if you were rich.

  24. I’d rather have a bad hair day – that’s what hats are for. I’d look weird wearing a mask. I’d rather be able to read minds, unless my hubby can fly too. Then we’d just go on vacation all the time. But if I were the only one who could fly, it’d be weird. I’d rather be rich & ugly, unless I were SUPER ugly. (not sure that counts…)

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