Would You Pay $100 for a Photo with a Celebrity?

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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THANK YOU for all of your wonderful breakfast ideas on my previous post! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Now I have tons of new breakfasts to try out. You guys are awesome. Thanks, again!

After breakfast yesterday morning, I got my Sunday Monday Cook-up on. I usually do all of my prepping on Sunday for the upcoming week, but I was at the Wellness by the Water Retreat all day, so I did my cooking yesterday. I cooked and mashed butternut squash and red potatoes, roasted broccoli and summer squash, and hard-boiled a half dozen eggs.


I find that if I cook up all sort of goodies and have them ready to go in the refrigerator, I tend to make healthier choices all week long.


Do you do a weekly cook-up? What are some foods that you typically prepare?


Since I had just cooked up a bunch of healthy foods, I used a few of them in my lunch yesterday. On the menu: roasted broccoli.


Roasted summer squash with Rosemary and Basil.


A hardboiled egg and a turkey burger with melted cheddar.


After lunch, I ate a few dates””I always wish they looked as pretty as they tasted.



A few hours later, I snacked on piece of gluten-free toast with peanut butter.



When dinnertime rolled around, I threw together some Shepherd’s Pie made with mashed red potatoes, peas, and ground beef with melted cheddar on top. Holy yum! It was awesome!


Question of the Day

I heard on the radio yesterday a story about singer Miranda Lambert, who has recently started posing for photos with fans in exchange for a $100 to benefit her Muttnation Foundation. She said that she’s regularly bombarded by picture requests while working in her shop in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, so she thought this arrangement would be the perfect solution.

[image source]

At first, I was like, whoa, she’s charging fans $100 to take a photo with her. That’s not cool. But, then when I realized the money would go to Muttnation and would benefit animals, I thought it was a great idea. Fans can get their photo taken with Miranda while raising money for a good cause. It’s a win-win and everyone benefits. I think if she were charging $100 for herself, it’d be a different story!

What do you think of Miranda’s arrangement? Would you pay $100 to get your photo taken with a celebrity? If so, who?

I’d definitely pay $100 to have my photo taken with Ellen or Ryan Reynolds!



  1. as long as the money is going to a great cause, i think itz fine! not sure i’d fork out $100 to have my photo taken with a celebrity, but that’s beyond the point. maybe people should pay ME or donate money in honor of ME to take pix with me. Ha!

  2. I would never pay to get a picture taken with a celebrity but IF the funds were going towards a charity, especially one that I believed in, I would definitely be more into the idea. Your lunch looks SO good :)!

  3. I think it’s an awesome idea, especially when the money is going to such a great cause. I would easily dish out that much money, especially for Patrick Dempsey or Bradley Cooper, holy crap!!

    I went to Thunder from Down Under in college with my friend and we both paid $20 to get a picture with the babe of our choice. Totally worth the money to be able to post a picture of me with a guy in just his jeans, his 6 pack and a beautiful smile.

  4. I think it is a good idea since the money goes to charity, but in my opinion, $100 is crazy high. I think if you set it at a more reasonable $20 or $50, you would get more bites.
    What brand turkey burger do you get? I love Jennie-O but I find them so expensive.

  5. Ha, I guess it depends on the cause”¦and the celebrity. $100 seems a bit steep, maybe just requesting a donation of any amount would be more reasonable to ask of people.

  6. I love the idea. I recently went to a live sports broadcast with Mike Ditka and he askes for people to donate $20 to his favorite charity in exchange for a photo or autograph. I thought it was a great idea and really respected them for doing a great thing like that! I think more celebrities should do things like this, I mean they have so much money as it is, why not help charities in need of money?!

  7. I think that’s a great idea. Then again, I really like Miranda and Blake. They got married in my hometown, San Antonio.
    I could probably eat Shepherd’s Pie once a week and be happy with it. It’s just so darn good!

  8. I think if the celebrity is doing a nice pose with you so you get a good photo shot – why not? The money goes to a good cause and you get a memorable experience and a keepsake! I used to be a HUGE figure skating fan and a bunch of the people I’d followed for years came to my hometown to perform one year. I was at the airport (coincidentally) when they arrived and they were FEET from me. I was too nervous to even walk out and ask for an autograph. If they’d been doing photo shoots for $100, I’d have been FIRST in line. I still feel bad that I missed out on that opportunity.

  9. Monday is totally my food prep day for the week! I can make something healthy in my crockpot and then have leftovers for the week. Usually lots of soups and stews AND we love roasted broccholi. We must have it every other night. I don’t typically puree my squash ahead of time but I Think it’s a great idea!

  10. I’m not too sure I’d want to pay $100 for a picture, but I’m all for her cause! If she’s always having to poses with people, why not do something wonderful while at it? People won’t be as nervous to ask for a picture if they know that she’s expecting it and welcomes their asking.

  11. That Shepard’s Pie looks great but I’ve never made one before. Any chance you could share the recipe you used?

    1. @Ashley: Sure! It’s just ground beef, peas, and mashed potatoes layered in a baking dish with shredded cheese on top, baked in the oven for 15 minutes on 450 degrees and then broiled for 5 minutes.

  12. I love Miranda, so I’d probably dish out $100 for a picture with her. I also love dogs and think that the shelter cause is a great one. Celebrity I would pay more than $100 for….Christoph Waltz. Call me crazy, but that guy. More attractive now than ever for some reason.

  13. If I didn’t live on a tight budget, I may pay $100 for a pic with…Holly Madison, Bethenny Frankel, Kirstey Alley, The Big Bang Theory cast, Katherine Heigl, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lopez…haha…there are a few I would pay to take a pic–ONLY if they donated the money to animals.

  14. I think that’s a great cause but especially given the economy, $25-50 would be more appropriate. We wanted to go to one of those horror conventions once just to see Robert Englund (Freddy) and there were a couple of other people there too I wouldn’t mind saying hello to. Thankfully I saw before we went that not only did you have to pay for price of admission but each guest had their own fee they charged for an autograph/pic. Most were $30-50, a couple $100. Needless to say my frugality won out over curiosity!

  15. I don’t think I’d pay 100 for something like that. It seems like a publicity stunt and isn’t worth it to me. Even if it is for a good cause, I would have to be sure her heart was in the right place.

  16. I think it’s great it’s going to a charity, but $100 is STEEP! It’s not unheard of to charge people to get pictures, especially at events, but I think if you randomly run into a celeb, and you get to chatting, they shouldn’t charge you. I guess I wouldn’t pay to have my picture taken with anyone, unless it was at ComiCon or something, though. And THEY were printing the pictures.

  17. Okay – charity or not – I would NOT pay $100 for a photograph with someone who puts their pants on the same as we do. I would rather just send that $100 directly to the charity myself. I wonder if she rights that off on her taxes as a charitable donation? (the nerd in me speaking)

    I am most definitely a Sunday cooker! I make chicken muffins alot of times. A great snack and high in protein!

    Hope everyone has a great week! 🙂

  18. I’m not a fan of the $100 fee for a fan photo. I mean, she could maybe suggest it, but not put a price tag on it. Yuck. Not yuck, however, is that shepherd’s pie! Yumm!!

  19. I think it is more excusable if the money goes toward a charity or something like this. I go to a lot of Comic Con type events (uber-nerd here, lol) and the celebrities there will charge 50 dollars just for an autograph. It’s usually 75-100 for a photo. It’s ridiculous. I would never spend that much money for what in reality is about two minutes of awkward pleasantries.

  20. I’m currently living in Kuwait…and dates are gorgeous here! Of course there are the typical ‘ugly’ ones like you have but they also make gorgeous ones filled with nuts and coated in chocolate! I wish I had a picture to share 🙂

  21. It would depend on the celebrity for me, now if it were say Edward Norton. I would consider paying more than a $100.

  22. Dates are soooo ugly…they look like nasty insects to me. But they are tasty!

    I’m pretty sure I’d pay $100 for a picture with Ryan Gosling {$200 if he went shirtless}. 😉

  23. I live VERY close to her new store, and I know that there are constantly people going JUST to meet her. She said she can’t even get her work done, so I think it was a really smart idea! I dont think I would pay $100 for a picture with her, but I think it’s a really good idea!

    I ALMOST went out last week to see her store but backed out because it was insanely crowded! It’s a very cute little place.

  24. I love cooking up a bunch of stuff on Sunday for the week and agree it makes me eat better all week. I like the Miranda Lambert idea…there are definitely a handful of celebrities that I would pay 100$ to take a picture with! Agree with you about Ryan Reynolds, as well as Ryan Gosling 🙂

  25. I think it sounds like a good idea to raise money! And maybe she won’t be quite so bombarded all the time if people have to pay for their pics!
    I saw Lauren graham at SFO airport recently and was so embarrassingly star struck that if she had asked me to pay her $1000,000 I probably would have done it. Cool under pressure? Not me!

  26. No, I wouldn’t pay $100 to have my picture taken with a celeb BUT I would donate $100 to the cause of my choice!!

    By the way, I was actually redirected to an ad site when I was reading your blog. Not sure if this is a new way of advertising but I just have to say I don’t care for those type of advertisements as they are quite annoying.

  27. I wouldn’t, but then again I think I am pretty jaded coming from my family. They are just regular people, I was never able to understand the hype.

    I always cook a ton of food in advance to make better choices throughout the week and most importantly to save time. I am trying to get my cousin into the habit of doing that because she always settles for something quick on the way home from work.

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