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Hi, friends!

So, I recently had the opportunity to work with TeeSpring to create some workout tanks for women, who are CrossFitting during their pregnancies, and I’d love for you guys to weigh in on your favorites, especially those of you who CrossFit. Feel free to pass along this post to your box and/or female friends, who are pregnant and CrossFitting, for their opinion too. If you did that, I would seriously love you forever!

Below are 6 mockups of the ideas that we are currently considering. Ignore the actual color of the tank tops””all of those can easily be changed””but please check out the writing, design, logo, etc. and let me know what you think. I know some of them are a little tough to read because of the image, so try to think about how they would look on you/someone else wearing them in person.


  1. AMRAP 40 weeks
  2. AMRAP 9 months
  3. Future CrossFitter on Board
  4. WOD + 1
  5. WODing for Two
  6. Don’t let the pregnant chick beat you

Questions for you:

  • Which design is your favorite?
  • Which design is your least favorite?
  • What would you change about any of these tank tops?
  • If you are/were a pregnant CrossFitter, which of these tanks would you wear?
  • Would you like a t-shirt option of these designs?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!!!!!



  1. First off, let me just say that these are amazing! What an adorable idea. I love #1 and #5 – they’re my favorites for sure. Although “Don’t let the pregnant chick beat you” is pretty hilarious. I’m not a huge fan of the WOD+1 design, but everything else is great. Super cute!

  2. I like 5 and 6. It seems like a lot of people here don’t like 6, but I enjoy the sarcastic humor, and it falls in line with the humor of a lot of other workout tanks out there.

    I dislike 1 and 2. Can’t put my finger exactly on why, I guess the cross fitter in me just doesn’t think they make a whole lot of sense.

  3. I’m not pregnant (that ship has sailed!!) but I think #6 is hilarious! I would have worn that when I was having my babies!

  4. #4 & #5 (#3 & #6 are tied).. Can’t tell from the picture how form fitting they are, but personally I ldon’t like loose workout shirts when pregnant.

  5. I like designs 4, 5, and 1. I’m 33 weeks now and have been crossfitting in mostly regular clothes up a size, I like the tighter tanks something that isn’t going to come up when you’re doing crossfit stuff. Length is super important! Gotta be long enough to cover your belly as it grows!

  6. I love #6. 1-2 are eh and 3-4 I can see people wanting. Do not like #5. I have an issue with the word WOD being used a verb. It drives me nutso and I don’t care for the design.

  7. I love #3! I’ve been saying this baby is going to come out CrossFitting 🙂
    #1&2 are my least favorites.
    In the picture, #3 is a little hard to read. Not sure what it looks like in real life, though.
    Yes, I’m a pregnant CrossFitter, and I would TOTALLY wear #3 and #5.
    LOVE this idea!!!!! I have been looking for some maternity CrossFit tanks, and was surprised there were not many options.

  8. Which design is your favorite? I like the AMRAP tanks the best.
    Which design is your least favorite? I personally am not a fan of the 4-6… I feel like there are already tons of workout shirts like that… I like crossfit tops that are more our community, not the “sweating for two” batch I guess.
    What would you change about any of these tank tops? Burn-out colors -white, blue, purple, etc
    If you are/were a pregnant CrossFitter, which of these tanks would you wear? I am currently pregnant and do crossfit and I would love the AMRAP ones!
    Would you like a t-shirt option of these designs? Nope, I’m in AZ so I will be sweating by pregnant butt off this summer!

  9. Seriously love them all, BUT, I can’t tell what the design for #6 is, it looks like a spermy with a big head. I love the saying of that one, but not sure I like the sperm 😉

  10. When will they be available for purchase? On of the coaches at my gym is pregnant and I would love to buy her one!

  11. When will these shirts be available for purchase? I’m currently doing crossfit during pregnancy and would love to buy #3 & 5!!! Thanks!!!

  12. My favorite is #5. Least favorite is #6 — I love the saying but I really don’t like the design. I also like #3!

  13. I would love to buy serveral shirts. I love #2, #3 and #4. Is there any way to purchase them? Many thanks in advance!

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